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Pokémon Colosseum Review (Featuring TheJWittz) - Tamashii Hiroka

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Information Pokémon Colosseum Review (Featuring TheJWittz) - Tamashii Hiroka

Title :  Pokémon Colosseum Review (Featuring TheJWittz) - Tamashii Hiroka
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Frames Pokémon Colosseum Review (Featuring TheJWittz) - Tamashii Hiroka

Description Pokémon Colosseum Review (Featuring TheJWittz) - Tamashii Hiroka

Comments Pokémon Colosseum Review (Featuring TheJWittz) - Tamashii Hiroka

you can trasfer pokemon from your mane series games to this one
Comment from : tripleduoddw

Dammn Deejay
This game became an Instant favorite at the time bc I could actually play with Espeon! (Amd Umbreon but I already had it in a previous game) I was so hype just to ply as those starter Pokemon. I was kinda upset a bit that they didn't delve deeper into the darker part of the plot. Also, I actually like the second character (I also named Misty) mainly bc it felt like I wasn't alone in scary parts of the game (when I was a kid obviously) The gimmick of this game was great. Shadow Pokemon was something I was wondering why Team Rocket, Aqua, Magma, Galactic, etc didn't try this method. Of just literally stealing Pokemon with special poke balls, OR let me be apart of the evil organization stealing the Pokemon..and my character has a change of heart and finds a way to purify the Pokemon and return some to their owners or something.

I feel the they dropped the ball a bit looking back, but at the time...I had no complaints

Comment from : Dammn Deejay

Logan Whatnot
XD gale of darkness was so not better than this one 😂
Comment from : Logan Whatnot

Fã de Mario
Still better than main line Pokémon games...
Comment from : Fã de Mario

Brandon Krol
You know what? I’d love to see this and XD remastered on the Switch now that Sword and Shield are out.
Comment from : Brandon Krol

I loved this game but sadly I was talked into destroying my disk by a highly devoted Christian friend.
Comment from : johhnyx14

Irene's Tunes
They honestly need to make a remake, sequel, or new original game with a similar premise for the switch.
Comment from : Irene's Tunes

cyanrazor Cel

Comment from : cyanrazor Cel

ur ah us
my fav pokemon game
Comment from : ur ah us

Coliseum & XD were the greatest Pokémon games...it's a shame they didn't have another sequel
Comment from : JimDim

Matt Wolf
7:20 excluding the game lacking a feature to save anywhere. None of that ever bothered be. I would frequently play it for hours on end without getting tired. I don't see how this game is any worst than playing any other JRPG on a TV in this aspect.
Also it's nice that the Switch games can be played on a TV.

Comment from : Matt Wolf

Jared McKenzie
@3:53 Did you mean Stadium 2?
Comment from : Jared McKenzie

henry smith
People don't play Pokemon for the graphics.
2019: omg sword and shield do not has good grapax!

Comment from : henry smith

Anything negative said from you can and will be held against you
Comment from : GrimFate

The first adventure with 3D pokémon, sure a nice game piece.
I'm particularly fond of it. Keep it in a good place in my heart.

Comment from : julie64

El Yoshi Huaso del Bio bio
Genius Sonority had to be in charge of sword and shield
Comment from : El Yoshi Huaso del Bio bio

Anakin Skywakka
This game's location is based off Arizona (my home state), so another reason why it's one of my favorites!
Comment from : Anakin Skywakka

miguel garcia
This type of game would be great on the Switch...
Comment from : miguel garcia

Malformed Malice
Comment from : Malformed Malice

Lorne Armstrong
Old video but around 4:00 Jwittz mistakenly calls Pokemon Stadium 2 "Pokemon Colosseum 2"
Comment from : Lorne Armstrong

Dramatic Scar
Here is the thing ... the default name of the female protagonist is Rui...
I'm Rui and I'm a Guy...
In Ukranian Rui means penis..


Comment from : Dramatic Scar

Sanji Uchiha
Best pokemon game in history IMO
Comment from : Sanji Uchiha

Idongesit Usen
This game was UNBELIVABLE. The story was beyond memorable with protagonists and a plot that still have potential, and music that I can associate with each town. Wonder why this was never continued, maybe a movie?
Comment from : Idongesit Usen

Shame they are only on Gamecube
Comment from : TheDeadCobra

Should I get Pokémon Colosseum or Pokémon XD Gale of Darkness?
Comment from : Minimik75

Kaan Erdi
I think Pokémon BW are exceptionally overrated that they overshadowed Pokémon Colosseum.
Comment from : Kaan Erdi

Lmao!! "On the Wii u"
Comment from : UltraSteelix

I'm in this game?
Comment from : Cipher033

Isaac Erickson
This game was such an interesting time in gaming. Miss the bubbly style that tries to be high tech but feels like nostalgic early 2000s
Comment from : Isaac Erickson

jarret banks
Playing this on dolphin emulator on my note 9 now. So different. It's awesome going back as an adult and playing all the games you couldn't afford as a kid lol.
Comment from : jarret banks

Al i
What really annoyed me back in 2005 is the fact that there were no transperent colosseum dex (catchable pokemons including their evolvings and attacks) and tm-list and so on.
Therefore I couldnt assamble a team with a certain strategy beforehand. No Smartphones and really bad internet connection back then + I was not capable of speaking english.

Nowaydays there is a lot of data (colosseum dex etc.) on the internet and finally I am able to assamble a team with a certain set up using only pokemons occuring in Pokemon Colosseum!

Comment from : Al i

I think that Colosseum and XD have their own merits. Colosseum is a lot harder, and it's a LOT darker in storyline, really. Also, you don't have to deal with XD's multiple shadow pokemon per battle mechanic. XD on the other hand has a more predictable story, but at the same time a lot more expansive gameplay, and a lot more modes to try within story mode (battle bingo and battle sims). The difficulty can get cheap-level, but that's only if you're trying to do every single shadow pokemon in a fight at once (Greevil. 6 shadows. one fight.)
Comment from : Saikou210

Grandpa Yellow
Skipped lvl 1-20(the least fun grind), your starters are TWO eeveelutions, not the same story that has been repeated since I was born, an over the top anti-hero, world expanding, an actual origination that steals Pokémon, No side quests, all battling, difficulty, and EVERY battle is a DOUBLE BATTLE?!?!? And you can steal joeys rattata.
Best Pokémon game, ever.

Comment from : Grandpa Yellow

I love these two games. Though I do wish Rui wasn’t always with Wes. Michael’s aura reader is better. So was XD’s save anywhere and a few wild Pokémon being available.

Colosseum needed the E Reader support in the US. Would have added to things a bit.

Comment from : BlueBraviary

Mike G
Well now we have Pokemon lets Go and another Pokemon on switch in 2019. I guess they heard you.
Comment from : Mike G

One of the most creative and interesting spin off game. It feels like a mature version of pokemon.. I would love to see a remake on switch
Comment from : Musashi

Kristina Hall
I've got both ha ha and a cheat code disc to get master balls but I still purify and grind without cheating
Comment from : Kristina Hall

id like to see that 2018 Nintendo graphics remake of this game
Comment from : Daywalker777r

I think it’s really cute seeing Espeon just sitting in the cycle waiting for wes
Comment from : NumalionPRO

Imagine a remake of this game on the switch why not
Comment from : pflynn12

Seriously hoping they remaster these games or at least make another in this series
Comment from : LegendarySuperSaiyan3

Evan Zych
Colosseum OST is and will always be my favorite. This game as a whole is just legendary and it makes me wanna get Lets Go Eevee even more. I just wish they came out with more of these games because it was such a unique approach that made pokemon feel mature, yet still keeping the friendliness to it.
Comment from : Evan Zych

Aaron Lycan
I got it for free
Comment from : Aaron Lycan

Black Lock
Comment from : Black Lock

Grandpa Yellow
It’s the best Pokémon game purely because it did something new and ignored tradition. I would love to see more games like this.

Comment from : Grandpa Yellow

Oscar Vega
Man I loved this game when i was a kid, I was devastated when it got scratched. Overall fun game
Comment from : Oscar Vega

hopefully we get them for the Nintendo switch
Comment from : casbert3000

Gaideness Chickens
Oh my god, it's not just a battle game?! I've had a copy of this game for years and never even bothered with it. Now I gotta pop it in and play it!
Comment from : Gaideness Chickens

I love thiss!!!
Comment from : Espurrrxd

Jesse A
This is really nostalgic. I miss you guys, Pokemon YouTubers are.. lacking the atmophear you two provide.
Comment from : Jesse A

Menina Coelha Rylee
This games is edgy and awesome.
Comment from : Menina Coelha Rylee

joes funny vlogs with gaming
To me this game is life lol. Still playing this in 2018!!!
Comment from : joes funny vlogs with gaming

American Cringe
“Who plays Pokémon for the graphics” well good sir, I will say I did not play black and white and their sequels because of their graphics and I enjoy them transitioning to a 3D dynamic for the recent releases, playing Pokémon with a realistic looking dynamic makes me feel more in the game with my Pokémon, I do not enjoy cut scenes every 5 seconds though so, touché my guy.
Comment from : American Cringe

I play for the graphics. Not entirly but they are important to me for the immersion of the world and I think they are integral to the experience to make everything unique and help greatly with gameplay and story.
Comment from : xmish16

Phoebe Cassandra
My best memory to this game, one of the BEST Pokemon Games in history!
Purifying Shadow Tyranitar with it always being at the front of my party, taking on Mt. Battle for constant battles and minimal walking and not relying on any other method
My reward: Tyranitar gaining 288, 561 Exp. Points!

Comment from : Phoebe Cassandra

This was my first game. And I LOOOVE it
Comment from : JudDud09

I played Colosseum as a kid and I loved it to pieces, my mother couldn't drag me away from the gamecube controller...
Comment from : annebutnotreally

top 10 anime crossovers
Comment from : DewiAustin3

Antonio Hernandez
Okay so can we all agree that ganefreak needs to fix Umbreon where his yellow stripes keeps on glowing. It was so super awesome and nice little detail to it
Comment from : Antonio Hernandez

Harley Ortega
fucking cringe.. Tamashii would never bang this dude
Comment from : Harley Ortega

Yokai Artist
Ahh...Colosseum is my favorite game so far! I just need new GameCube controllers before I can play Colosseum or XD ;-;
Comment from : Yokai Artist

Real Diversity
Hopefully they make one for the wii switch
Comment from : Real Diversity

I loved this game! Sure, the lack of any routes or wild pokemon kinda sucked... but the storyline was great, the battling was great fun, the 3D idea was incredible at the time, and all the towns and dungeons were great fun to explore. Shadow purification was a bit weird but the battling was great!

I got stuck at one point and had to resort to an internet walkthrough - turns out all I had to do was walk down the stairs! (Which I hadn't identified as stairs on the screen). A little odd at times but grrreat fun! :D

Comment from : Hootonium242

whoa incepcion
Comment from : sorenman1

Kilian Duplouy
you can have all the pokémon in Colosseum. Just import them from your Ruby/Sapphire game.
Comment from : Kilian Duplouy

i once heard these games reused n64 models from pokemon stadium can someone tell if its true???? i know jwittz menteioned something about the n64 but im not sure what he was refering to at the time
Comment from : "MC" Walter

yo tamashi. why is there a advertisement for a game called pocket advemtures using footage from pokemon generations on your video. ive already flagged them for ip infingment and false advertisement for stealing both official pokemon and others work to make money. not sure if you can control who can advertise but they should be barred
Comment from : RiorXD

Wrestling Anime 4life
Pokken Who ?
Comment from : Wrestling Anime 4life

This is such an underated game.
Comment from : EdgyBobby

Good thing, I just beat this game from few years ago, as long I learned. Pokémon is awesome.
Comment from : ShawneTheGreatGamer

Haxorus Imp
He didn't even talk about the trade function.
You're not limited to just 50 pokemon. You can trade with FR, LG, R/S/E gameboy games.
Giving you plenty of options. That's why they give you stinkers like Ledian and Skiploom.

Comment from : Haxorus Imp

Nathan Schuster
I bought this from a friend a few weeks ago and beat Evice today. Man I had fun with this one. Can't wait to get XD next
Comment from : Nathan Schuster

The description talks about Pokémon's 17th anniversary.

Wow, this video is old.

Comment from : Victino

Scooby 7707
this was my very first Pokemon game. At the time, i had no idea that 'Pokemon' was a big franchise. And, no i didnt just comment to make this the 700th comment
Comment from : Scooby 7707

Anna Marz
I was CRAZED about this game when it came out!!! I loved the story so much.
Comment from : Anna Marz

The Treyceratops
When JWittz uploads a video on another channel
Comment from : The Treyceratops

Seaman DeeMan
4 years later jwittz. And I am still watching that ending clip.
Comment from : Seaman DeeMan

I played this game 7 times
Comment from : Ara

I'll totally disagree that the sequel is better.
Comment from : DeathlyBioShock

> Challenging difficulty
I.... plowed the whole game with the three doges.....

Comment from : DanDraco

Hi, I have a question that I hope someone can answer me.

I got a GameCube and Pokémon Colosseum this Christmas, and there is something that is bugging me. I don't know if it's just how GameCube visuals looks, but the visuals are extremely light and unsharp. When I'm in Phenac City for example, then everything is so light that it's almost hard to see what I can walk on and not.
It probably won't have been a problem for me, if I hadn't seen Gameplay of Colosseum, where the visuals just looks better, and that my PS2 didn't have this problem.

I have been trying to fix it myself like for example changing the lightning in the options for my TV, but it didn't help either.

Could somebody help me?

(sorry if my English wasn't that good)

Comment from : HMM

Joel Connell
i still have this game and i always loved it. i collected all the legendary pokemon from generation 3 and before except for jirachi celebi and mew and they are all on my colosseum.
Comment from : Joel Connell

4 The Gamers
I lost my disk when I let my sister take it out of the Wii, because GameCube disks work in the Wii. I found it, but then someone stole it and now I can't find it... :'(
Comment from : 4 The Gamers

Cool guy Martinez
Good video s
Comment from : Cool guy Martinez

Am i the only one who stayed to listen to him make the clicking noise?
Comment from : FourLeafLuck

Russell Brown
Not only were these games epic, but some of the Pokemon have special moves that can't be learned anywhere else: Snorlax and Lapras in XD have Fissure, Moltres, Scyther and Weepinbell have Moringing Sun and the Shadow Lugia has Psycho Boost and Feather Dance. I managed to transfer these former Shadow Pokemon through the different generations, and now they're kicking ass in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. That Lugia is just badass.
Comment from : Russell Brown

I did never get a Gamecube, so I did never get to play XD or Colosseum, but give us a sequel to the Wii U and I'm going right to GameStop to buy it.
Comment from : KrispyKrabby

the region orre is pronounced like ore... smh jwittz
Comment from : kevin05380

XD fixed all the minor problems in colluseum.more pokemon to snag easier way to purify some wild pokemon no more being followed the entire game.
Comment from : TheJkisboss

3:47 hahaha I remember that so hard
Comment from : DhanKOTB

When you pick up an item in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, it makes a very similar sound to when you pick up an item in Colosseum and XD Gale of Darkness. 
Comment from : MegaDrain

Evan Minton
This is one of the most underrated games of the franchise. I absolutely loved it! The best side game of Gen 3. I still have the Pokemon I obtained on there. I've used them on my 6th gen games. I've used the starter Espeon and Umbreon in the Battle Maison. My (formerly shadow) Amnpharos finally got to Mega Evolve and gain fabulous hair. :-)
Comment from : Evan Minton

Chris Kramer
colosseum was an amazing game. one of my favorite pokemon games. didn't get too far in the other one and never played the one on the wii.
Comment from : Chris Kramer

Putti Vanitas
JWitts you seem like a nice guy, but you need to consider a different... hair cut.
Comment from : Putti Vanitas

Dashiell Henry
Preety much a Jwitzz video on Tamashi's chanell
Comment from : Dashiell Henry

Andrew Edwards
Here's my review: ABSOLUTELY CRAP.

feel free to comment

Comment from : Andrew Edwards

Alexis Seedlijn-Hetlen
Haha i understand why Colosseum and XD are good games : it's because Game Freak didn't developped it aha (Uh... Pokemon fans, i'm just joking)
Comment from : Alexis Seedlijn-Hetlen

I Live To Fight
Of course he had a Jumpluff. Even here.
Comment from : I Live To Fight

Pokemon Colosseum was my first pokemon game, on my first console. The main thing i loved about the game was Battle Now. It so fun to have 8 different modes and tons of different teams to choose. In the main games you have a limited pokemon chooseability becuase it takes too much time to train multiple pokemon. Here however you have so much possibilites to use and learn how to use tons of different pokemon. Unlike the rental in the stadium games these pokemon has good moves which makes them fun to use. The fact that you can't use all 6 pokemon adds a extra thinking layer when you see the opponents rooster. You need to choose wisely after type matchup and team balance. The opponents is unlike in the main games fully equal in strength to you. You have no healing items, stat increases, held items or the possibility of higher levels. The opponent have varied teams also unlike gym leaders which makes them even thougher. The AI is surprisingly intelligent too. When you win in Battle now it feels GOOD. Battle now is probably my favourite way of purely battling in pokemon. I thought Battle Revolution was going to be a extended version of Battle Now. I was so dissapointed when i played it and realised it wasn't.

The Story mode was cool and fun but the shadow pokemon gimmick was too complicated for 7 year old me. I was so annoyed that my shadow pokemon couldn't level up. I couldn't find out how to cure shadow pokemon for two years until a friend told me. During these two years the ony thing i did was trying to beat the  super though envasion leader. Since my shadow pokemon couldn't level up i was heavily underleveled. Combine that whit the leaders envasion strategy made the figth the hardest pokemon figth i ever experienced. It was so hard to hit his pokemon and even when you hit you did little damage. Finally after two years of getting my ass handed to me by that bastard my makuhita and Bayleef quickly evolved after getting cured. I finally defated him. Too my frustration he turned out to be optional. I was supposed to do something else to progress into the game. In fact the big part of the games difficulty comes from knowing what to do and where to go. The battles is though but these can be solved whit grinding. Being stuck can only be solved whit walktroughs which i hate to use. That's why i only come halfway trough the game after all these years........

Another quirky thing that Colussem has is trainers that will keep noticing and force you to battle them no matter how many times you beat them. This can be good for unlimited training but for me it was so annoying becuase you often need to go back and heal becuase this game has little money for healing items. You go back to heal becuase your pokemon is weak. Then a trainer that you already beaten forces you into a figth you can't handle in your current state. So to avoid blacking out you need to keep in mind that trainers on the way back will refigth you and be strong enough to handle them if you need to heal. I also like Colossuem becuase it has a different game structure. In the main games you get your starter and start out on a small area whit the typical rodents, birds and bugs. The games is also extra simple and boring in design in the beginning. Here you get introduced to other kinds much quicker and the games get's interesting much quicker. Pokemon Colossuem wasn't connected to a specific generation so the pokemon variety was greater. I like Colossuem alot and i don't get why Gamefreak can't make something like it nowadays. The main games structure will get boring eventually no matter how many Mega evoultions are created.

Comment from : Calfuso

Cress Striaton
Pokemon Colosseum was my favorite pokemon game to be honest. When I was little, my dad got me a gamecube, about 4-5 gamecube games, and other stuff. And among the gamecube games, I got Pokemon Colosseum and XD Gale of Darkness. I personally prefer Colosseum, possibly because it was harder for me, and maybe because I prefer teenage-adult characters.
Comment from : Cress Striaton

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