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Amna R
thanks for being an amazing teacher...Can i get a soft copy of your FA notes?
Comment from : Amna R

Aman Singh
please help me to find kaplan usmle step 1 audiobookn .... Please
Comment from : Aman Singh

Apoorva Singh
54:33 that's the y-axis, x-axis is horizontal and y-axis is vertical. So, Left Ventricular Volume is on the x-axis and Left ventricular pressure is on the y-axis.
Comment from : Apoorva Singh

anish thapa
22:00 you have said that due to poor compliance ventricles won't allow blood to enter so volume decreases. but in diastolic dysfunction doesn't the EDV would be normal ?
Comment from : anish thapa

Stephanie Oshai
Thank you! This was so helpful. i have a few questions, when you were talking about the TPR in the cardiac and vascular function curves.. from 42.02
1. When you were mentioning the other intersections, for example when there's increased inotropy but blood volume is reduced, IS the TPR reduced or increased, can you clarify..

2. Also vice versa when theres decreased inotropy and blood volume is increased is the TPR reduced or increased.

3. Then concerning the pressure volume loops and cardiac cycle, you mentioned Y-axis as left ventricular volume and X-axis as Left ventricular pressure, also wanted to clarify if that was correct or if its the other way around
Thank you so much.

Comment from : Stephanie Oshai

Ibrahim Rahmatullah
You mentioned at 7:30 that in aortic stenosis, SV will increase but PP will decrease. In FA, its written that PP is directly proportionate to SV, can you please clarify?
Comment from : Ibrahim Rahmatullah

Matthew Pecha
At 22:00, the Ejection Fraction should have been calculated as 50/200=25%, not 42%. Great lecture, though!
Comment from : Matthew Pecha

Rehman A
I'm sorry but the fact at 33:00 about the tpr increasing and co decreasing is wrong. You've said it the other way round. Nephrectomy will decrease tpr and increase co.
Comment from : Rehman A

Zahraa Yawer
Thaaaank u so much ..i was having a difficulty with cardiac and vascular function curves .u made them very clear .thanks .
Comment from : Zahraa Yawer

Great lecture! Very helpful. Just one query. At 32.30 time, your notes say, ‘removal of an organ increases TPR and decreases CO.’ However in FA 2016 it says the opposite. That the TPR decreases and CO increases. Could you clarify which one is the right one? Thankyou
Comment from : Doctor-evil

Mehrnaz Mvs
Love your idea about making these videos ... so helpful thank you Dr
Comment from : Mehrnaz Mvs

Dhruvil Oza
Very well explained!
Comment from : Dhruvil Oza

Pamela Rose Mancio
7:35 Can it be that the pulse pressure in aortic stenosis is low because there is higher end-systolic volume? because of the blockade of the aortic outflow tract, more blood stayed inside the LV leading to higher end systolic volume. Thus, the stroke volume is lower (SV= EDV-ESV). In mathematical terms, for example, EDV is 20, ESV is 5, SV is 15. EDV remains at 20, but ESV is 15, SV now becomes 5. Stoke volume is proportional to pulse pressure. Thanks. Loving all your videos by the way! keep up the good work.
Comment from : Pamela Rose Mancio

Asr qur
is there a pdf of the Fa u r using...
Comment from : Asr qur

Muhammad Amjid
Comment from : Muhammad Amjid

Katherine Gallo
super clear !! thanks !
Comment from : Katherine Gallo

Timothy Richardson
...you talk too fast
Comment from : Timothy Richardson

Dronzer Kim
This was really helpful.Thank u very much.
Comment from : Dronzer Kim

Toby M
thanks. very good.
Comment from : Toby M

Elizabeth Waters
This was helpful thank you!
Comment from : Elizabeth Waters

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