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Nada Ajjam
Pls put an option of English translation for foreign people (like me☹️) to hlep them understand u
Comment from : Nada Ajjam

Basit Khan
Thanks for Guiding bro ♥️🔥🇵🇰
Comment from : Basit Khan

Hello sir ! I am from India . How much score is enough to get MD psychiatry?
Comment from : DEEPAK KUMAR

If youre still in first year, doing biochem and physio, what qbank you need to just pass those subjects in medical school ?
Comment from : Dr MANNY SUCCESS

Are you really in the position do be giving step 1 advice? Did you score a 260+?
Comment from : John

Dr Maryam Mahmood
I want to know the names of books which cover age related changes in humans n social sciences n biostatistics .asked in usmle .
Comment from : Dr Maryam Mahmood

It’s taking me really to write notes
Comment from : CULTURE COON

Lorena Rodriguez
Very helpful! Thank you
Comment from : Lorena Rodriguez

Giorgi Maziashvili
I used Lecturio as my additional resource as it's probably the only company that's giving you everything in one subscription. So far I used it for physiology, biochemistry, anatomy, microbiology, histology and I'm very satisfied by video lectures and reading materials that they provide. It's definitely worth its' price and there just no need to pay that much in different kinds of resources. Obviously First Aid is must-have but others..... You decide....
Comment from : Giorgi Maziashvili

tglomedcare t
Can you make a video on Making Password in of NBME registration.? It is so difficult, I try many times, but failed
Comment from : tglomedcare t

Hello! What do you think about the online courses of Kaplan?

Comment from : imasuperkoala

George Pazarlis
Thank you for your help!! ❤❤❤
Comment from : George Pazarlis

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