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USB Spy Camera Review

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Title :  USB Spy Camera Review
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Shaan M
Link to buy:
CA: amzn.to/2NidpVN
USA: amzn.to/2xhSvex

Comment from : Shaan M

Shreeram Hegde
Video Store in which folder....?
Comment from : Shreeram Hegde

Dinesh Babu
hello bro u tolk tu hindi language psl
Comment from : Dinesh Babu

Vijay Kumar Gowala
if you speak english than speak properly
Comment from : Vijay Kumar Gowala

Justine Laurence
is recording take a long 30mins ? ??
Comment from : Justine Laurence

Mah Fah
What’s the maximum amp can it be plugged in at. More then 2.1amp?
Comment from : Mah Fah

Mah Fah
What’s the battery life
Comment from : Mah Fah

The Super Pikachu
Comment from : The Super Pikachu

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