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Pokémon XD Gale of Darkness (Nintendo GameCube) - Retro Game Review - Tamashii Hiroka

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Information Pokémon XD Gale of Darkness (Nintendo GameCube) - Retro Game Review - Tamashii Hiroka

Title :  Pokémon XD Gale of Darkness (Nintendo GameCube) - Retro Game Review - Tamashii Hiroka
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Frames Pokémon XD Gale of Darkness (Nintendo GameCube) - Retro Game Review - Tamashii Hiroka

Description Pokémon XD Gale of Darkness (Nintendo GameCube) - Retro Game Review - Tamashii Hiroka

Comments Pokémon XD Gale of Darkness (Nintendo GameCube) - Retro Game Review - Tamashii Hiroka

they just are fetch quests with pokemon battles
Comment from : tripleduoddw

Even though these games wernt perfect I still put them up there with HG/SS
Comment from : shein360

Jules Huxley
You have a annoying voice sorry 🙏
Comment from : Jules Huxley

So how about we take Colosseum & XD and rerelease it on the Switch? Then maybe people can stop crying about Pokemon games on big consoles, hate when people say that shit.

Matt Wolf
7:33, I played these games on a TV for hours on end and I never got tired of them. I don't see how playing these on a TV would be any less enjoyable from playing other JRPGs on a TV. Also, the main series can finally be played on a TV now which is nice. I was always playing the handheld versions in my house anyway and was kinda annoyed that I couldn't play them on a TV (I didn't own a GameBoy Player and the DS couldn't offically be played on a TV).

I completely agree with you on the tone in this game being too light hearted though, it's just really uninteresting compared to the first one, I think it was overall much easier too. I hated purifying Pokemon in the previous game as well as only being able to save at PCs but those were the only two things this game improved for me. They also got rid of The Under which was my favorite city in the original.

I do like XD though, just not nearly as much as Colossuem.

Comment from : Matt Wolf

Dragon Master
Did you know that a Pokemon in battle holding a exp share will get double experience
Comment from : Dragon Master

Ide love to run a train on that petite lil gamer freak;p
Comment from : MrTrevorg18

Chris Davis
Back tracking
Comment from : Chris Davis

FrostFire 1987
this fucking game is £75 on cex website and £100 on amazon...i need it
Comment from : FrostFire 1987

Brandon J Larry
I want a full Pokémon RPG in this region Orre.
Comment from : Brandon J Larry

Cure Ruby
I can’t believe this is the first time I’m hearing about this sequel
Comment from : Cure Ruby

Michael Aiyedun
Outside of the intro cutscene of coliseum Wes and most of everyone else in game have no characterization what so ever
Comment from : Michael Aiyedun

Chad Rasmussen
Great review
Comment from : Chad Rasmussen

bit dissapointed that you didnt touch on the original story that was planned for this game. game was suppose to be a real direct sequel to coloseum. where wes the main protaganist went rogue again and ran cypher after finishing them off. story was suppose to be more dark the nit was in the first game but probally was too dark hence the reason they dropped it, its nintendo after all, couldnt have to dark games at the time, gotta caither to the little kids -.-
Comment from : MrRodneyShadow

I love the vibe of xd
Comment from : Sjorben

7:31 2019 would like to have a word with you.
Comment from : Trithis

300m C A S H
I remember being 11 and sooooo excited to play this when it was released but I didn't have a gamecube. Then, on Christmas, my parents bought me the Gamecube/Pokemon XD bundle and that was the rest of my childhood.
Comment from : 300m C A S H

phillip luckhardt
I have a bit of a bias towards XD since it was my first pokemon game and I've played it way too much
Comment from : phillip luckhardt

I always used the pokestop wild pokemon to fill the purify chamber, until a got a full grasp on how it worked. I caught a ton of hoppip because flying is good against grass.
Comment from : Jamtone

Gustavo Crevelari
Couldn't watch more than 10 seconds of your video because of your screechy voice.
You're cute though bye

Comment from : Gustavo Crevelari

Nobody knew about laughing emoticons in 2005?
Comment from : Confuse

I wish they’d kept Wes but man was I glad Rui left.
Comment from : BlueBraviary

This is my favorite Pokémon game. Graphics were beautiful for its time.
Comment from : Buster5ive

Lol Kobe’s Dead
You're such a weeb. Holy shit you're annoying.
Comment from : Lol Kobe’s Dead

GWAC store
this is such a great video this is so clever you have a great mind and made my day you and all the other commenters in this thread are beautiful and inteligent and make the world a better place
Comment from : GWAC store

she reminds me of an old video with a girl showing her pokemon stuff and her pokemon underwear while posing her ass,i have a feeling she is the same only older,but then again i might me wrong
Comment from : Μανος88

Ahhhhhhhh I love this game..... and miss it.. I'm a old school Poke'mon Fan and I like how you don't say "Pokemon" like a complete spaz, your awesome and I hope you enjoyed catching Lugia! I purified every pokemon And transferred my rarest. And hey you should try completing the entire regional and international pokedex for pokemon emerald! You get to pick 2Gen starters!
Comment from : zubnasty

Budget Gaming
Goog review thanks a lot :) regards from Venezuela.
Comment from : Budget Gaming

it's a shame she no longer uploads
Comment from : Brookster

Sir Render Films
Cant wait for Go Pikachu and Eevee!!! That will be THE ULTIMATE POKEMON GAME!
Comment from : Sir Render Films

Yeah, you just want to pick a starter, beat rival, beat 8 gyms, beat elite four until eternity. The classic Pokémons need more innovation. They could learn something from this.
Comment from : Pikehunter1993

Saul T
5:35 What's Heihachi doing in this game? xD
Comment from : Saul T

The Gross Dongles
If Nintendo took the good stuff from both games, and made a sequel for the switch, it would most definitely create something wonderful.
Comment from : The Gross Dongles

So what I heard was "Pokemon works better on handhelds because turn-based RPGs are boring to play at home"....am I missing something here? Nearly every successful turn-based RPG series to date has been created for Consoles and PCs (with many having great portable adaptions as well). I feel this stigma was more of a marketing ploy on Nintendo's end as designing an equivalent or superior fully fledged pokemon experience for consoles could've posed a threat to their handheld sales. Nowadays with the switch getting it's own title and slowly phasing out the 3DS I believe they've clearly hogtied themselves because, well, the switch is technically both ;)
Comment from : Scarl3t_Sn00tchi3s

Regarding the "Shadow Moves with recoil damage" thing, it's important to note that all the Shadow moves with recoil in XD do percentage-based recoil. In other words, it's impossible for a Shadow Pokemon to knock themselves out with them. In fact, Shadow End actually makes Shadow Pokemon EASIER to catch, because they're essentially hitting themselves with Super Fang every time they use it.
Comment from : BigKlingy

Pokemon rawr XD
Comment from : ShiningLeopard27

Prompto 15
What about a colosseum game for the switch since it can function as a home console and a handheld?
Comment from : Prompto 15

fun face:Wes(the protagonist of colosseum) was gonna be the leader of cipher tricking everybody thinking he was a good guy wes would be the final boss of the game doing a better job than evis would
Comment from : PIP OWEN

Riki Spiral
Ah good memories, a time where Pokemon games actually looked good and not as crappy as they are now, oh how I will miss those days.

Seriously Nintendo fix your shit and make Pokemon games for consoles again... I can't be the only one who wants this.

Comment from : Riki Spiral

Jonathan Miller Music
See this is why I love your reviews Tamashii. They are well thought out pointing out both good and bad sides of the equation while also reinforcing your opinion. Most people let their opinion dominate the video or article. It's refreshing :)
Comment from : Jonathan Miller Music

Champion DarkBlaze!
I loved that you used Miror B’s theme song in the background! It rocks!
Comment from : Champion DarkBlaze!

Odd thing is game freak hasn't cut ties with genius sonority. They made Pokemon shuffle of all things lol
Comment from : Aurora

Hugh Mungus
Dude they need to make another one for Nintendo switch
Comment from : Hugh Mungus

Great video!
Comment from : Pyramidion

Jörn of the rebellion
... the review was pretty good... but had a number of totally wrong facts ...
Comment from : Jörn of the rebellion

Kilian Duplouy
They should do a remake of both Colosseum and XD for 3DS. With all the current pokémon and mega-evolutions and stuff. Would be interesting.
Comment from : Kilian Duplouy

I still Prefer that Aura Reader telling me it's shadow pokemon then the orange haired women who follows you around the whole game. Yes This Spectacle device is much better than Rui.
Comment from : Adason3

let's hope for Switch revamps that give a lot more than 9 non-shadow Pokemon
Comment from : MrSonicHedgehog

You know, the final discussion about how the console formula kinda put a damper on the whole experience (I partly disagree but it's not the point) makes me think that the Switch could be the PERFECT console to attempt a sequel to Colosseum and XD. It might be a foolhardy dream, but I'm REALLY hoping they're gonna learn from their past experience and make a game that builds on the strengths of both and improves on their weaknesses as well...
Comment from : Antonio SCENDRATE GATTICO

JohnThomas Griffy
I kinda wanna them to remake Pokemon XD for the switch
Comment from : JohnThomas Griffy

didnt they recycle the pkmn models from pokemon stadium
Comment from : "MC" Walter

Evy Devy
I don't agree with the "pokemon works only as a handheld" idea. Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest and other turn based RPGs can feel good on the console and I think Pokémon XD is no exception personally. ANY game feels better handheld because you can do it on the go but how exactly do battles feel more dragged out on the console than on the handheld? If you get bored a game on console, the same happens on portable. This is still a good review but I just don't agree with everything.
Comment from : Evy Devy

Random Guy71
i honestly never knew what the miror radar function did as a kid. every time i accidently killed a shadow pokemon, i always soft resetted. by the time i figured it out, i already purified all pokemon :(
Comment from : Random Guy71

Jarret Seely
I love both this and colosseum. I want to get them and play them all over again
Comment from : Jarret Seely

Julien Ramirez
Yeah, XD took place half a decade after Colosseum did.
Comment from : Julien Ramirez

William Carter Dunaway
I'm going to quote Sky Williams her, "Hey [summoner], Just don't!" I'm saying this in regard to the radars. 1. Pokéspots are almost completely useless. Their main use is to get rare pokémon like Aron and Spheal. You don't HAVE to drop whatever you're doing, it's an option. 2. If you don't want to "HAVE" to backtrack for Miror B. (even though you should because he is the best thing to ever happen to this Earth) just don't miss any Shadow Pokémon. 3. The Purification radar is super helpful so you don't waste valuable time walking around an area with a Pokémon that can already be purified. I'm sorry if I sounded mean.
Comment from : William Carter Dunaway

YES.I can't believe I finally found someone else that prefers the genuine story and world-building of Colosseum.
Comment from : Illyasviel

Lloyd Johannessen
This Game is amazing.
Comment from : Lloyd Johannessen

Haxorus Imp
The Mirror B radar isn't a problem for me.
I rarely miss any shadow pokemon.

So, that's caused by a lack of catching skill and it's perfectly within your control.
Same with Pokespots and Purification.

Don't want annoying radar beeps ruining your gameplay?
Don't go to the pokelab until ALL shadow pokemon are finished, don't put food out in the pokespots, and don't suck at catching pokemon.

Comment from : Haxorus Imp

Beast Ryder
These are my favorite Pokémon games
Comment from : Beast Ryder

Comment from : lampshades120

Kilian Duplouy
You still can have all the pokémon in Colosseum and XD, just transfer the Pokémon from your Ruby or Sapphire GBA game into it. I finished the game with Groudon, Kyogre and Rayquaza and the Regi's :P
Comment from : Kilian Duplouy

If the games were fused then that would awesome wouldn't
Comment from : Swifty_Star

i disagree in way that i want pokemon to be on tv not in handheld after playing this even new games like pokemon moon and sun is bland and boring vs xd and col.
Comment from : NIGHTMARE- GAMz

Celestial Cookie
Tamashii, could you do a Pokemon Conquest review?
Comment from : Celestial Cookie

Jake Lang
I would love to see a sequel to XD where either they went with the original storyline about Wes being the bad guy, and you have to take him on, or they make another direct sequel where Ardos has risen as the head of Cipher instead. The climax where he argues with Eldes at the end about their actions seriously made me want another game.
Comment from : Jake Lang

Christopher Ortiz
So that's how you encounter mirror B. Well got to get to get beadul back in action.
Comment from : Christopher Ortiz

Justin Miller
I never knew about Miror B holding shadow pokemon you failed to catch (I caught all of them before advancing), I did not noticed the notifications (I ignored the pokemon spot after I learned you get level 10 pokemon). Man, your review was spot on about the missing gems from both games. I missed being an ex-snagem member with a mysterious past :(
Comment from : Justin Miller

Wilbert Beltman
I loved these games I really did and then they announced Pokémon Battle Arena and I know the title says enough but I hoped SO BAD that it was another game like this because they were AWESOME
Comment from : Wilbert Beltman

Honestly I'm just here for Miror B...
Comment from : CapitalistStereotype

I'm going to correct you one 1 thing, you actually don't have to walk around, if you go do things like Battle CDs your pokemon will still get purified.
Comment from : DryBones271

Dross The Unassailable
Too much water
Comment from : Dross The Unassailable

Mag xk
These grafics are bad compared to now
Comment from : Mag xk

oh ye mirror b in da house
Comment from : Waffles

1:34 Party hard electrobuzz...
Comment from : Cooltiger


Comment from : eros40oz211

Eric Lueck
I'm a bit mixed. The more traditional protagonist and slightly happier region were a step down I'll admit, but the mechanics to the Shadow Pokemon are so extensive that you'll wonder why Shadow Pokemon were cool in the original game. Of course, the answer being the story was more engaging and gritty. Col had the better atmosphere and story, but XD had plenty great moments of it's own. From Cypher's brilliant use of mook tactics from jumping off elevator ceilings, to ambushing you before you got to a healing machine. The group being even more ruthless and ambitious, collecting more Pokemon, more bases of power, and capturing more legendaries. Breaking into the factory with Team Snagem actually siding with you over a common enemy was awesome of them. They even remained honorable to their word of giving it back, and see no reason to double-cross you to get back at Cypher, yet make it perfectly clear they'd go back to snagging and crime if they had the power.
Ultimately I don't think one game is better than the other, they both have flaws and moments of greatness.
I want another game, hopefully where they get to do the original plot for XD where Wes was an antagonist.

Comment from : Eric Lueck

Cynric Cyning
I've always remembered loving Colosseum to bits but time has not been kind to that game; it feels so clunky now :'(
Comment from : Cynric Cyning

just started Colloseam and ..... I love it more than expected. Wes is a mystery so I like his character so yeah its original and great 
Comment from : ShiroShima

Saphiria TheBlueDragonKnight
I think that if they made a sequel to Gale of Darkness there should be a Riolu/Lucario that identifies the shadow Pokemon.
Comment from : Saphiria TheBlueDragonKnight

I Live To Fight
Comment from : I Live To Fight

Felix Mayorga
They need this for wii U a Pokemon like this open world much like the 3ds versions but more like this
Comment from : Felix Mayorga

Have a moderately fine Birthday
what happened to his arm
Comment from : Have a moderately fine Birthday

Lord Monarch
I understand everything you just said but at the end of the day it all sounded contradicting, it is as if you both want these games to be remade and you do not all at the same time... I personally love these games and would prefer that Nintendo do both the hand held and consul. 
Comment from : Lord Monarch

James Noecker
i love Colosseum and XD. i just wish shadow pokemon could be brought to the main series
Comment from : James Noecker

The first Pokémon game i've ever played and beaten. Oh, the memories :')
Comment from : Bucket

I personally loved the games. The GameCube is by far one of my most favorite Nintendo consoles. I have so many memories of the games, I wish I hadn't sold my colosseum out of the two that was my favorite one, and it was also the first game I played where I always ate the same thing while playing it which I call my gaming snack lol. To me as a kid who never used walkthroughs playing it, it was quite challenging and that's what made it enjoyable for me, colosseum anyways. To me XD was too easy to do. When infiltrating ciphers lab when you get your first chance at trying to get raikou the pass code had me stuck for about a week (note that I didn't use any walkthroughs or anything and I was a kid at that time) whereas on XD I played the game right through with no problem. Still enjoyed the game but not as much as I did with colosseum. Also one of my favorite spots in colosseum was taken away on XD that being the under. I honestly really liked the under it was one of the best places in colosseum that I liked. I would honestly love to see a remake of the two onto the wii u or at least a third game in the series, I'd honestly much rather have a remake though. See the games that I have fond memories of from being a kid being remade in new better graphics and reliving the story.
Comment from : MrDarkShadow15

I disagree i prefer XD gale of darkness
Comment from : HollowVanitas

I understand this game was made from a different company, But.......

What happened to wes?

Are there any easter egg camp appearances of past gen. Protagonists?

Could this story connect to game freaks pokemon game story cannon??

Comment from : NEGROIDS

This was the first Pokemon game I ever played so I was vary confused when I played Pokemon sapphire and there were weird but cool wild Pokemon I then went on to beat every game before and after this one
Comment from : Antonio

Phantom Blessing
dudes o.o in my opinion the graphics are even better than pokemon x and y :) we need a remake for ps4 xbox 1 pc version with OP graphics and EPIC story :D
Comment from : Phantom Blessing

james fireslinger
I also have this one!!!!!!!!!
Comment from : james fireslinger

Sable guy
wow i would have loved a Colosseum sequel but 90% of the things  i saw looked exactly like the stuff from the old game and this review makes it seem pretty bad
Comment from : Sable guy

I used to hate pokemon then I played xd gale of darkness. Now I have too many pokemon games.
Comment from : KasaiGamma

I BADLY want a remake for this game. For the 3DS. With the ability to use Shadow Lugia in competitive battles and tutoring Self-Destruct on a Mewtwo. I can see myself spaming Shadow Blast for supereffective coverage on everything. I would probably use a Timid one, EV it in Sp. Atk and Speed and have it learn Roost, Calm Mind, Shadow Blast, and Shadow Storm. TBH, Shadow Lugia is one of the coolest things ever and I don't think I ever want to purify it (I have tons of Lugias from playthroughs of Heartgold and Emerald already). 
Comment from : MutantToaHangara

Mega Altaria
You got a bit wrong. Pokemon at the Poke-Spot have a level range from level 10 to level 20. and at that point of the game you can use the Poke-Spot, level 20 is about a good level.
Comment from : Mega Altaria

John Arnott
well i would rather have a shadow lugia as the legendary rather then the 3 dogs but thats just me
Comment from : John Arnott

I still play this game!
Comment from : Bully_eC

I still play this game!
Comment from : Bully_eC

No offence and I'm probably gonna get along of nasty replay but your really really obsessed with pikachu
Comment from : KITMIT

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