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Cheap Camcorder from Amazon, Review and Test

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Information Cheap Camcorder from Amazon, Review and Test

Title :  Cheap Camcorder from Amazon, Review and Test
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Frames Cheap Camcorder from Amazon, Review and Test

Description Cheap Camcorder from Amazon, Review and Test

Comments Cheap Camcorder from Amazon, Review and Test

I have a question i look up basically the same title as the video an hour ago then i get this and this is the only helpful thing why must youtube torture me
Comment from : Idontknow

BlackFist WayHigh
Thumbs up for the thorough review, definitely not for the camera. Goodness, that footage was hard to watch. It bothered the hell out of my eyes.
Comment from : BlackFist WayHigh

Yuan Hu
You get what you paid, it does not make sense to buy cheap staff, and criticize it does not work as good as known brand.
Comment from : Yuan Hu

Zahra Gibbs
I bought one of these camera's and actually mines works perfectly. When i first got it, the quality was not good but all you have to do if change the resolution and it works as good as a vlogging camera. I think you should buy if you know how to change settings or just watch a video on it.
Comment from : Zahra Gibbs

The only reason I am considering such cheap camera is because most phones you cannot see yourself whilst shooting.
Comment from : Harlock2day

If you had to spend 100/150 on a vlogging camera with audio input to test if vlogging is for you what would you get ? New, not used.
Comment from : Harlock2day

Some dollar tree shit.
Comment from : yarbgreat1

I'm positive the 4k variant is the same camera with 4k slapped on it, I wonder if anything can be done with false advertisment.
Comment from : IDAHOLIC

Comment from : IDAHOLIC

Olivr Valravn
Thanks for the video, looks like a pile of dinosaur S, you saved me to waste money
Comment from : Olivr Valravn

Jhonson Garcia
Guys check the settings first before using it
Comment from : Jhonson Garcia

Jᴜɴᴋᴏ Eɴᴏsʜɪᴍᴀ
I have that one, I’m not a big money spender and I got it for Christmas, it’s not the best quality but I like it
Comment from : Jᴜɴᴋᴏ Eɴᴏsʜɪᴍᴀ

kristel laceste
hi can u please send the link for this? im looking for a “vintage” look cheap camera haha
Comment from : kristel laceste

Patrick Lonie
These cameras are a gold mine in 2020
Comment from : Patrick Lonie

Neno Tech
This camera is "very good" if you need to shot a horror 1980's movie mode - you cannot make this mode even if you change the settings in expensive brand camera - and the "30fps" looks like the "24fps" in old 1980 cinematic camera - the'high quality" in this mode not important if you need to make a 1980's horror movie - because you can hide the details to make it very scary.
Comment from : Neno Tech

Yeouch! Curious what th 4k version looks like
Comment from : wrmaldonado

Justin Cui
So far, great camcorder makers that still make camcorders are Sony, Canon, Panasonic, and JVC. Is there a fifth camcorder maker that still makes great camcorders, given that some makers like Samsung discontinued their camcorder segment?
Comment from : Justin Cui

I just got mine yesterday and so far it works great, I didn't get this Specific one, Mine has a Lens Cap, Lens Hood, Night Vision & a few other items with it that this one doesn't have, So far I'm happy with it, Am I going to be happy with it next month, IDK, but for $130 dollars I figured it was worth a shot 🤷
Comment from : S10_4_Life

Jonathan P
Amazing video sir.
Comment from : Jonathan P

Phoenix Pole Dancing Lessons
Thank you for this, I was going to spend my Gift Card on buying one of these, can you recommend one that's good for YouTubing as I'm starting out. Thank you
Comment from : Phoenix Pole Dancing Lessons

elkeartsandcrafts Elaine Jones
Thanks for the reviews.
I am interested in making crafting videos on YT, but having problems. I tried my cell phone, but when I attempted to upload to my PC, I got a mssg saying 'No photos or videos could be detected on this device'. Can you shed any light on that? I also have a good quality Samsung digital camera, which takes good clear vids (for 25 minutes) but the sound is poor. Would my camera pick up enough sound from a wireless microphone. Thanks, Elaine

Comment from : elkeartsandcrafts Elaine Jones

Chris Hester
I bought a similar camera from Amazon just a couple weeks ago and I'm already regretting it. The batteries die within just a few minutes of it being turned on. I contacted Amazon customer support and they told me to email the manufacturer, so I did that and they told me to send them a video.. No explanation of what that means.. I guess it means point another camera at the battery indicator of the camera to show how fast the batteries drain?? ... Poor camera, poor customer service. I wish I had just bought a used name brand camera for the same price.
Comment from : Chris Hester

Inosuke Hashibara
I prefer japanese brand than chinese knock-off if i saw one im gonna smash it. Amazon should not sell chinese products they're all shit
Comment from : Inosuke Hashibara

This would be great to fake "Vintage" 1970s - 80s VHS video - which could be pulled off with the use of filters that's available in many video editors.
Comment from : ImTheDaveman

123 m
So what camara should I use if I want to record for up to an hour?
Comment from : 123 m

Mike The Red
LOL I can get better video and sound with my Galaxy. This is trash. So grateful for YouTubers like you that order these cheap electronics and do honest straightforward reviews.
Comment from : Mike The Red

Did this cam have a pause while recording? On Amazon that was one of the features. I read instructions and could not find pause. just curious if you found it ?
Comment from : raditian2

No Comment
I bought this camera and I tried make video many time but the result is always poor 😄
Comment from : No Comment

lourdes jimenez
Comment from : lourdes jimenez

Your Sista Angel
Thanks for not letting me waste my money. What camera and edit software do use for this YouTube video?
Comment from : Your Sista Angel

I have this and the quality look bad but you can change a bunch of settings so it’s looks a lot better
Comment from : Username

Chris Gill
Thank you so much for this you have answered everything I needed to know and the temptation to buy one of these is definitely not there anymore. Will stick to the name brands. Cheers
Comment from : Chris Gill

Clearwater Guy
Mine arrived today and I will be sending it back tomorrow!
Comment from : Clearwater Guy

Peter Lebbie
I'm trying to start a you tube channel (which is proving more difficult than made out) and unfortunately i went the cheaper route with a camcorder like this. The audio was satisfactory with the microphone but the screen quality on the flip screen was flickering and really dim in it's picture quality lacking sharpness. I spent hours playing with the settings but the recordings most definitely not 1080p HD standard. Now i feel i have to go higher for better quality but not sure how high to go for a brand name. Can anyone advise the best settings to get the picture more crystal clear if it's possible.
Comment from : Peter Lebbie

Blackwolf Alpha
And, camcorders/video cameras generally are capable of recording video for longer than a maximum of 20-29 minute stints (depending on the brand and age of the camera). My old Kodak (C195... I think) can only record for up to 20 minutes or so before it automatically stops recording, and my much newer Nikon B500 camera can't record video for more than 29 minute stints (regardless of format and any other settings). That gets frustrating sometimes. However, yes, those two cameras are primarily designed to take pictures, not video.
By the way, thank you for the great video!

Comment from : Blackwolf Alpha

White Balance is oof, looks like a meh 720p, and it doesn't even look like its 30fps.
Outside shots looks over-sharpen and zoom is trash

Yeah, its trash, i have a new appreciation for my cheap Canon Camcorder (HF R800)

Comment from : YourTechGuy

cecil roberts
You must work for Cannon or Sony ??? you want us to spend 500.00 on a camcorder? I dont think so!!! You are obviously biased before you even started the video about what a piece of crap it was So how can we take you seriously? Maybe someone cant spend 500 bucks on a name brand camcorder ever think of that? what about making a honest review of the camera itself and not trying to compare it to a 500.00 Sony???
Comment from : cecil roberts

calvin pringle
Hello like your video how do you attach the mic to the camera I tried but it won’t turn so I can attach can you help
Comment from : calvin pringle

Pat Macdonald
My Grandson received one for Christmas. Sorry for stupid question, but how the heck do you charge the batteries? Can they be charged ONLY while attached to the camera via the USB? Thanks for the review. Very well done and your advice is spot on.
Comment from : Pat Macdonald

APT 155
I used the 4K version of that camera for just over a year (Don't ask me how I managed to put up with it for that long). The audio, photo and videos were better than your example but other than that it was just as worse The zoon was crap, it couldn't handle low and bright light and it was so light that handheld footage was so shakey. HD Sony camcorders put it to shame. Thank god I now have my new Panasonic VXF1.
Comment from : APT 155

FHD 15 FPS / CAMERA MODEL V7 ? Straszny obraz, nie ma płynności, obraz przeskakuje, według mnie to model V7, 1080p ma 15 FPS.
Comment from : Rafał

Its.aereonb •
I got this for Christmas and the audio isn't good
Comment from : Its.aereonb •

Spencer Truman
Hi! What sony camera footage did you show at 15:59?
Comment from : Spencer Truman

Some Dude Gaming
I got this for Christmas...it is not good...but yeah okay XDDD
Comment from : Some Dude Gaming

Tln Tone
got this camera today to start off and once i changed the settings to imaging the camera works perfectly fine. may not be the best but for a person just starting off not trying to spend a lot, it’s good enough. maybe would suggest getting a new or different mic but it’s good enough.
Comment from : Tln Tone

Nice review. Iam looking for a decent budget friendly around two hundred IR night vision camcorder Iam a pharanormal investigator. All the ones I can only find are these weird off brand ones on Amazon. Any suggestions? Thanks
Comment from : C F

Grover Kenyatta
"in 2019, this list helped me decide for the best camcorder lense scafe.shop/tbcl2019?fs hope it helps you out too!"
Comment from : Grover Kenyatta

Joe Mckechnie
I recently purchased this item, but the picture is very blurry. I may be doing something wrong, but the owner’s manual, which is written in very poor English, makes no mention of this. Unfortunately, there is literally no way to contact the manufacturer or seller
– no website, no phone number, no e-mail address, etc… Even Amazon says that they don’t have that information and thus they agreed to offer a refund. I “Googled” information this company, and there is nothing at all. STAY AWAY FROM ANY ZOHULU OR ORDRO PRODUCTS!!

Comment from : Joe Mckechnie

what pos ! Better off with a smartphone
Comment from : SuperMechguy

Sabre 170
Looks like a crap camera to me. Thanks for the video. Saved me from wasting my money.
Comment from : Sabre 170

Lazarius Young
I have this exact cam...and I have a black spot that won't leave just got it today....this not a good product to me....
Comment from : Lazarius Young

Izzy & Caspian
Any cameras you'd recommend for a "found footage" web series? Or for newbie filmmakers
Comment from : Izzy & Caspian

Anita Estes
I hope you can help me. I bought a cheap yundoo camera with no accessories just for me to learn to make youtube videos. I plan to pass it on to my 11 year old grand daughter when I'm done because she really wants to start a youtube channel. It has a Li-ion battery that doesn't last very long at all and worries me about a recharging fire hazard. I would prefer to use a USA battery. How do camera owners find a proper USA battery replacement? What battery replacement would you recommend? This is a CAS. NP-40
Comment from : Anita Estes

Ezruh G
I need a camera for youtube to try to make better vids, would u recommend for the price?
Comment from : Ezruh G

Brittany's Paranormal InvestiGaming
Also how much was this
Comment from : Brittany's Paranormal InvestiGaming

Brittany's Paranormal InvestiGaming
Have you ever reviewed a cheap night vision one that looks like this I'm looking to get something cheap at least to start off with
Comment from : Brittany's Paranormal InvestiGaming

adrian_ stockman
Can you like link the camcorder
Comment from : adrian_ stockman

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