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Johnny vs. Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness

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Information Johnny vs. Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness

Title :  Johnny vs. Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness
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Frames Johnny vs. Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness

Description Johnny vs. Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness

Comments Johnny vs. Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness

Somehow Johnny doing a Manscaped ad just doesn't trigger me like most sponsorships. At least it's not RAID SHADOW LEGENDS.
Comment from : Christian

Dammn Deejay
5:33 I wasn't expecting that, and it made me laugh way harder than I thought!

Also, I seen you in a random Naruto discussion where a guy was talking about old school Naruto clash of ninja games, but I didn't know your name, I just found your channel by absolute mistake. 👍👍

Comment from : Dammn Deejay

Regal 1997 - YT
Hey is the game worth a lot I have one and I want to sale it?
Comment from : Regal 1997 - YT

Atomic Toothless
I can't believe you talked about BOTH of these games, and not ONE shoutout to Miror B.
Comment from : Atomic Toothless

Gale of darkness May be better than Colosseum due to amazing features that you can accomplish more, but in colosseum, the main hero is good looking and has their ultra bad ass bike than the lame looking character in gale of darkness with a ghetto trippin bike.
Comment from : E105_Alpha

Joey 64
I want a video with just your cat!
Comment from : Joey 64

Comment from : shardinhand

I want this and Coliseum remade for Switch I don’t care what it costs.
Comment from : Maniac536

Somthing about this review and just your reviews in general rub me the wrong way I can’t explain it
Comment from : TheGrandRevo

white boi
This is my favorite YouTube channel
Comment from : white boi

Jomaster The Second
Review starts at 3:36 btw
Comment from : Jomaster The Second

Kimberlee Armellino
The main downgrade: heracross is not in the game
Comment from : Kimberlee Armellino

Blue Raven
If there’s a 3rd game it’ll be called Pokémon X3 .....
Comment from : Blue Raven

Professional Knowledge
I dont understand why its up to just a kid.... well theres only one snatch machine and its top secret only the lab knows about it and they probs dont wanna give something like that to the public for example cops or military bc then average citizens could end up geting them and steal your pokemon with no proof of you being the previous owner bc its not registered to your pokeball... comr on man even my 12 y/o self could put that together. Plus hes a kid it makes sense he is using a scooter... that gets upgraded later btw. Forgets to mention cho or jovi two big characters in the game. Like this reveiw was a joke
Comment from : Professional Knowledge

Cold Drip Gaming
I definitely didn't come to hear about your balls
Comment from : Cold Drip Gaming

Mark Koetsier
14:10 That "fuck" legit made me lol.
Comment from : Mark Koetsier

Rex Plamondon
I wonder if johnny is ever gonna cover the patapon series
Comment from : Rex Plamondon

ah yes, the game people confuse for being a spin off even though its not at all
spin off: ranger, mystery dungeon, conquest
not a spin off: this and colosseum

Comment from : Excalibur

I just realized the names for the protagonist are all Biblical-related. Michael the Archangel, David the boy who slew Goliath and became a wise king, and Adam the first man.
Comment from : GoGojiraGo

Psychie The Hedgehog
I named my Rhydon and then I in Pokemon Blue. Thanks, Johnny.
Comment from : Psychie The Hedgehog

Everyone: BALLS LMAO!
Me: That cat is fuckin' adorable.

Comment from : AkuTenshiiZero

Cole Curran
This intro song is my shit
Comment from : Cole Curran

Ore is pronounced as OR like the stone
Comment from : Harlequinn

Dmls _
Fun fact: supposedly in early versions of this games plot the main bad guy was going to be Wess (the main character of the previous game) but this was changed because they thought it would be weird to play the previous game knowing that the main "hero" was doing everything for selfish or evil reasons.
Comment from : Dmls _

Dude, shut up and get on with the review
Comment from : CHAD

Watching this review sparked a topic out of my fingers. To any Pokémon fan who crave a traditional jerk rival, there is a filler character in this game who could pass for a rival despite being so minor. And she's your sister.
Comment from : wishfish

Lone Wolf
Easily my favorite Pokemon game.
Comment from : Lone Wolf

This is one of the few sponsors I can get behind
Comment from : PROPAINZERO

Exotic Hollow
Comment from : Exotic Hollow

Exotic Hollow
This is like my third video and now I feel uncomfortable
Comment from : Exotic Hollow

XD was what got me back into Pokemon since I didn't own any of the handhelds, and I had got my hands on it before Colosseum.
Comment from : TeeTopKPop

Shadow the YouTuber
Why does Johnny's intro theme sound different? Like, not counting the 8-bit part.
Comment from : Shadow the YouTuber

Here's a review of a Pegi 3+ game fo' y'all... BUT FIRST, let's shave, moisturize and deodorize our nutsacks
Comment from : Hailstormful

The Mark
Disagree that this game is better than Colosseum. Colosseum's story was just an ad-on to a Stadium-type game, so it being lacking wasn't as much of a disappointment. This is supposed to be a full-fledged RPG, and yet it's STILL lacking!
Comment from : The Mark

Diana French
13:57 is the the Chad Thundercock?
Comment from : Diana French

FrostFire 1987
£80 fucking on cex website, 100 on amazon, i need this game
Comment from : FrostFire 1987

4:12 Pokémon Red and Blue rescue Team: Am I a joke to you?
Comment from : Börkman

Pearange Productions
What a beautiful subject for the 200th episode.

I was a little late to it though, damnit!

Comment from : Pearange Productions

Chris Lopez
I skipped all those trash ass games rightfully so
Comment from : Chris Lopez

The T.C.
13:36 This is EXACTLY how I felt when I played Black just like that airship begged to be taken down with my mons but nothing happens internet explorer just fucks off, then some green haired dude comes out of NOWHERE fucking NOWHERE and delivers the pokemon needed for the final boss and God black's such a train wreck and XY is so disappointing and SwSh is looking bad and God it's just like with Sonic, Pokemon's just like Sonic in the mid 2000s why does this keep happening WHY GOD HELP
Comment from : The T.C.

5:30 That, that's a joke right? Because I really don't want to risk my only memory card to just play a game. Please I need clarification.
Comment from : MrTman9000

Matheus Sandbakk
One thing I really like with colosseum and XD is that it let’s you catch the missing Johto not available in the core series of gen 3 so that can complete the national dex instead of just the regional one
Comment from : Matheus Sandbakk

Night Hound
8:21 What does the scouter say about his power level?
Michael - IT'S OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!

Comment from : Night Hound

I believe the third person thing with the sister is some Japanese thing that does not translate well.
Comment from : LunarRay

donkor thomas
Comment from : donkor thomas

Joey Foster
Johnny: *Says you shouldn't play XD immediately after Colosseum because it reuses a lot of areas.

Me: *Realizes that he'll likely play BW and BW2 back to back.

Me: Oof.

Comment from : Joey Foster

Azure Greatheart
7:30 What police? What military? I agree that the whole “kid hero” thing isn’t as interesting as how the last game handled it, but Orre has like, two cops throughout the entire region.
Comment from : Azure Greatheart

Groundup Gaming
200 vs videos huh man i thought i was done with my additions but .... i guess one more video wouldnt hurt
Comment from : Groundup Gaming

This right here my Childhood also you can meet the girl your with in collesium in celebis village or whatev it was called
Comment from : flamingrubys11

Brian the Trainer
And then I subscribed 😂😂😂👏👏👏
Comment from : Brian the Trainer

Jack Rota
scrotum shav
Comment from : Jack Rota

My Roommate
Miror B. manscapes.
Comment from : My Roommate

Stephen Marray
3:36 skip intro if you want to see the review
Comment from : Stephen Marray

Lilian A.
Omg where have you been all my life? 😭 You're too awesome for words! Wife me already haha

I just finished binging Colosseum, and ... maybe in 5 years I could go back and play XD? Idk haha. I'm Pokémoned out for a bit haha.

Comment from : Lilian A.

Patrick Adams
“And Then I used flamethrower. And Then I gained experience points. And Then I fainted.”
(Then faints on the floor.)🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
And Then I enjoyed the video.

Comment from : Patrick Adams

- Johnny vs. Pokémon Gen 4 will be johnny's 201st video
- Sinnoh for some reason has a spot specifically for catching unown of all kinds
- Unown is #201 in the national dex
- I have no clue what this means

Comment from : TheRealCoolblue

Carl Bloke
3:05 honestly Johnny you got nothing to apologize for. We all completely understand what you’re going through. I’m honestly happy that you’re able to find a way to provide for your livelihood and Selene
Comment from : Carl Bloke

It's been a while since I've laughed like this in a video that wasn't even focused on comedy. Awesome video, Johnny. I hope you do Pokémon Ranger, Mystery Dungeon and Conquest.

Especially Conquest.

Comment from : Esteban

I mean... again, all these complaints apply to the mainline games as well.
Comment from : AniGa

Fuck you

Comment from : Bocch

14:18 SNAG!
Comment from : AceStar1642

I don't understand why Johnny isn't a bigger YouTube by now
Comment from : frm_void

This video came out 2 weeks ago and YouTube didn't notify me...
Thanks YouTube

Comment from : SilverStormShadow

Slick L
I feel like the animations are way better than 3D Pokemon games of late
Comment from : Slick L

Lugia is my favourite incarnation of Xehanort
Comment from : Unoriginal_Vik

Lucas Luckstone
Also Someone PLEASE tell me i wasnt the only one Hoping For Sonic Boom Johnny Dancing to Mirror B's Theme, or at least a Johnny and Elliot Head Bobbing like The Metroid Fusion Review?
Comment from : Lucas Luckstone

Lucas Luckstone
Also, not trying to start a war but, i see the joke and reach for it.

:Gamefreak: not all pokemon will be in Sword and Shield
:Fans: 3:48

Comment from : Lucas Luckstone

I really hate ads, but this is paid sponsorship, and fuck if Johnny's smooth voice isn't' at least pleasant to listen to while I wait.
Comment from : Skycrusher

Phantom Chariot
4:59 Looks like Gappy from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
Comment from : Phantom Chariot

Kareem Codling
Damm I'm about to get my Ds emulator again. I better hurry up before you finish your review.
Comment from : Kareem Codling

Kareem Codling
I've been thinking of Downloading this game with Dolphin emulator.
Comment from : Kareem Codling

Commander Douche

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Comment from : Commander Douche

Never in my life have I ever thought that I would say “I can’t stop watching Johnny’s testicle shaving advertisement.”
Comment from : MidnightHavok

Natedog 150000
If you want a darker Pokémon game you should play Pokémon mystery dungeon explorers of darkness
Comment from : Natedog 150000

weeb mcweebyson
You could read 3 ads before the video and I’d be fine with it. You’re one of those channels where I it through the ads not matter what. Thank you for the content brother!
Comment from : weeb mcweebyson

Brian Horn
Where is the link to the demonstration!?! Helppp
Comment from : Brian Horn

Spike Bebop
200 episode. Congratulations
Comment from : Spike Bebop

Johnny needs to come up with a new recurring catchphrase. Something that has to do with balls.
Comment from : Djclyve

Daniel Cortez
Thanks John, I know where to go now if I ever need to shave my balls.
Comment from : Daniel Cortez

King Strat
Deodorant for your balls lol wtf? 😂
Comment from : King Strat

Thank you so much for doing this game I grew playing this on GameCube on Saturday mornings with my little brother catching Lugia and the legendary birds was a dream for us. I love the soundtrack for this game also the game does not have bad graphics for how old it is. You have earned a new sub!
Comment from : FloridagatorBCS2014

Not gonna lie, Manscaped looks clean af. Imma try it out.
Comment from : KrazyBean14

nightmare arcade
Gale of darkness originally had a more dark story originally wes was gonna be the main antagonists apparently wes intentions were to take over cipher as its new leader after taking down the big bad of colisseum but it was considered too dark for pokemon a shame really I really liked this story idea
Comment from : nightmare arcade

I just realized how old is that kitty?
Comment from : Hawk8355

1:54 to start the video.

Edit: Nope: 3:37 seems to be the actual start. So much talk :x

Comment from : invghost

Ursaring is cool and definitely a strong attacker but check this out. Snag that makuhita near the start of the game. Get the ability Guts (50% attack boost when burned, poisoned or paralyzed). Snag the duskull which is available at around the same time. It's a bit difficult to raise but get it will o wisp. Give hariyama the ending move set of earthquake brick break fake-out and facade. Have duskull burn hariyama at the start of battle while hariyama use fake-out to flinch an opponent. Hariyama now gets a big boost on later battles with fake-out as well as all its attacks in general. Facade doubles in power when affected by the same conditions and guts negates the attack loss from burn.
Comment from : iBenjamin1000

13:23 You're gonna hate Sun and Moon lmoa
Comment from : Screwy

Skip to 01:28 to get to Vs proper.
Comment from : Blur4strike

He’s so genuine and adorable haha
Comment from : King

Yeah, Shadow Lugia was anti-climatic as hell. You would think for something that's on the box art and such, they would actually show him more... and probably make him dodge masterballs. They might as well had put Teddiursa on the cover lol. Honestly, that's like the first Shadow Pokemon I think of when I think of XD. This game was my absolute first game I ever played and I loved it despite its many flaws. I didn't have a memory card, so I never did complete it until some years ago. Completing the Cipher lab a zillion times was pretty shitty, but the Peon theme kept me entertained even though it played thousands of times. It was like Sonic Unleashed Werehog's battle theme 2.0.
Comment from : Unfazed

This was the first pokemon game I ever played
Comment from : TheMegaMongoose

Aiden Wade
Normally I skip past sponsorships, but Johnny you made it entertaining.
Comment from : Aiden Wade

Michael Crain-Zamora
Only ever played the first coluseum. Kinda glad I skipped this one.
Comment from : Michael Crain-Zamora

Giygas64 SA1DX4Life
I can't believe you didn't do a live reaction to Banjo Kazooie :(
Comment from : Giygas64 SA1DX4Life

you deserve a lot more subscribers so underated I have been watching since 2010!
Comment from : Ferola101

Ultra Blue Balling sounds like when you get three shakes on a legendary Pokemon only for it to break free
Comment from : SwiftyShiftry

Carlos Guzman
Colosseum and XD are still my favorite Pokemon games, several consoles later and the main Pokemon games are still behind XD when it comes to the battles and the battle themes. Everything from the animations, effects and the scale of the Pokemon is far better than any of the main Pokemon games, and the music is just in another league above.
Comment from : Carlos Guzman

Swag Emporer
After the whole projared incident I feel the need to say. Please don't do anything that will make you regret this ad!
Comment from : Swag Emporer

I'm surprised in the midst of this pokemon marathon, you didn't do a podcast on detective pikachu.
Comment from : Taylord

Somecallmejohnny XD
Comment from : NostalgicaBoots

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