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Lavorne Caldwell
Saved a bunch of money buying used.💨>JustU.Faith/MacBook?具 The MacBook works like new, no issues. Battery life is still in the 90% range. Very happy with the purchase.
Comment from : Lavorne Caldwell

Lisa you’re awesome
Comment from : chickenwing986

Ziga Zaga
Don't you think any non-americans might be watching this? Do you not know that farenheit is a weird american obsession and everyone else on this planet uses centigrade?
Comment from : Ziga Zaga

Its 2019 and I bought one (open-box) on eBay because I hate the touchbar, even on the new 16-inch.
Comment from : Zeeshan

I wonder, would this be too bad in 2019?
Comment from : Susazeu

hamza AL-laham
I wish I had one like that in 2019
Comment from : hamza AL-laham

My MacBook got on fire and Apple refused to do the repair. My whole family was put in danger and they told me that it is not their fault as I should have home insurance in place just in case their laptop catch fire. Shame on you Apple! Please avoid to buy their MacBooks if you value your life and your family.
Comment from : JesusLovesYou

Bigg Sam
I just picked up a 2015 MacBook Pro Retina 15" 2.2GHz i7/16gb RAM/256gb SSD for $600. It was babied by an older gentleman and had only 61 battery cycle count. Im loving so far. I gave up my 2017 MBP with the 2.3GHz i5 for it. The 2105 MBP seems so much more snappier than the 2017 MBP and the keyboard is absolutely a dream to type on! It reminds me of my Surface Laptop keyboard.
Comment from : Bigg Sam

Hi there) I want to shoot some music videos and don't know what Mac to choose.
I have a6500, and Mavic air.

Do you think it's possible to create video content with MacBook Pro 13 Pro 2015 i7 16gb 3.1ghz intel 6100? Or I should look at 15" models . Thanks!

p.s have a good day🙂

Comment from : Василий

Clark Kent
Do You think in 2019 used MacBook will be good choice? Or wait to 2019 MacBook Pro?

For front/back dev, xcode, photo, little vid?

Price in UE

MacBook Pro 15 2013 late i7 2.3/16gb/512gb/gt750 / 1.380$

MacBook Pro 15 2015 i7 2.5/16gb/512gb/m370x / 1.752$

MacBook Pro 15 2015 i7 2.8/16gb/1tb/m370x / 1.858$

Or Windows?
Huawei Matebook x pro i7 1.8/16gb/512gb/mx150 / 1.937$

You use still 2015 MacBook Pro? For programmer and dev will be good?

Or build Hackintosh?


NEW MacBook 2018 problems:

-3’rd gen keyboard stuck and crush, if You not buy apple care, take 500 $ for the new keyboard from You pocket

And this check


-T2 chip make panic kernel
-Temp are crazy, soon or later You burn all chips inside

I think, I will build at half-price Hackintosh

Morgonaut youtu.be/fA9AotXqkqA

Or Snazzy Labs youtu.be/uCwAYydwtr4

Or DidsLive youtu.be/i1TzOA39Y1c

Or Li Motion youtu.be/wbKs6AMd7B4

Comment from : Clark Kent

Wich adaptator is the best for this computer model ?
Comment from : Meiso

Tony Cruse
Still one of the best MacBooks. USB connectors. SD Slot. And a keyboard with proper keys!
Comment from : Tony Cruse

Erik P.
Anybody know where I can get this new and cheap ?
Comment from : Erik P.

Carson W
Comment from : Carson W

Alex Navarro
Why is someone as old as my mum doing tech reviews. You are awesome i couldnt imagine my mum doing this as she knows nothing haha
Comment from : Alex Navarro

Dom Davis
Hi, i would like to know if i buy an older model mbp, I assumed that it was manufactured a couple of years ago, is the battery ok? or will it of lesser quality after being in the warehouse or on the shelf for so long? thanks.
Comment from : Dom Davis

Nagarjun Amisagadda
hey, I got a MacBook 2015, 15 inch. It started getting a bit warm in the keyboard area just after startup. I just have a few tabs open. It is not hot, but it is noticeably warm. Is that normal??????
Comment from : Nagarjun Amisagadda

Can someone help me out, I found this used for 1,500$. 15" 16GB ram, M370 GPU, 1TB. Is that a good deal?
Comment from : BigPaco213

the 2.2Ghz refurb model with just intel iris pro is on sale for $1,400. is it a good deal?
Comment from : Medic311

I'll take this one instead of the crap that came out with that shitty touch bar

Shahab Hamidi
hi. i have this MacBook but when i open photoshop or vmware it get so hot. why?
Comment from : Shahab Hamidi

can someone who knows a lot about MacBooks PLEASE answer this accurately.

1. who makes the integrated graphics? I'm thinking intel, since its part of the intel i7 processor? AMD makes the dedicated one.

2. for longevity of several years, which will last longer with less chance of failure, integrates or dedicated graphics? daily use is youtube and watching movies thru hdmi to 42inch hdtv. absolutely zero games nor video editing. Thanks

Comment from : hostilityy

Kennedy Espinosa
I bought the 2015 MacBook Pro 13' maxed out specs for navidad and it's the best decision I've made so far. :D
Comment from : Kennedy Espinosa

technology master
shut up you talk too much just shut that some advice you need to take please who is that pathetic they have to make a 32minute video
Comment from : technology master

Can you actually swap out the SSD? Is the Samsung 950 Pro compatible with this and supports full speed ?
Comment from : zeus1117

Please make a comparison for this model to 2016 13"macbook pro with touchbar. With almost the same price, I'm curios how the perfomance will be different!
Comment from : austerralia

Dr. Bootyologist
Would anyone recommend buying this particular laptop now since the refresh is coming soon for the new MacBook Pros. I want to spend no more than $2,000...
Comment from : Dr. Bootyologist

Sour Pickle
your hands look weird.
Comment from : Sour Pickle

Brian May
I have this one and it's magic
Comment from : Brian May

It doesn't even use the second GPU (AMD) in Windows because it is running virtualization. It will only use the built in one..
Comment from : monej

Erin Epps
Lisa, can you recommend any channels that have a "how to use a macbook pro" video?
Comment from : Erin Epps

2:24 Here we are in late 2016. Lisa called it.
Comment from : djokawari

what's the difference between the 15 inch with 2.2 vs the 2.5 with pro graphics? I just wanna be able to use adobe premier and after effects for video editing
Comment from : TwArDxL

Dackel Ohr
Should i buy a MBP now or should i wait?

Sorry for my bad english.

Comment from : Dackel Ohr

John Batchler
mac books r trash
Comment from : John Batchler

This laptop is too heavy for me but the 13" screen is a lil small...I wish a 14" exists ☹ but I need one now so I might get the 13"
Comment from : pandan_cake

i have one of these, have to admit, its one of the bests gadgets I've ever bought , ticks all the boxes for me
Comment from : derickprosky

Delano Anderson
talk too much
Comment from : Delano Anderson

Nick S
Lisa! Ive watched all your reviews and still I want a MacBook because it is the best balance of what I want. I refuse IOS though - what do you know about Parallels or Bootcamp to get Windows on a Mac? Im worried that P2P programs might cause issues with Windows on a Mac..
Comment from : Nick S

Luis Ocón Soto
When I watch your reviews... is like there is nobody on youtube that can know better each device
Comment from : Luis Ocón Soto

Artem Zakharchenko
Getting my laptop heating up to 80 degrees C. It's basically possible to fry some bacon under the cooler.
Comment from : Artem Zakharchenko

Smack down!
Comment from : Kristin

Its been awhile since I've dual booted but I work a lot in both Windows and OS X. Is parallels or boot camp the way to go? Can you have 3 OS with bootcamp if i want Ubuntu as well?
Comment from : Garrett

at some point in the benchmarks, the video correctly compares this machine to similar quad core windows machines, however, I must say that I dont see mentioned enough that Apple uses the fancier 4quad, the ones with Pro Grahics, so following the tradition, it would have the i7-6770HQ instead of the 6700HQ that XPS 15 has. no? if so, I bet having the 128MB eRAM of the Pro Graphics as L4 cache, should make a difference.
Comment from : D RD

I just want a gaming laptop specs cranked into a body of a MacBook Pro
Comment from : khushi&keef

Giovanni Rizzotti
4k's read and write speeds seems to be really low.. on my Samsung 840 PRO 256 GB I have 33.64 mb/s (read) and 118.5 mb/s (write).
Comment from : Giovanni Rizzotti

Radwa El Maghraby
Is a macbook pro 2.2 ghz quad core i7 better than 2.7 dual core i5??
Comment from : Radwa El Maghraby

Alex Peralta
Should i get the upgrade from 2.5 to 2.8 GHZ?
Comment from : Alex Peralta

I can't understand how almost ten years later no company can even come close to look or even design of the mbp.
Comment from : JumboTv

rahd hanigan
Do more more more
Comment from : rahd hanigan

Tomb raider is one of the worst choices to example gaming performance because the game is one of the best performance wise. You should rather try something like a frostbite engine game like battlefield to show how the MacBook performs.
Comment from : VariTimo

Glen Powis
Where is the cheapest place to buy from? (UK)
Comment from : Glen Powis

pa na
hows the battery live on windows 10? And are there any options under windows 10 to enable the automatic graphic switch between iris pro and amd r9?
Comment from : pa na

Ian Colman
Best review in town. Thanks very much
Comment from : Ian Colman

Ian Colman
Best review in town. Thanks very much
Comment from : Ian Colman

AMD sucks compared to NVIDIA just my opinion.
Comment from : DarthMuse

Shivera Production Studio
I am trying to decide if I should get this laptop the 2.8GHz edition for video editing. Would this be good? Any suggestions?
Comment from : Shivera Production Studio

Basil Glew-Galloway
Can I get the superfast SSD in this model installed in my retina iMac and see the same performance?
Comment from : Basil Glew-Galloway

Amazing in depth review! So much detail I was surprised!!
Comment from : dilks44

And my friends say macbook is great for gaming...
Comment from : zazxazza

ricky dedos
hi Lisa, do you (or anyone) have any idea if it has more than one ssd pcie slots? saaay i have 1tb and wanted to put another one in for extra storage.

there's a music program that takes up 500gb...just saying.

Comment from : ricky dedos

Tre 719
Is there a case or shell you recommend ?
Comment from : Tre 719

alex z
what one is the one that has a CD room the pro or the mackbook
Comment from : alex z

will this work well with playing the Sims 4?
Comment from : CYRINTHIA212

Renzo Melgar
I have this model and I'm not sure why when my MacBook startups it appears the Apple logo, loads until the middle and then the Apple logo disappears and loads the other half left. Is it normal?
Comment from : Renzo Melgar

Nick George
I love your reviews Lisa!! Thank you for going in such a great depth! I will always consult your reviews before and tech purchase :)
Comment from : Nick George

Sam B
The new Dell XPS 15 destroys this piece of garbage
Comment from : Sam B

J. Mig
Still rocking my 2012 retina and enjoying super fast computing 3 years later, love my MBP
Comment from : J. Mig

Does anyone know if a MacBook Pro with 128GB of Flash Storage, 2.7GHz, and 8 or 16GB of RAM will be enough to run Microsoft Office 2016, non hardcore gaming, daily web browsing, and video playback?
Comment from : TheWarrioress

Eric Grenier
can you tell me where I can get that mic you are using?  Thanks!
Comment from : Eric Grenier

Nguyen Luan
Macbook pro 13 inch 2015 with 512GB SSD and the 15 inch base model, which one should I choose?
Comment from : Nguyen Luan

Why did they use an Amd card? From what I can gather the 950m crushes it in benchmarks and even the 940m is about on par.
Comment from : TheMsdos25

Bavarian Banshee
So, I've been wondering something.
Can I take my old 512 GB SSD, running Lion, and drop it into one of these? Will it work?

Comment from : Bavarian Banshee

Bavarian Banshee
I'm on an early 2011 MB pro, and all I'm doing is running 7 tabs in Chrome (2 of which are videos).
smcfancontrol says I'm running 136°F.

._. ...

Comment from : Bavarian Banshee

david teo
do you think mbp 13' 2015 basic model is fine for photo editing ? im not a video guy , just do some editing using lightroom
Comment from : david teo

Emmanuel Jerome Nailes
The base model of and higher model Macbook pro retina 15" have the same size and weight?
What's their diff?

Thanks for the answer. :)

Comment from : Emmanuel Jerome Nailes

Brian May
Cracking review, just what I needed. Sad there was no mention of its performance running Parallels Desktop though. Thanks
Comment from : Brian May

Maarten Reith
So I'm considering this one to buy for my education, but I'll have to work a lot with programms like CAD, Solidworks, Revit, etc. etc. I know for some programms ill have to use Windows besides OS X. Can anyone tell me how the 3D performance is? Will it work just fine or will I be way better off buying something with a K1100m graphics card? BEsides 3D programms I'll also use some content creating programms from the Adobe Creative Cloud suite
Comment from : Maarten Reith

Where is the biggest difference between the 2.2 GHz Mabook Pro without the AMD Radeon R9 M370X and the 2.5 GHz with the Radeon? Is it when playing games? Or watching a 4K video?
Comment from : nofx18

I so want the new Dell XPS 15. Do you know when that's coming out?
Comment from : stockjonebills

How old is Lisa Gade?
Comment from : imaK

nidhi gupta
can you do a review of macbook pro vs dell m3800 . which one is better to use for design.
Comment from : nidhi gupta

Andy Ramone
Hello, im very much interested in the 2015 macbook pro with all the nanny and power specs. I need your honest feedback's along with the best way of perches. I'm living in Jamaica, so that may posed some challenges.
Comment from : Andy Ramone

Bao Nguyen
Long time not watching any of your videos. Still appreciate your in depth reviews. Thanks for keep doing these videos.
Comment from : Bao Nguyen

I will wait for the next update with the new skylake processors :)
Comment from : Jonny

Paulo Breva
this versus a full spec razer blade
Comment from : Paulo Breva

Daryl Winn
Who cares whether its Broadwell or Dipstick? Makes no diff to me cause I don't care. Apple really screwed up when they downsized the MBP from a 17" screen to a 15." I would probably still buy one but I hate those little dinky screens.
Comment from : Daryl Winn

Comment from : DJ-RocketMan

Shiva Rao
thanks this video was helpful :)
Comment from : Shiva Rao

John Chuchman
Dell XPS 15 or Macbook Pro 15?
Comment from : John Chuchman

Lau yi hong
Am i right to say that AMD graphic card wont be used if i were to boot camp it to windows?
Comment from : Lau yi hong

Smackdown between the 15 and 13 please! :)
Comment from : TheJaisah

Please use "C, everyone else in the world use the metric system for a reason.
Comment from : Nintendork

Elle L
I find your review extremely helpful. Thank you!
Comment from : Elle L

Did you have problems installing Windows through bootcamp on that MacBookPro?
I have the same model, and bootcamp just doesn't start the windows installation after the reboot, it goes straight to the user login screen

Comment from : R2D2sa

I just got thisone and I wasnt aware of the new gpu. insurance couldnt give me my 2013 macbookpro so I got thisone instead. not sure how to use the power it all has. I just use logic pro x and safari
Comment from : Cas

I'm getting the newest mac next may :D
Comment from : kayjay#2

Hert Niks
30 fps is not playable, only watchable.
Comment from : Hert Niks

Archie Garcia
Has anyone experienced working with Maya 2016 on this Macbook Pro with the dedicated graphics? Any problems? Thank you
Comment from : Archie Garcia

light D
I became an apple fan just because of this beast

Simply the best laptop in the world and best laptop I have ever own

Comment from : light D

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