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Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness Review (Gamecube)

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Information Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness Review (Gamecube)

Title :  Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness Review (Gamecube)
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Frames Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness Review (Gamecube)

Description Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness Review (Gamecube)

Comments Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness Review (Gamecube)

Thanks for watching! I've been told Orre could be pronounced as "or-ay," so I'm sorry if I mispronounced it. Hopefully it didn't completely ruin the video. :P
Comment from : FreQuenczy

Him Her
You're voice reminds me of jerick the gaming dragon
Comment from : Him Her

Pekka Hollola
Gamecube ruined Pokemon why so madmaxed, steampunk, dark alternative future style ? These don't look Pokemon at all. Feels like Judge Dredd movie. What were they thinking ?
Comment from : Pekka Hollola

The Legacy of Gaming
Greatest Pokemon game ever created.
Comment from : The Legacy of Gaming

this was my childhood
Comment from : Solsions

Griffin Conover
Deserve way more subs. Solid review 👍
Comment from : Griffin Conover

Alvin Tsai
Comment from : Alvin Tsai

Bro it's boring.. but it was popping back in the Day and was really hard to come by.. and was excited when I finally got my hands on it
Comment from : zubnasty

I love your voice and speaking i could listen you for hours
Comment from : LAZ ZİYA

Kahrah Noel
Be sure to review Super Mario Odyssey after this, please?
Comment from : Kahrah Noel

I never played this game. I did own coliseum though so I guess it’s kinda the same mechanics. I Loved having Espeon and Umbreon as my starters.
Comment from : IDK-Muffin

Dude, I love you now. This is considered my all time favorite GameCube game ever. Despite I'm not great at multi-battles and pokemon battles in general, I love the story and the use of dark lugia in this game.
Comment from : SuperFlashDriver

Thanks FreQ for the review! I really enjoyed it. :D
Comment from : WaveCube

Zopalas Xapzeers
Yes! Another Review!
Comment from : Zopalas Xapzeers

This and collosium are the best in term of story mostly. Hopefully we get something like this for switch.
Comment from : AnimeWolfgamer

i was honestly losing interest in your reviews (no offense) for a while, but after seeing this one of a game i am extremely familiar with I had to watch it :) Thanks for the great review!
Comment from : Subscriber0101

Another great review.
Looking forward to your next Mario Maker challenge, fingers crossed I'm not working at the time...

Comment from : ViddyOGamesForFun

I use to watch you all the time when I was younger
Comment from : YuppieCowboy

Pedro Mayorga
Hey man, I just have to say that I love your reviews. They helped me a lot when I was practicing my English listening skills... Also, would you review Metroid: Other M? Regards :)
Comment from : Pedro Mayorga

martin nitro
Frequenczy can you review Rock an roll adventures for the wii because there is little talk about this game on the internet. It is made by ddi but it is surprisingly decent.
Comment from : martin nitro

Dude, I love the nicknames for your Pokemon
Comment from : AeroDragon2

Wario world
Comment from : mariogamefreak1

I like this game, but prefer Pokemon Colosseum a bit more as it was my favorite Pokemon spin off for the GameCube. That next hint by the way has to be Wario World.
Comment from : BoltMouseX

Victor Masih
I haven't played this game forever
Comment from : Victor Masih

Nicholas Foster
Sounds like Wario World
Comment from : Nicholas Foster

Jack The Lightning Ripper
I thought you were going to bring up how half of the game is spent in one location, Citadark Isle, and when you get to the final matches against all the Cipher admins and the leader, the difficulty spikes HARD. But eh, whatevs. Solid review anyways.
Comment from : Jack The Lightning Ripper

Mr. ToadTheGamer
THIS GAME (and Colosseum, surprised that wasn't what this was) WAS MY CHILDHOOD
Comment from : Mr. ToadTheGamer

john craw
I like to see a mario + rabbids switch review please
Comment from : john craw

You just made my day man
This is my favorite Pokémon game I ever played

Comment from : LightningDude42

Britney Louis
It's been a while Frequenczy ☺️
Comment from : Britney Louis

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