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Cheap 4K Ultra HD Video Camera: Should You Purchase? KicTeck HDV534km

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Information Cheap 4K Ultra HD Video Camera: Should You Purchase? KicTeck HDV534km

Title :  Cheap 4K Ultra HD Video Camera: Should You Purchase? KicTeck HDV534km
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Frames Cheap 4K Ultra HD Video Camera: Should You Purchase? KicTeck HDV534km

Description Cheap 4K Ultra HD Video Camera: Should You Purchase? KicTeck HDV534km

Comments Cheap 4K Ultra HD Video Camera: Should You Purchase? KicTeck HDV534km

🐱‍👤🐱‍👤 What Amazon or eBay product should I look into? Let me know - Let's #geekout over it!
Comment from : Geekazine

Chris Belczyk
where do you get a copy of the user manual for this camera?
Comment from : Chris Belczyk

Jarl Joshua Taggueg
Can you make as a webcam?
Comment from : Jarl Joshua Taggueg

Blood Bath and Beyond - Pop Goes Metal Covers
probably a dumb question, but where the hell do you plug the mic in? there is no jack anywhere on my camera!
Figured it out...it's supposed to come with an adapter, and mine didn't. Into the UPS drop box it goes. Waste of money.

Comment from : Blood Bath and Beyond - Pop Goes Metal Covers

This would make a good camera for one of those "found footage" short films
Comment from : UP4204

Fortnite Gammer556
Where can I find a microphone for a camera like that I need it wireless
Comment from : Fortnite Gammer556

Adam Guerrero
Dont think i will go with this model / option, but thank you for the review!
Comment from : Adam Guerrero

The Gaming Dude
Which SD card can work on this camcorder?
Comment from : The Gaming Dude

Channel 68 - The Storm Division
Can you place the microphone closer to where you are talking? Or is the external mic just positioned on the camera itself at all times?
Comment from : Channel 68 - The Storm Division

i have a few question cuz i just got this video camera, it's not the greatest, buts my first. I got the android app but it closes, and many have the same issue, I scanned the bar code in the manual,, the app keep closing. also, I get the No file image, but it does record video and does take photos, I don't get why it shows that? also, I don't know if you need to put an SD card, and the TF also? i bought the TF but with the SD Adapter. next time I am just gonna buy the Actual SD without an adapter. well, this is the only video I found with the Exact Video Camera I have TY, I just still having trouble working the device, LoL. Do you have a full video on this Actual Camera in full detail? i went to Ur Channel but you have Ton's and have no idea if you made another video on this video camera. Also, can you Record footage all night, with the proper SD? i ask cuz I see on shows how they say they will run the video camera to record all night. one more thing you mentioned some SD will not work, if you please can reply and say the Brands or types that will defiantly work for this Video Camera? TY
Comment from : Rom3

Kevan Hull
On Aliexpress these things are peanuts. And if you look at wholesale Alibaba they’re like the WTI Crude price. Plastic garbage.
Comment from : Kevan Hull

I have this camera in a Bensugo rebadge, its not to bad in outside light but I am looking for some crisp clean video. I just ordered a Panasonic G7 I figured it would be ok for now, I hope its not as grainy as this one. I will come back with one of my youtube accounts and post a link to a video, that I used this camera for, if this helps anyone out. It will be either darkflame64 or Nintendofanboii
Comment from : IDAHOLIC

Jeffrey, I have one of these but the infrared doesn't seem to work. The two red lights above the lens come on but the image is dark. Does anyone have any suggestions please?
Comment from : choochoochooseyou

JAlly Farms
so what camera on amazon would you recommend for vlog or youtube videos etc?
Comment from : JAlly Farms

Jhon OG
Does it has hdmi out?
Comment from : Jhon OG

Raymond Jackson
Do you need a capture device to stream live on YouTube live?
Comment from : Raymond Jackson

Livesinthe Shadowsofthenight
Anything on Amazon is at least double the price of eBay
It's £119 ebay

Comment from : Livesinthe Shadowsofthenight

Kamran Zahoor
Thank you so much for the review. I was starving for a detailed review about this device for so long. Unluckily, i've already bought it.
Now, i'm just trying to find out the right configuration of the camera settings to record a better video with this.

Comment from : Kamran Zahoor

Impact Church DMV
how do you get the microphone on top of the camera?
Comment from : Impact Church DMV

Frank Dow
Just got it n can't put wide angle lenz on it .
Comment from : Frank Dow

The Real Gonzalo
Why doesn’t anyone show the night vision?
Comment from : The Real Gonzalo

Bella Ibarra
Comment from : Bella Ibarra

Wow... I... bought it for almost $300....
Comment from : Spanishfly

Makes review of camcorder, presents no actual video of said camcorder...
Comment from : goofyfoot2001

Paul Kelley
Thank you
Comment from : Paul Kelley

Corey Flynn
Garbage! Glad I didn’t buy it! I was very close and was like let me look on YouTube!
Comment from : Corey Flynn

Vanessa Clark
Thank you for saving me $200.00 🙄👍🏿
Comment from : Vanessa Clark

James Huff
I'll keep my 5 year old Sony before I get this. Thanks.
Comment from : James Huff

Tobias Sandow
My China Smartphone does the Job 100x better.
Comment from : Tobias Sandow

Navern Kruz
Can You Playback On The Cameea
Comment from : Navern Kruz

Comment from : BlaDE NANO

Joe Mckechnie
I recently purchased this item, but the picture is very blurry. I may be doing something wrong, but the owner’s manual, which is written in very poor English, makes no mention of this. Unfortunately, there is literally no way to contact the manufacturer or seller
– no website, no phone number, no e-mail address, etc… Even Amazon says that they don’t have that information and thus they agreed to offer a refund. I “Googled” information this company, and there is nothing at all. STAY AWAY FROM ANY ZOHULU PRODUCTS!!

Comment from : Joe Mckechnie

Joshua Peek
Good review. I was looking to upgrade cameras for my podcast (Stuff I Heard) which can run 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on guests or topics. I was using a DSLR and just resetting it over and over, but it was such a pain I wanted to change things up. I tried with a GoPro 7 which was nice for video quality, and it would just save into multiple files without resetting, but it only records for around 90 minutes before cutting itself off. Not sure if it's overheating. The battery looks like it still has charge, and the card has plenty of space. I tried a Canon VIXIA HF W10 for longer recording but the recording is only 60p. Not bad for the price but I miss the quality of the CANON EOS T7i. Obviously it's a trade off. Any ideas on what would work? I was looking at these cheap 4k cameras but your review has let me know they're not worth the time. Maybe the name brand is truly "you get what you pay for" type of situation. What do you think?
Comment from : Joshua Peek

Budget Productions
Only buy from companies you've heard of
Comment from : Budget Productions

Epic Rhino Films
I’m seeing this camera under multiple brand names. I’m looking at this same camera from Andoer on eBay. Thinking about it as a Christmas gift. I’ve used other camera accessories from Andoer such as lights and mics both of which can mount on a camera. I like filming at 1080P and 60fps so do you think this is a good camcorder for that?
Comment from : Epic Rhino Films

Gary Pranzo
Spend the $200-$300 on a used 1080p Canon Vixia
Comment from : Gary Pranzo

Bloody hell, the video quality of this thing looks like a video from one of my fist Nokia phones from 2000's. Terrible. Thanks for the review.
Comment from : OrtoNNortH

Tim McKinney
The Image quality is no where near 4K or even UHD. People are better to buy a used DSLR or 2K camera.
Comment from : Tim McKinney

Sup Hoe
HELP ! i just got the ordro cam =( $250 anyone know of an actual 4k with night vision for maybe $50 more ??? If so I'll return this expensive toy back to Amazon
Comment from : Sup Hoe

is it good to make a short film with
Comment from : lilmil

Alfredo De La Fe
What do you recommend as a low priced vlogging camera? I am on a super tight budget right now, going to have surgery which I want to document.
Comment from : Alfredo De La Fe

Joel Bilé
I don’t speak English very well but I want to know: is it good or not ?!
Comment from : Joel Bilé

Ricky Palomino
I purchased a very similar looking model, also didn't come with KicTeck brand on it, seems the only difference is a white rectangle on the flip window... anyway, I'm running in to export errors in iMovie and Premiere Pro... even watching playback in iMovie the footage is constantly flickering ands gets a video rendering error 10008 on exporting the project, and in Premiere I get a low level exception occurred importer mpeg (importer:25) message box and the program freezes and crashes..... used a 64gb SanDisk memory card.... is the camera total crap?
Comment from : Ricky Palomino

Michael G.
Hi, I wished you talked less about the accessores and took more real videos of this device. I guess this would have been more useful. Best, Michael
Comment from : Michael G.

Peter Figueroa
I use this camera for my podcast , does exactly what i need it to, films great outside.. not gonna be a proffessional filmographer with this tho.
Comment from : Peter Figueroa

William Thomas
this is NOT A "PRO-SUMER" camera at all. Most of the reviews on Amazon and Walmart etc ARE FAKE I would bet. I think your webcam or phone has a better camera lens, features, and quality. This looks LIKE A TOY.
Comment from : William Thomas

Mike Peskar-Murphy
Honestly I own this camera and it doesn’t look like trash like in this video ever that and it has a nightvision mode I swear these youtubers put it on the lowest quality setting and pretend that they are running it on the “highest quality” just to bash the cameras quality
Comment from : Mike Peskar-Murphy

Mark Muscroft
I'm looking to shoot basketball games in a gym (of course). I did stumble across this camera simply because of the price but was originally leaning towards the Sony AX-53. What would you recommend? Thanks and really got a lot out of your review.
Comment from : Mark Muscroft

Benjamin Patton
So compared to the canon g7x mark ii. Is this still a good camera to get. Because me and my girl just started a mukbang channel, and we are using a logitech 930e, but we can't quite get the angle right on our food.
Comment from : Benjamin Patton

Az Mudd
is it possible tu record for youtube video?
Comment from : Az Mudd

Ken Hudnall
Hi Jeff it’s Sharon Ken from El Paso need a camera that will hook up to the computer so Ken can start doing videos of his radio show thanks enjoy Korea
Comment from : Ken Hudnall

It’s just sitting
Comment from : JOE RUSSH

I just bought one sucks
Comment from : JOE RUSSH

OMG, that's a great review, but that camera really, really sucks!!
Comment from : alexvaldana

Jokers R Wild Studios
Wow. It’s prime day and I thought about getting one but luckily it looks like ass. Thx for the vid.
Comment from : Jokers R Wild Studios

Vincent Cuchel
Can this camera produce date and time stamp on exported footage. Need for legal documentation....
Comment from : Vincent Cuchel

Hey mate, went to your website, what wireless microphone are you using in this video? The headset you're wearing?
Comment from : OZRanger

Would this be viable to shoot a documentary style project? Especially during the night? I'm planning on saving money and I really dont know what kind of camera to get. I have a tight budget in terms of for the camera. What camera would you recommend? I'm going to be moving a lot and want a camera that'll handle that.
Comment from : Vice

The Art of Living Out Loud
Thank you for the review.
Comment from : The Art of Living Out Loud

Would you recommend this camera to shoot a film?
Comment from : GAmacBoi478

Christy In The Carolinas
Have you found a good, cheap vlogging camera yet? I need something affordable
Comment from : Christy In The Carolinas

Thx. Saved me the hassle.
Comment from : FPChris

Alpha Bravo Tech.
Thanks! You saved me a little bit of money by helping me figure out that I need a more expensive camera and that I will not be satisfied with this one.
Thanks again!

Comment from : Alpha Bravo Tech.

Ketchup Mane
I got an AITechy which is identical to the camera you got, do you think this has any cinematic potential for music videos? And yeah, I know a lot of that music video look comes from the editing and specifically the color and film effects used during editing. and if not, then is there a camera at a similar price that could have that look?
Comment from : Ketchup Mane

I just bought this camera. Is it good for a starter camera? I am just starting to make YouTube videos so I considered this one because it’s not to cheap or to expensive so I bought this one and I am just wondering if it would make a good starter camera I’ve never owned any camera before so I didn’t want a to complicated camera either.
Comment from : LavenderFox223

Pete Larson
Horrible quality
Comment from : Pete Larson

Adriese Kitchen 69
thanks you did a great job, I'm sending back to amazon for a better camera, beside the suggested NovaCamApp isn't working with my LGV20 mobile phone and the company I purchase from with Amazon, has not emailed me back, again thanks for your video keep up the good work :)
Comment from : Adriese Kitchen 69

Shaks Mac
You rock! Thank you! Have been looking for a legitimate review of these camcorders on Amazon for years! It's like nobody EVER thought of the idea before you! Jesus! So grateful you did this! If you get the chance please pick another one of these camcorders from Amazon that seems better or claims to have better specs and quality and review that one for comparisons purposes. This was hugely helpful!
Comment from : Shaks Mac

True Critic
I'm thinking of getting one,I record a lot.good review 👍 what would u recommend for a lot of recording?
Comment from : True Critic

Bryana J.
Thanks a lot ! Basically im better off using my iPhone X until I can afford a better camera 😂
Comment from : Bryana J.

Minivan Mike
Good review. I was surprised to see you were in Madison where I live. I came to your channel looking for a good vlog camera for under $200.
Comment from : Minivan Mike

Tech Land
Films are in 24fps and it's not choppy
Comment from : Tech Land

Shlisa Shell
Thank you so much. You answered all my questions. And by the way, you look, sound, and speak almost exactly like my brother in-law J-Ben. Too cool.
Comment from : Shlisa Shell

joshua oconnor
What can can you find for $220 that’s better?
Comment from : joshua oconnor

Can I use this for streaming with obs???
Comment from : HaZe

Eric Portillo
you remind me of paul laffoley how you talk
Comment from : Eric Portillo

Same exact camera is available on Wish for ~$40-50. The resellers sell on Amazon for a HUGE markup.
Comment from : geekdomo

christ would it be too much effort for some of you reviewers to go outside and take some decent footage?
Comment from : tearsdontfall14

Huey Bennett
What camera are you using?
Comment from : Huey Bennett

Charmaine McWhorter
do you think this is good enough to capture and Bday party?
Comment from : Charmaine McWhorter

Hi, do you think this ideally good to record local football matches?
Comment from : mooody

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