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DON'T buy this $30 Camera | LOOTd Unboxing

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Information DON'T buy this $30 Camera | LOOTd Unboxing

Title :  DON'T buy this $30 Camera | LOOTd Unboxing
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Frames DON'T buy this $30 Camera | LOOTd Unboxing

Description DON'T buy this $30 Camera | LOOTd Unboxing

Comments DON'T buy this $30 Camera | LOOTd Unboxing

What's next, a $30 drone?
Comment from : LOOTd

Ciudad ASMR
Sony cibershot 7mp :v
Comment from : Ciudad ASMR

Giovanni Rojas
oh shit i buy that garbage i lose my money. :(
Comment from : Giovanni Rojas

Samyra kemyly
Brasil alguém?
Comment from : Samyra kemyly

sayem's spinners
What the camar bro this is my canara 🤔🤔😜😜
Comment from : sayem's spinners

Ari Lover
Покупать не советует, как я поняла?
Comment from : Ari Lover

Alex Dos
Comment from : Alex Dos

James James
This camera is not good
Comment from : James James

Juan Manuel Posada Quintero
Lo vi en 2020, Muchas gracias!!!
Muy útil:3

Comment from : Juan Manuel Posada Quintero

Andrew Walton
Best review of this camera ever! I want to buy one now. Love the Peter Mc B roll.
Comment from : Andrew Walton

I got it for 2£ with shipping lol
Comment from : XxgreasytoesxX

Pijush Kumar
Thanks bro. I was about to buy the sme f**king camera.
Comment from : Pijush Kumar

The Beamng Man
In the next video (how to destroy a 30$ camera)
Comment from : The Beamng Man

Nightcore House
Is this camera good for photography?
Especially landscapes.
My budget is 25$ only to buy a camera.

Comment from : Nightcore House

Szabó Péter
Video quality with 80s ' years feeling.
Comment from : Szabó Péter

Comment from : M G

Thats for elementary school
Comment from : GIZMO RADOS

Can you video record for a hour
Comment from : MONEY TIME

Jaila Woods
i got this for christmas cuz i wanna do photography and wanted a camera and it’s coming in :( i regret buying this i just we wanted to do photography:(
Comment from : Jaila Woods

Jaila Woods
i got this for christmas cuz i wanna do photography and wanted a camera and it’s coming in :( i regret buying this i just we wanted to do photography:(
Comment from : Jaila Woods

Thiago Cerqueira
I just bought one ... thank god I saw your video. I canceled the purchase!
Comment from : Thiago Cerqueira

Looks like i know what i want for CHristmas! :) :) :) :) :) :)
Comment from : MrSihrus

Lowdekumaster 142
Mate i getting that for christmast
Comment from : Lowdekumaster 142

3:40 VHS mode activated!
Comment from : cardboardsnail

1:43 looks like that was taken in 2008
Comment from : Tyrozone5

Feb 95
the footage at the end thats recorded with that cheap camera is not that bad actually , its gives you that weird 90s vibe, i like it
Comment from : Feb 95

Vídeo sensacional
Comment from : TecDuos

Desert Vox
CHINA has ripped of the rest of the world of 1,000,000,000,000s of dollars by sending them crap in exchange.
Comment from : Desert Vox

yellow potatoeee
Imma buy this as my little toy😂
Comment from : yellow potatoeee

Yep Briz
Man this is helpful for some who do not know more about cameras. Great video!
Comment from : Yep Briz

720p shouldnt be called HD 🤣
Comment from : DEAN WATERS

Rey Ermino
It also Know as Trash Cam🔥
Comment from : Rey Ermino

I just bought it 2 days ago, saw one video about it and everyone says it's shit, thought I could try to cancel my order and get my money back bcs it wasn't sent yet, said they "saw my message too late" and can't cancel now bcs it's already sent, so in the end, I really regret wasting my money on this scam
Comment from : 김탫이

Anna X
The power on sound is the old version of my Xiaomi dashcam
Comment from : Anna X

Christian Romano
You should open it to see the interior "lens"
Comment from : Christian Romano

km hifi
Comment from : km hifi

Sebastian Figueroa
It’s super good for the price
Comment from : Sebastian Figueroa

en realidad es de 1.2 MP y de vídeo es de 0.9MP
Comment from : YUDAI

Antonette Liebermann
wow i aleady regret it
Comment from : Antonette Liebermann

O Bama
To be completely honest I quite like the aesthetic it gives offf
Comment from : O Bama

I kind of want to see a whole YouTube channel shot on this.
Comment from : zanzaboonda

David Doperoy
😂😂😂😂 that ending!
Comment from : David Doperoy

Brent Buan
Comment from : Brent Buan

Rick nxl
Can you take it apart?
Comment from : Rick nxl

Conner Hurn
Notice me ben~pai
Comment from : Conner Hurn

Ryno Bones
That has the same sound effects and menu system as my $8 dashcam.
Comment from : Ryno Bones

ArChi3 Th3 Pr0
This channel is dying rip
Comment from : ArChi3 Th3 Pr0

Shahaf Hazan
The sound you hear when you first power up the camera is exactly like my old dashcam.
Comment from : Shahaf Hazan

Bjorvin Ironwulf
i kind of want to buy this for my dad, who is an avid photography fan, as a gag gift
Comment from : Bjorvin Ironwulf

Attack Sarcophagus
Did you ever did snake charmer
Comment from : Attack Sarcophagus

I have a feeling that all these products boxes has been made in same factory
Comment from : Mylogify

720p? This must be the camera PewDiePie uses!
Comment from : reptilelord

BeastlyGamer Dude
My Kodak Easyshare from 2007 has better quality than this
Comment from : BeastlyGamer Dude

idk i kinda liked cause the footage looks very like vhs or vintage hehe
Comment from : Fanny

It's not bad with only $27
Comment from : Betty

Reilly Walker
You'd be better off following the steps from How to Make Everything to build your own camera from scratch.
Comment from : Reilly Walker

Travis K.
the b roll isn't too bad!
Comment from : Travis K.

A bit sad one of the quality options wasn't Double Fine.
Comment from : MegapiemanPHD

A somewhat functional camera for $30? Doesn't seem like a terrible gift for a small child. It's not like they would care about quality anyway.
Comment from : Bohrium

Buys anyway : o
Comment from : Common_faults

Vincent Chan
Loved the B roll footage at the end there!
Comment from : Vincent Chan

the commenter
it still looks better than the iPhone
Comment from : the commenter

Lol the video quality of that camera makes me feel like I have a pro camera in my 100$ phone from 2014 and believe me, that thing is sheit XD
Comment from : SolidKeys

Rockin' that man bun
Comment from : Jazzper

Not gonna lie is great for vapor wave B rolls
Comment from : chapa435ify

Even the bin rejected it! LOL
Comment from : jadewraith

HD 720p??!!?11?1!11?? O.M.G this is an obvious steal.
Comment from : CynicallyApex

abang mohd alif al3ep
That b roll looks classic with the background music, dang... Its so cancerous-ly burning my eyes.....
Comment from : abang mohd alif al3ep

Comment from : teri

A Fan of true Quality
I´m looking forward to the following LOOTd vids, which are hopefully all recorded with this marvelous apperatus!
Comment from : A Fan of true Quality

The Jabberwocky
buys the thirty dollar camera
I have the power of a million souls at my hand.

Comment from : The Jabberwocky

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