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BlackBerry Q10 demonstration

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Information BlackBerry Q10 demonstration

Title :  BlackBerry Q10 demonstration
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Comments BlackBerry Q10 demonstration

Nataly Al Massry
guys i am lost between the blackberry z10 and the blackberry q10 :s Can someone give me an advice please
Comment from : Nataly Al Massry

Georgia Hewitt
I have the samsung galaxy s3 and love it, but I would rather have this! I miss bbm and this phone looks so good!!
Comment from : Georgia Hewitt

Materials, Design, KEYBOARD, EMAILS, and so on. BB is a Telephone, not a toy. You can write emails, texts (with word) and messages without making ALL the mistakes you do with a touch. Because Touchscreen is made fore scrolling, not for typing: and blackberry has touchscreen and keyboard... the BEST possibile combination that your xperia sp doesn't have.
Comment from : PaffutamenteItaliani

I can't understand why anyone would want or buy a BlackBerry, when you could get a high end android(xperia sp)! Please someone tell me..WHAT IS GOOD ABOUT A BLACKBERRY??
Comment from : Mrjonrc88

Don't know. I'm not interested in his hand, I'm more interested in the phone.
Comment from : DJPaulgee1

This is my next upgrade. It's good to see B/Berry have introduced some of the Playbook features into their phones, like the swipe screen for example. As long as the Q10 has B/Berry Bridge on it, i'll be happy.
Comment from : DJPaulgee1

Koreck Stucero
I've used the Z10 every now and then for a while (it's my dad's) and I never really liked the keyboard, but it seems everyone else does. I'm thinking about getting the Q10 as long as the screen is good for apps, but I can't decide which is truly better X3
Comment from : Koreck Stucero

Zeerak Imran
I know, the z10 has an amazing keyboard but it can (for obvious reasons) only move the contact point a few pixels to adjust to your liking's. p.s. Am I the only one struggling to decide between the two?
Comment from : Zeerak Imran

Koreck Stucero
Z10 learns where your mistakes are and deals with them. :3
Comment from : Koreck Stucero

Zeerak Imran
Disagree entirely. And no, he didn't look awkward, he would have looked awkward typing on a touch screen and hitting the wrong key. P.s. its not in his hands. You have to give keyboard a good week and all of a sudden you will fall in love with it. specially with touchngo...
Comment from : Zeerak Imran

Teffy Teflon
Having that physical keyboard makes no sense. He sure looked awkward typing on it.
Comment from : Teffy Teflon

Chris Bailey
This will be my next upgrade.
Comment from : Chris Bailey

If you like touchscreens and physical keyboards, but hate bulky phones, this is the phone for you.
Comment from : ProductionsHead

Gary Z
focus FOCUS... you're making me nauseous!!
Comment from : Gary Z

Comment from : Eddy

وابك ي ويلي ويلااه ذا كم قيمته ي عرب
Comment from : Ghanem

That's a beautiful phone. Size wise and handy.
Comment from : JR NYC

NICE looking phone
Comment from : bawona

Champagne JetLife
look nice as hell
Comment from : Champagne JetLife

Going to check out the Z10 when it comes out for AT&T... But I think I'm just going to end up waiting for the Q10. I love the keyboard, bigger battery, and stainless steel frame.
Comment from : CarGuy1368

David Arreola
This makes the phone better, but it's hard to understand
Comment from : David Arreola

Marco Lerma
I had an iPhone 4, currently using an S3, and now i can say i like BB again. That could be a nice secundary phone.
Comment from : Marco Lerma

Hafiz Razif
this guy's hand is shaking through out the video
Comment from : Hafiz Razif

Heriberto Roman
no need for a home button thats the whole point of the bb10 os....
Comment from : Heriberto Roman

Ziad Mohamed
I heard the same too :D
Comment from : Ziad Mohamed

They dont call it Metro anymore, thats a lab term. Theres nothing wrong with the phone, the BB10 and Windows are similar, they both stole from the webOS. And I prefer a more secure phone and dont care for Androids, Ive had plenty of reboots, etc etc issues with them, and the graphics on my HTC 8x I find much better.
Comment from : TekReviews

Carlos Segura
im feeling this
Comment from : Carlos Segura

Its Corning Gorilla glass 2, so who knows but my screen isnt dirty. I've had yet to clean it. See it just fine.
Comment from : TekReviews

UR lame
Comment from : diamond9ice

Gavin Jackson
Blackberry on the rise I love it
Comment from : Gavin Jackson

Gustavo Barriga
You don't need a home button in a swipe-gesture navigation system...
Comment from : Gustavo Barriga

Rooting = FELONY now, no?
Comment from : tombqnyc

other reporter asked that since it is 720x720 resolution will the youtube and other websites/ apps have a black area to compensate for the smaller resolution. The Blackberry presenter said to ask the developers on that. It is important as 720x720 is not a typical resolution.
Comment from : tombqnyc

Double Trouble
how do you know that? you wrote that message the same day you bought the device if you bought one so how comes that you say that nearly everyday you need to reset the device by unplugging the battery?
Comment from : Double Trouble

My HTC 8x doesnt get prints all over it. My gf's blackberry curve does and so did the older Android phones we own. Our Coby Android tablet is a pain, your constantly getting out the LCD cleaning cloth with the wipe and scrubbing it every few days.
Comment from : TekReviews

Black berry so lol.. cant root.. it not fun it can do that suck
Comment from : Overclock

Looks really good
Comment from : gamester1416

Kundan Pawar
i like bb10 os its smarter than ios and android.
Comment from : Kundan Pawar

and that's why they made this bb10 ... cuz they failed on the earlier blackberries ..
Comment from : xXDevilsXcryXx

Luc Mokoteli
Comment from : Luc Mokoteli

Luc Mokoteli
Fix cocus is good
Comment from : Luc Mokoteli

ibrahim bin saad
بلاك بيري لن تتحسن ، ميزتها المسنجر الخاص بها فقططططط ، لا معالج ولا تطبيقات ولا غيره ، الجهاز يصدر حرارة اذا تم استخدامه بكثرة ، ولابد من اخراج البطاريه كل يوم على الاقل والتعليق لابد منه ، وشكرا
Comment from : ibrahim bin saad

Simon v. R.
Actually looks pretty nice. The handset aswell as the ui
Comment from : Simon v. R.

oo yeah.
Comment from : extreme0420

iam CADS
this is the blackberry CUTE-TEN. LOL
Comment from : iam CADS

Ashraf A.
still can't afford :(
Comment from : Ashraf A.

harry liu
cant wait to get it!
Comment from : harry liu

I notice slight lags
Comment from : jaredhafiz

John VVVVVV was filming this while CNET was in front of him reviewing this phone, haha.
Comment from : TekReviews

Android keyboards always sucked for me, but my HTC 8x I love the onscreen it works and knows what Im typing, even gives me words to choose without typing the whole letter. You should try it sometime.
Comment from : TekReviews

@spantherix why dont u use a feature fone instead. Tech is advancing.... Its a millenium of touch screens.
Comment from : poisonivy0666

Sid Desai
Comment from : Sid Desai

naim zaharman
i'm lovin it...
Comment from : naim zaharman

matheus ventura
that screen has 328 ppi
Comment from : matheus ventura

bad design
Comment from : MD A

Louis Guérut-Vadella
il a l'air génial, mais par contre il faudra qu'on m'explique l'intérêt de le sortir 2 mois après le Z10.......
Comment from : Louis Guérut-Vadella

does the music player use itunes/show album art?
Comment from : frankthetank1229

I really like the idea of this, wonder how this works in real life
Comment from : 90asco

Hassan Azmat
cool phone
Comment from : Hassan Azmat

April Wel
Phone is hot
Comment from : April Wel

the keyboard is one of their trademark items, the only thing I'd question about the phone is it's specifications.
Comment from : shadz876

Again way to complicated just like ever other blackberry stupid ill stick with my galaxy phones
Comment from : GrizzlySpitterz

A square with a 3.1" diagonal has significantly more real estate than a rectangle with the same diagonal. I wouldn't be surprised if the total surface area of this screen was the same or more than the iPhone 5 with a 4" diagonal.
Comment from : Mitlov1981

IMHO the screen of the new Q10 is far too small. The keyboard looks great, but a screen that small is just not popular any more. They could have get rid of the HUGE Blackberry logo and put the speaker a bit more on top. Moreover, the black-framed word suggestions do swallow too much of the screen, too. These things improved, the screen would have been sufficiently large... Even though people are increasingly bored by the iPhone, this major flaw will prevent RIM from having a successful comeback.
Comment from : crazydude437

Swift key already does that typing prediction
Comment from : S A G E

Murat Kuşbay
Bb bu sefer yapmış işte.Muhteşem bir tasarım, arayüzü harika,donanımda sınırlar aşılmış,Amoled ekran vs. vs...
Comment from : Murat Kuşbay

Ebubekir Inanc
what camera is used in this video ?
Comment from : Ebubekir Inanc

Angel Rodriguez
i think the os navigation isn't intuitive at all
Comment from : Angel Rodriguez

i love this smartphone
Comment from : thekilleralex

Fix your focus please!!!! Cant appreciate the screen resolution!!!
Comment from : bbdavallonga

Tk Muns
I mean active application screen. Can u close each app after use thereby removing it from the pane?
Comment from : Tk Muns

Ben John
Jesus fucking christ Buy a new fucking camera than can stay on focus!!!
Comment from : Ben John

Tk Muns
Is the most recent app screen the default launch screen and can u change this?
Comment from : Tk Muns

If im gona be getting a bb10 phone it would be this one
Comment from : WILL -I-AMZ

Love it
Comment from : Diogo

Looks pretty good:)
Comment from : QuisBlog

Nathan Bryant
Handsome ass device.
Comment from : Nathan Bryant

Kevin Ventura
Basically a BlackBerry Pearl with a touch screen. If this would of been sold in 2006 then this would of been the #1 phone in the world.
Comment from : Kevin Ventura

Atheist Kenny
I don't know...It looks like a 5 years old idea.
Comment from : Atheist Kenny

Nice. Keep it up blackberry. Wish you the best.
Comment from : xRomeo999

Dennis Braganza
Nice design.
Comment from : Dennis Braganza

Hugo Cardoso
Comment from : Hugo Cardoso

Saeed Hoseini
fart : /
Comment from : Saeed Hoseini

Hugo Cardoso
id like to take a look at the software developed by your
Comment from : Hugo Cardoso

Danny G
It totally isn't.
Comment from : Danny G

Triforce Hero
BlackBerrys software is lame
Comment from : Triforce Hero

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