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2015 - 15" Macbook Pro Review: Is it worth the money? (750M vs M370X)

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Information 2015 - 15" Macbook Pro Review: Is it worth the money? (750M vs M370X)

Title :  2015 - 15" Macbook Pro Review: Is it worth the money? (750M vs M370X)
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Frames 2015 - 15" Macbook Pro Review: Is it worth the money? (750M vs M370X)

Description 2015 - 15" Macbook Pro Review: Is it worth the money? (750M vs M370X)

Comments 2015 - 15" Macbook Pro Review: Is it worth the money? (750M vs M370X)

Nagaraj Cruze
buying it in mid 2020 : )
Comment from : Nagaraj Cruze

M.Haykal Aulia
Great video, its really help me, thank you very much, we are waiting for your next video, keep healthy and keep uploading
Comment from : M.Haykal Aulia

Kyle Burdick
Just bought a 2015 macbook pro 15 with the 2.8 i7, and r9 for like $700
Comment from : Kyle Burdick

Kog Block
I finally got the 15" 2015 macbook pro in 2020 for $950
It's $300 cheaper than the 2016 model and it got all the ports I need
I don't use USB C at all and hate the new keyboard

Comment from : Kog Block

mikaela waye
what game is he playing in this
Comment from : mikaela waye

hamza Edd
Am a college student planning to get a MacBook pro for 1st(after a lot of savings)
I wanna a 2015 model (13”) is it good for some video editing just some basic stuff not heavy editing?

Comment from : hamza Edd

Erik Lundberg
I just bought a 2015 MacBook Pro 15” with 2,8 GHz CPU, Radeon R9 M370X graphics card and 1 TB SSD. The 2015 MacBook Pro models still have optical audio out on the 3.5 mm jack and that is a benefit for me because I use it for my DAC.
Comment from : Erik Lundberg

just got a 2015 Macbook Pro base model with 16gb for $640
Comment from : Andradé

Rishab Iyer
Bought the 2014 just before the 2015. Those were the last good laptops from apple. Lo and behold they've returned back to scissor switches (thank god). Mine's still completely OEM after 4 years with 82% battery health. No replaced parts either. Gonna keep pushing this baby with an OWC SSD upgrade and keep going till 2021 at least! No GPU failures either (nVidia).
Comment from : Rishab Iyer

Yanda Avisena
I miss this song opening :""")
Comment from : Yanda Avisena

David Irwin
Comment from : David Irwin

you need to make videos like this again. all your current videos are whiney and constantly complaining also too short.
Comment from : Marvynaytor1

here is 2015 MacBook pro retina 13" i7 vs i5 www.youtube.com/watch?v=0afYsGenALQ&t=24s i was comparing been a week and hardly notice the difference with 2.9 8g i i5 with 8GB been expeciencia I feel that 2.9 is a bit faster something strange and everything OS X last updated with the same programs.
Comment from : Cuadricep04

Oluwaseyi Ayoade
woowww...it's been 4 years and damn apple is obviously a ripoff, over priced laptop because rendering on that machine that claimed to have a good benchmark is slow as hell compared to a cheaper acer aspire f5 i7 7th gen - I work on both machines..and I can categorically say DAMMMMN - video editors that render with a MBP have a knack for overpriced products. Infact the force touch doesnt even feel force enough by 2019 standards :joy:
Comment from : Oluwaseyi Ayoade

Ricochet Nkweso
Comment from : Ricochet Nkweso

Rayyen Firdaus
now i want 2015 15" mbp with 2016 trackpad.
Comment from : Rayyen Firdaus

JoseMa RP
2019- why did apple remove the ports?
Comment from : JoseMa RP

My MacBook got on fire and Apple refused to do the repair. My whole family was put in danger and they told me that it is not their fault as I should have home insurance in place just in case their laptop catch fire. Shame on you Apple! Please avoid to buy their MacBooks if you value your life and your family.
Comment from : JesusLovesYou

Autumn Raine
I picked up a 2015 Retina MacBook Pro 15 inch with dual graphics, and 1TB SSD.
Comment from : Autumn Raine

How much would you pay for a 15 inch 2015 512 gb today’/ I’m great condition ?
Comment from : DC

thinking of buying in 2019 but the 2014 model as it's the same features
Comment from : denniszenanywhere

considering this all in an effort to avoid butterfly switches and no ports... they’re truly moving backwards
Comment from : Mario

monoatomic being
buying it in 2019
Comment from : monoatomic being

Matthew Maneri
Great video!
In need of some advice. I have 2 options.
$650- 2014 13" Macbook Pro with the 2.6ghz i5, 16GB ram, 256SSD. versus, $500- 2015 13" Macbook Pro with 2.7ghz i5, 8GB ram, 128SSD.
So.. which do you buy and why? I know the ram and SSD on the 2015 can be upgraded. I'm not too concerned about storage. I'm more concerned about the difference in ram. Would I be better off with the 16GB 2014 i5, or the 8GB 2015 i5? The processor scores are only 5% better in the '15, so would that Ram in the '14 be the better option for better performance? The programs I'd be running would be music/recording software- Logic, Reason 10, with soft synths such as Arturia V collection 6, etc with an Apollo interface (if you're familiar). So no current video work. I'm hoping it can be usable at least until 2025. .. as I type this on my 2008 white 2.4ghz 4gb ram MacBook. which leads me to my next question.

Another question/concern- I know after so many year the Macs are no longer able to receive software upgrades (I'm assuming because of hardware limitations). It happened with my 2008 Mac about 3-4 years ago, and with my friend's 2010 1-2 years ago. So it seems they have an 8 year lifespan. BUT, I have a white Mac, his is the aluminum unibody. So my question is.. is his 2 years ahead not because the computer is 2 years newer, but because it's an overall newer model? Will the 2015 give me 1 more year of updates compared to the 2014 because of the 1 year newer processor? Or is it all the same because it's a similar model with just a 5th gen vs 4th gen i5.

Your thoughts? MUCH appreciated.

Comment from : Matthew Maneri

I knew right away that M370X will destroy that 750M in Final Cut - all because... AMD (are ALWAYS better in Final Cut) and the most funny thing is that Iris 5200 Pro is the SAME FAST as that 750M in Final Cut! 750M is only good for gaming - that is it.
Comment from : Bart

Mr X Gamers
Is it still worth it in 2018?
Comment from : Mr X Gamers

Phumipat Sukpimontree
Best MacBook Pro ever
Comment from : Phumipat Sukpimontree

Is it worth buying in late 2018? I like this system more than the new MacBooks with just usb-c has more ports
Comment from : MightiestArm

Ahtasham Bhatti
Like always the best review. 👍
Comment from : Ahtasham Bhatti

I'm considering buying one of these babies instead of the poor choices I have with the newer models.
Comment from : MetaLNadia

Khai Ta
Who’s watching in 2018?
Comment from : Khai Ta

Georgeous Film
I’m still looking to buy this exact model. The new ones are a joke. LOL. We shouldn’t have to spend more than $1000 for things we can have patience for. I believe this is probably the best MacBook year ever. Apple isn’t aiming for productivity now, but only for looks...
Comment from : Georgeous Film

Mostafa Maher
Hey Dave love the channel, nice to see a tech reviewer who lives in Toronto like I do. I’m buying the 2015 15” macbook pro due to it’s better keyboard and legacy ports, which processor would you recommend getting to future proof it for the next two years and would you recommend getting the amd radeon gpu in order to play low graphics games like world of warcraft. Thanks!
Comment from : Mostafa Maher

Prank'd Tv
Hi dave , Great video! Would you still recommend the 2015 macbook pro 15" base for video editing? I'm thinking about getting one but not sure.
Comment from : Prank'd Tv

Tony Cruse
I miss the USB and SD slots that these (old 2015 MacBooks) possessed.
Comment from : Tony Cruse

Duong Tran
Hi, Dave Lee. I have a question. How much GBs do your SSD have?
Comment from : Duong Tran

Top top top video. Answered all my questions.
Comment from : breytex

Nhan Nguyen
Do you think this used machine worth 1100-1200$ in 2018 compared to others 2018 15 inch machine ? I just do programming and school work.
Comment from : Nhan Nguyen

Comment from : pizeblu

is this good for editing 4k video?
Comment from : AllPink

Best review ever. I love how chill you are, your editing and camera quality are Amazing can’t say enough how much I enjoyed it. I’m purchased a slight used 2015 mbp today
Comment from : TheBritFix

Dennis Pietrandrea
15 inch is definitely the one to buy. It offers much better performance overall and extra ram which has come in handy now.
Comment from : Dennis Pietrandrea

Angel Alfaro
Is the macbook pro ME293 still laptop?
Comment from : Angel Alfaro

kremits dad
Comment from : kremits dad

lolz _pete
Don't buy if you're a gamer LOGIC.
Comment from : lolz _pete

Christopher Williams
Background music sounds like mario would be on lsd.
Comment from : Christopher Williams

Skenos Peniel
Your videos are really good and very helpful
Keep up the good work

Comment from : Skenos Peniel

Techknowlogical Bro PK
U should hav compared dat AMD GPU with GTX 480 or the GT series
Comment from : Techknowlogical Bro PK

Unfortunately there is noch USB C - Just this old ports nobody needs anymore :D
Comment from : Johnstergood

Shahriar Dhruvo
is your current hackintosh experience is as good as using an imac if you use a 5k display of course or is it bad or better?
Comment from : Shahriar Dhruvo

knerl ington
How were you watching your movies when you tested the battery life? Locally using Quicktime and mp4 files or did you stream them? Streaming an HD video for about an hour with ~70% brightness easily drains my battery 30-40%. That's one hour video.
Sure it's streamed and takes more power, but only roughly 3 hours in total battery life. So far from the 8 you claim to get.
Also. Checking my sys info my battery only has 7996mAh with a voltage just below 11V. That's just below 88WHr. It's supposed to have 99.5WHr right?

Comment from : knerl ington

Alexei Gladyshev
I gave u some bad thumbs hahaha
Comment from : Alexei Gladyshev

Joshua Cianek
Still beats 2016 & 2017 MacBook Pros
Comment from : Joshua Cianek

Digital Infotainment
The main reason for buying a macbook pro is for using it with Apple's own proprietary software.
Comment from : Digital Infotainment

Your review here is fantastic
Comment from : Angelo

Shawn Guster
all i needed, thx!
Comment from : Shawn Guster

Inah Labung

for video editing

should i buy the maxed out 2015 macbook pro retina or the latest one maxed out? is the 2015 enough?

Comment from : Inah Labung

Brandon Lim
Yes I know thunderbolt 3 and USB c are slightly different. I'd bet apple saw this video and said ok Dave careful what you wish for
Comment from : Brandon Lim

Aaron Chen
The only difference for me is AMD's inability to switch the graph automatically and disables external GPU.
Comment from : Aaron Chen

SAS Productions
I want the cheapest 15", I have a 27" 2010 i3 iMac. do you think getting the 2015 15" MacBook Pro will be better?
Comment from : SAS Productions

Martin Taylor
What's USB-C for though?
Comment from : Martin Taylor

great review!, just got a 2014 16gb 512ssd 750m model, pretty much brand new (200 battery cycles) for €1100 :) it's great!
Comment from : IB043

I've never really been drawn to any luxury laptops besides Macs. I'm a student who also likes to game but the games I play aren't too demanding of basically any system (depending on the settings). I'm still trying to find something else but so far I just keep coming back to Macbooks, they are just too appealing. I would be getting a lot of use out of it as I love my tech and use it everyday. Though if anyone has any suggestions of other laptops that are similar please tell me :) I've looked at SO many, so it's likely I would have looked into your recommendations already but I really want to spend my money well, after all Macs are crazy expensive.
Comment from : AurangeTree

Arka Biswas
Do you have a similar video with 2016 , 15 inch max out model !
Comment from : Arka Biswas

Guys, can someone tell me what''s the live playback like on both models?
Comment from : N

Honghao Liu
Who is watching this because the new MacBook Pro in 2016 sucks? I am so disappointed by the new MacBook Pro so I've decided to get the one in the video instead
Comment from : Honghao Liu

wara wiri
Hi dave.. have you ever experienced with some issue with ur mbp 15 with amd r9?? like flickering issue? does this laptop you're used in daily driver?? that kind of issue happend to mine, and that is very annoying. i've recently look up some threads in discussion.apple about this flicker issue and what i have found?? over 20+ user have this problem and iam very regret for thousands bucks laptop that deserve this problem, why apple "quality" being that terrible?
Comment from : wara wiri

i founf the 2015 macbook pro with 1Tb ssd and thr AMD graphics for 1500$
Comment from : BigPaco213

Lin Nyunt
Great comparison. Even though I'm watching in 2017 I wanted to compare Iris Pro with discrete graphics primarily for Premiere Pro and this answered the question. Go with Iris Pro and save some money!
Comment from : Lin Nyunt

Hahaha... He complains that is heavy, in 2016 he complains , it shouldn't be heavy 😂
Comment from : TechGoggles

Cameron Crawford
Idk if I go with the 15" or the 13", I need it to last me at least 3-4 years
Comment from : Cameron Crawford

Dwi Setyo
hey I want to ask your opinion, what do you prefer for mobile workstation if you have to choose between 15-inch macbook pro with AMD Radeon R9 M370X graphic or asus rog gl502vs with nvidia 1070. I usually used it for video editing (documentary project etc)
Comment from : Dwi Setyo

Jonathon Aiello
are you from San Diego? are is this video filmed in downtown San Diego?
Comment from : Jonathon Aiello

eleven chen
Witcher 3 medium setting at 1920X1080 has a 38 frames/s? That is even better than the 2016 one!
Comment from : eleven chen

p vdb
You can buy a 500 dollar laptop with gtx950m... That is 70% more gpu performance. For 2000 dollar you can buy a gtx 1080 and a 7700hq+500gb ssd laptop. Wtf Apple. What the fuck.
Comment from : p vdb

Boo sted
I enjoyed watching your review! really great content! Quality of video, backgrounds and your opinion are just awesome!
Comment from : Boo sted

Peter Martin
I need help on deciding! I do 4k video editing with PPro. Should I get the AMD (2.5ghz) model or focus more on CPU and get the 2.8ghz/1T model?? Thanks!
Comment from : Peter Martin

Jeong-hun Sin
This is funny, because I saw his 2016 model review and he said for better value buy 2015 model. And in this video, he says the same thing, buy 2014 model for better value. So, one should buy 2014 model instead of 2016 model, for better value?
Comment from : Jeong-hun Sin

i really really like your review videos. you always notice something that other reviewer didnt pay attention to
Comment from : 谷間ショウ

Fernando Álvares
Not sure if you'll read this, but the decibel (dB) is not a linear scale. A increase of 3dB, as show from the iGPU to the dGPU actually means the later is twice as loud. Actually, if you placed two iGPU ones working side by side and their noise combined, you would get 38dB, an not 70 dB.

That's not to say that the dGPU one is loud, but it has certainly more chance of being noted in a room. So their noise are not that close.

Nice review otherwise.

Comment from : Fernando Álvares

Jin Kazuma
I'm think about getting the 2015 version of the 15 inch Macbook Pro, but I also really want that better display plus better loudspeakers in the 2016 version.
Comment from : Jin Kazuma

Gabe Tran
Can someone confirm the marginal difference in render times using premiere pro with iris pro vs m370x? It's hard to believe the discrete graphic does that well compared to a dedicated gpu. Was it rendered with gpu acceleration or was it using software-only acceleration?
Comment from : Gabe Tran

Nico Lanubile
Hello Dave, thank you for all your video, i have a question about the connection of your monitor, i have the same model of monitor and a 2015 macbook pro with AMD, in the video you say that it runs at 60 hz but i can't go below 50 hz, can you helpp me please?

thank you

Comment from : Nico Lanubile

tyrice turner
Wonderful! Thank you sir... I'll be purchasing my very first laptop, I know, I know lol! You've helped me in my decision. Thanks again!
Comment from : tyrice turner

Jarosław Tabor
Haha. Almost same recommedations on 2016 models. If you need they buy. Other than that buy last-gen.

Problem with current 2016 MBP is, that they are already last-gen not latest gen.

Comment from : Jarosław Tabor

Claudio Burgos
Dave, Your advice; I own a Mid 2009 MBP 15" with a nice 27" Cinema Display, knowing what you know bout the 2015 MBP retina, and now that the new 2016 15" w/Touch Bar, with its missing ports etc,. Would a refurbished 2015 topped out be a wiser move to be able to continue to use existing hardware or go for the 2016 version and not look back and move towards a USB-c community. I'm torn as I've been holding off for so long. Do you feel the difference is merited?
Comment from : Claudio Burgos

is it possible to get the intel iris GPU with 500gb ssd?? in my country everything then has a 256gb ssd
Comment from : ReneV

Mijangos Aroche
Is this worth for an architecture student?
Comment from : Mijangos Aroche

Dibyendu Adhikary
very realistic vlog... Happy😊
Comment from : Dibyendu Adhikary

Unknown Gamer
Now the 13" isn't well priced anymore with this 2016 update... sad (2000€ for the base and 1700€ for the macbook pro lite wtf)
Comment from : Unknown Gamer

I want to buy a 15 inch macbook, but is it worth the money? i am gonna use it voor school and video editing/animating. 2600 euros is very expensive in my opinion. Do you have any suggestions of a windows laptop??
Comment from : ReneV

I'm considering buying a 15" mainly for the quad core, because my friend who uses Macs for school said that Logic Pro X, the software I'll also be buying with this, runs well on a Mac desktop, and those are all quad core. I need a laptop, not a desktop. I'm also gonna be getting 16GB of ram, and it will be the 256 GB flash storage model. Is there anything I should know about this? I don't want to spend $2200 on this but if I have to I will.
Comment from : mebombu

great video
Comment from : kensoko0l

Paz L

Comment from : Paz L

Keale Cade
My motherboard on my 2011 MBP just died. So I just had to go in any buy a 15MBP to replace it, what sucks is I need 500GB, but the flash storage made it cost so much, I'd rather have a HDD! they didn't have a 500GB in stock so they gave me a 1TB for $100 more than the 500GB, i guess they didn't want to lose a sale. my only thing is i think a newer one is coming out next month, but I'm a student that couldnt wait. I hope this was worth it in the long run....
Comment from : Keale Cade

tks for the review!
Comment from : yoyooo08

Matthew L
Great review
Comment from : Matthew L

Cloody Tube
the 10min render in Adobe PP was with CUDA installed?
Comment from : Cloody Tube

Yoon Hang Lee
750m in 2013late is good features but these days suck, 370x is very sucks. at least 960m in 2015 macbook pro
Comment from : Yoon Hang Lee

How the actual fuck do you drop a 15inch macbook a couple of times? Jesus..
Comment from : Agis

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