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SONY CAMCORDER Hi8 Review - Using a 23 YEAR OLD CAMERA In 2020

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Information SONY CAMCORDER Hi8 Review - Using a 23 YEAR OLD CAMERA In 2020

Title :  SONY CAMCORDER Hi8 Review - Using a 23 YEAR OLD CAMERA In 2020
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Frames SONY CAMCORDER Hi8 Review - Using a 23 YEAR OLD CAMERA In 2020

Description SONY CAMCORDER Hi8 Review - Using a 23 YEAR OLD CAMERA In 2020

Comments SONY CAMCORDER Hi8 Review - Using a 23 YEAR OLD CAMERA In 2020

Mark Holtze
**TIME STAMPS BELOW:  This is the camera I cut my “videography” teeth on. I can’t believe it still works after 23 years and even by today’s standards,  it’s a FANTASTIC camera. What do you guys think of the Hi-8 format in 2020?

**FREE HI-8 OVERLAY Download I made here: geni.us/kXwAnaS

TIME STAMPS: Because your time is precious. 
0:50: VERY Short “Film” I shot on the Sony Handycam CCD-TRV99 
1:48: Technical Camera Review Starts
2:52: 1997 Vlogging
3:05: Optical Vs Digital Zoom Comparison
4:24: CRAZY close MIN focusing distance
4:42: CRAZY Reliable AutoFocus test
5:29: X-RAY (Night Vision) - Yes this camera can see through clothes
6:04: Insane Battery Endurance after 23 years?
7:17: Output options with possible USB capture capability. 
10:17: BTS Shooting being “blasted”. It’s all in the FALL

Comment from : Mark Holtze

The name is enough.. SONY
Comment from : MIDHUN MOHAN

thenewbgamer64 pro. idiot65
Yes these cameras have a point of return. A DVD is more sensitive, and one scratch can end the whole disc. A video cassette can be great for those not so careful. Cus an SD can be ended easily when installing it, a video cassette can be repaired withe some tape. It can also help with those who lose things. As a mobile phone is not the best for one who loses shit. A video cassette is bigger and the cameras as well, so you won't lose it easily.
Comment from : thenewbgamer64 pro. idiot65

Technique Fishing
Oh! My Dream Camera Brother.
Comment from : Technique Fishing

zaydan amanullah
where do I buy the camera? would you know of any sites?
Comment from : zaydan amanullah

Эдгар Леонидович
For the tube-Trinitron TV this camera is very fuckin clear picture...)))
Comment from : Эдгар Леонидович

Эдгар Леонидович
Amazing design, why the new consumer cams looks like crap???
Comment from : Эдгар Леонидович

James Cotner
I'm trying to find a hi8 camera. I need one! Anyone...Anyone?
Comment from : James Cotner

Thank you for this video!
Love vintage tech stuff :)

Comment from : Finnegan

TCK Steph
I’ve been shooting 35 mm film and this just gives it the extra boost I think I’m gonna check out this camera!! Thanks for the vid🎞🎞
Comment from : TCK Steph

Travis Kraft
Awesome video.

Comment from : Travis Kraft

Jim Sewell
IR + circular polarizer :)
Comment from : Jim Sewell

Sujewa Ekanayake
awesome. jon moritsugu shot a feature on hi-8 in 2005 or so - 'scumrock' - check it out, the cam/look fit the subject well.
Comment from : Sujewa Ekanayake

Spider's Morning
Would a day of bay maintenence make the recorded tapes more clean-n-clear, increasing the video quality?
Comment from : Spider's Morning

where did you get the battery for this camera? Or which one do you use, because I own this camera but I don't know where I can purchase the battery. I've searched online but I'm not sure if they're the right ones.
Comment from : Autumn

Claudiu Kiss
for best quality use HI8 ME tape,not MP . video signal from MP is bad. from ME is the best. and most important switch off electronic image stabilizer. this function is very bad for image quality.
Comment from : Claudiu Kiss

yeet xD
these old cameras make every thing seem more real
Comment from : yeet xD

Ich brauche diese Camera
Comment from : ENEMY EARTH

How do I get it?
Comment from : Lol

What other Hi8 or other analog camcorders would you recommend for someone looking for something with a max price range of ~$110?
Comment from : Realoemo

The Bamboozle Room Burlesque Comedy Cabaret
I saw some guys shooting a skateboarding video on a Sony vx2000 that’s my first camera I’d love to see you do one of these vids on that camera it’s what the first jackass and all the surf and skate and snow vids that came out in late 90s were shot on
Comment from : The Bamboozle Room Burlesque Comedy Cabaret

Literally have this camcorder in my hands right now, it was my dad's he gave to me years ago. My issue with it is I cant get it to play anything or record..with the cassette tapes is their a way to copy those videos to a DVD or USB.
Comment from : TheBiancalov

Amaya Renteria
I have a question do you have any other website recommendations for me to look into to try to find this camera other than eBay
Comment from : Amaya Renteria

Amaya Renteria
I’m trying to find one for a good reasonable price but they are all so expensive dose anyone know where I can get one for a reasonable price 😩
Comment from : Amaya Renteria

michi b.
I have one too
Comment from : michi b.

Georgel Olenici
good prespective. i have a canon xl2 2004 and still love the mix can give when 4:3 format gets involved
Comment from : Georgel Olenici

Tomer Pilo
my dad used to film videos with a samsung camera just like this one from 2004 to 2008. it has this early 2000's feel to it. recently found it
Comment from : Tomer Pilo

I wanted one so bad in the 90s. The Sonys looked the best. I wanted the High8. Thnx for sharing.😬
Comment from : BillyMiner49er

Igor Braun
You should have deinterlaced you Hi8 videos :)
Comment from : Igor Braun

Daniel Hendricks
i found my tapes and i refuse to pay these outrageous prices i could buy a 4k tv or a gopro hero 7 black for these prices ugh im so frustrated i just want to see whats on these tapes
Comment from : Daniel Hendricks

Mr Frank
A really enjoyable video! Very well done. Thank you for creating a time capsule that was fun to watch!!
Comment from : Mr Frank

Jessica Kerr
where do you buy the tapes from
Comment from : Jessica Kerr

Priscilla Frederick
Would u consider giving that camcorder away...my family an I lost my dad 15 years ago an all we have are the casets...an can't find a camcorder anywhere
Comment from : Priscilla Frederick

Hi Marc thank you for posting this video. I have a question about transferring analog to MP4 format. The ion that you recommend to use is no longer available on Amazon. What other alternate unit would you recommend that can transfer analog to an MP4 on my iMac?. Thank you, Daniel, Long Beach, California
Comment from : Bright-Boy

Matt Sezer
My first camera was a TRV11, which had a similar design, but was digital.
Comment from : Matt Sezer

It's cool how everything's black and white. Reminds me of the 50's era a bit.
Comment from : SirenTube

I have two of these cameras. One is stuck closed. If anyone has any suggestions on how to get it open to retrieve the media stuck inside, that would be great.
Comment from : NIKONGUY1960

How did you get it onto your computer?
Comment from : LEBaFEBa

Colby Neven
Is there a fisheye lens you can buy for this camera?
Comment from : Colby Neven

NOJOKE, my “low battery” prompt popped up on my iPad Pro at 6:25. That’s Twilight Zone stuff 🤔😮
Comment from : BigAArmory

Tyler Warren Ellis
If you use Premiere, right click on the footage in the project folder, got to modify, then click interpret footage. Change the field order to upper field first, this will fix the jagged interlaced artifacts in your footage.
Comment from : Tyler Warren Ellis

Ray Ray
Comment from : Ray Ray

Tyrone Beldad
i have the same camera, where can i buy the battery?
Comment from : Tyrone Beldad

Roberta Banks
What fisheye lens could I get for a camera like this?
Comment from : Roberta Banks

alazar yilma
how can i convert a video taken by this to a pc

@mark_holtze please

Comment from : alazar yilma

I'm surprised that you didn't show the 16:9 feature.
Comment from : Junkman2000

That start up sound, released when I was 10 years old. Captured the family gatherings before the time of everyone having phones.
It's a pleasure to have them to look back on.

Comment from : TheCoomer

Lucas Erber
Could you make a video on the different types of 8mm cassettes? Video8, hi8, digital8, hme, hmp
Comment from : Lucas Erber

Myriam galarneau
hi, I would like to know what's the difference between the camera Handycam hi8 330x and 72x. Thank you so much!
Comment from : Myriam galarneau

Josh Mason
Urbex would be sweet shot in Hi8 since it would have a very strong 'found footage'' aesthetic to it.
Comment from : Josh Mason

Jennifer Lopez
i have this camera now and have tons of cassettes!! problem is, the tape opening doesn’t pop out :( do you have any suggestions on where to look on how to fix it or is it no use?
appreciate it!

Comment from : Jennifer Lopez

Far East Manila Video Production
aww those memories with a sony video8 camera. ive done a lot with it.
Comment from : Far East Manila Video Production

Anuwat Upanun
The look of Hi8 made me miss my teenage time so much. I took the camera almost everyday to my high school. My dad brought it for me. It was my first camera. And I made so many short film with it during High School until University. The camera is now broken, but I still keep it.
Comment from : Anuwat Upanun

Jordan Nicome
I’m using mine right now ‼️‼️‼️
Comment from : Jordan Nicome

Vintage Electronics
0 lux? Awwww fuuuck ya
Comment from : Vintage Electronics

Brandon Lucia
I have a news program where i use green screen. i use this camera for background b roll
Comment from : Brandon Lucia

delfi p
Comment from : delfi p

Jose Jimenez
Does it have to show a red light while charging, cause I plug in my chrome book charger but the red light just showed up once?
Comment from : Jose Jimenez

Having rewatched this video on a 4k tv, I have to say the Hi8 footage looks washed out.
Either the camera exposure or the black levels on capture were set too high.

Comment from : Knightmessenger

we still have this camera! My parents used to take us videos when we were little, now that I'm grown up loving photography and cinematography, im trying to learn about its function and guess what, it still works great!!
Comment from : lebeticus

Keila Hug
My Sony doesn’t eject any suggestions? But works !
Comment from : Keila Hug

Dr. Giggles
The motion is better than 99% of modern cameras because it has global shutter. Rolling shutter is trash.
Comment from : Dr. Giggles

Loki Mantas
I still have a miniDV camera lying around... I guess its time to use it ;)
Comment from : Loki Mantas

What cameras do you use?
Comment from : YourTechGuy

Manan Bhatt
Great! I have Sony Digital 8 DCR-TRV 147E and it uses Digital 8 (8mm tape). Along with S-video Out, It also has i-Link (Firewire or if you want to call it IEEE 1394 Port) and it brings crystal clear 720P video out which is way better than what you have used since its digital format. It appears that you have used S-video out which is analog format and cannot give you best quality footage out even though it may have recorded better video. If you transfer the video using Windows Movie maker with AVI format, one minute video would be around 300MB with highest possible data rate and the video you will get going to be extremely smooth! I have taken out all my videos using IEEE 1394 cable and using Windows Movie Make with AVI Format and its mind blowing footage with no frame loss. Its 30 FPS 720p resolution.
Comment from : Manan Bhatt

Cassidy Chhay
i recently found my parents old cameras and was trying to figure out a way to transfer the videos on the tapes digitally! thank you for this video!!
Comment from : Cassidy Chhay

Honestly I just love the look these cameras gave. Even in movies at the time, although they were obviously better quality than a camera like this, they still had that same type of look and it’s just so nostalgic for me
Comment from : TimmyTheSnail

Tvsps Haiti
Comment from : Tvsps Haiti

People are spoiled today not so much because of 4k smartphones HDR but because so many good reviews point out which cameras do better by using technical examples.
There was a wide variance in different Hi8 camcorders (I have 4) but there was never anything to evaluate them like the detailed pixel 4 vs iPhone 11 comparisons you see today.
I remember a consumer reports article in 2003 mentioned Hi8 was "equivalent to a decemt rental video." (In reality, Hi8 tapes could resolve as much detail as the laserdisc format provided you shot a sharp enough image on the camera)
Another person once basically told me more or less that newer video cameras were better simply "because they were digital." A lot of tiny digital camcorders such as the canon zr80 miniDV my mom bought me were just not good cameras, despite using a superior medium to record on.

Comment from : Knightmessenger

The focus dial is a great thing to have. At least it has manual focus, many later video cameras dont even have that option.
And trust me, it makes a big difference. I couldnt believe I used auto focus for so many years, manual unlocks the full potential that gives the video a sharp tv broadcast look instead of a blurry amateur look.

Comment from : Knightmessenger

Tajine Talks
Hello, Mark,

I have a question, and maybe you can help me.
i kinda have the same camera like yours (that's why i'm here)
but I'm looking for a way to use that camera as a "webcam" for live streams.
However I can't find a decent way to get my camera into my macbook pro. i can't find it as a webcam anywhere. i've already bought some usb//rca converters but these are too old for my current mac or just don't work. (i saw your tutorials aswell)

maybe you can help me out? if you don't know, no problem. anyway i think it's cool that you're filming in 2020...

Grtz, Hakim
Macbook pro usb C
Sony trv77e camera with rca/s-video output

Comment from : Tajine Talks

Hotboxed Coffin
Is it possible to upgrade the lens on these?
Comment from : Hotboxed Coffin

Tru Music Lighting
bought a ccd-trv41 when I was a teen. when the trv99 came out I just had to get it. that 4" flip out screen was night & day from the trv41 flip out screen size. Plus it had the color viewfinder witch the trv41 was in b&w. I still have the trv99 somewheres but I can't find it. I took it to my high school's grad night at disneyland. I have a drawer full of tapes. I need to find the camera so I can look back at the old tapes. It will bring back memories.
Comment from : Tru Music Lighting

Thomas Possamai
Great, I have the same camcorder and actually found a new tape. I wanted to ask you, once you download your footage is it good enough to edit it in a fullhd project?
Comment from : Thomas Possamai

Cj Van
Hey, I really love the interlace effect on the footage (the horizontal lines). How did you achieve this effect? I have a CCD-TRV85 and I want the same effect as seen in the video.
Comment from : Cj Van

I've got the TR760E. Been using it recently to watch some old family tapes. My tape cover is off so you can see the tape as it sits in its holder. Still works though.
Comment from : Alloneword

Daryl Sawatzky
Thanks to covid-19, I finally have time to digitize (well, transfer) my 60 digital8 tapes I started using in 1995. digital8 is almost identical to your camera except it recorded the picture digitally and has firewire-out. It also reads analog HI8 tapes llike yours so it might be a good alternative for someone looking to digitize their colllection today.
Comment from : Daryl Sawatzky

Jack and Bennys
I have this exact camera! I have been searching for so long for just this!!! What method did you use to get this camera footage onto digital? Do you record onto the tape or is there some way of recording straight onto an SD or Capture card or Laptop? Also I am desperately looking for a battery charger, as I don't have one so cannot use this camera :( Do you know where I could find one? Thanks for your time, I desperately need some help! Thank you for this video!!!! JUST what I needed!
Comment from : Jack and Bennys

Radically Cool Reviews
0:53-1:45 Star Wars Imperial Walkers Sounds

Comment from : Radically Cool Reviews

Julian Taylor
You got one of the best camcorders in the world for a tape cassette
Comment from : Julian Taylor

just give me peace and tranquility.
I'm a sucker for retro objects! I absolutely love this vid!
Comment from : just give me peace and tranquility.

Ben Mckittrick
How’d u use the gun effects on an analogue tape?
Comment from : Ben Mckittrick

hey, can you tell me the name of the blue drawing board pad in 2:12, the one on the desk?
Comment from : kauzyperda

Goat pepper herbal tea
Shootin some analog
Comment from : Goat pepper herbal tea

Whats interesting in the opening camera test sequence is the mix of old VHS like footage +and steady camera movements (sliders etc)- which is a complete mindfuck as it's a contrast to how we became to recognize this format
Comment from : eladbari

Nate Lacroix
This is super cool. I've been wanting to do something like this with my old Sony Hi8 as well.
Comment from : Nate Lacroix

Where do you get your cassettes?
Comment from : shaylauren

Livesinthe Shadowsofthenight
Nice video 😎

Just bought 2008 dcr-sr45
30 gig HD 40x optical
2000 digital
£18.99 eBay😄

Comment from : Livesinthe Shadowsofthenight

big fish
I still got onenight vision
Comment from : big fish

Hey bro, you seriously should de-interlace that footage, it really shows up. Convert that 60i into 60p, and if you don't want 60p then put that 60p footage into a 30p timeline
Comment from : YourTechGuy

Digital Genki
I just discovered your channel and watched a few videos. I love your content and production value!
Comment from : Digital Genki

Así uno parece un viajero del tiempo, lo único que da el ambiente de tiempos atrás es la calidad de cámara lol
Comment from : Scripts

Cam 1
What's the battery that its using?
Comment from : Cam 1

Yeah.... good luck converting to digital without a TBC functionality.
Comment from : BodyKnight

W Keith McManus
I bought a Sony EVW-300 to shoot Hi8 - using a Sony EVO-9850 I transfer clips (s-video) to Panasonic DVCPro for FireWire transfer to computer.
Comment from : W Keith McManus

Henk Peter
Mark, I have the same camera since 1993, the tapes have been transferred to a portable hard drive. I have a lot of footage of my daughter and am cutting footage of her first years so we can compare with her daughter born last year. These clips really are invaluable and a lot of fun to watch. Thanks for keeping up a very informative channel.
Comment from : Henk Peter

Andreja Bradshaw
I’d do anything for this camera 😭😭❤️
Comment from : Andreja Bradshaw

Inspiring me to breakout the ole’ Hi-8 from that buried box in the closet.
Comment from : jobbahthehal

Vincent M
Still in terms of standard def these sonys were some of the best consumer grade camcorders for their time. I just last week found a similar early 200s one I believe a model dcr-trv530. It was $10 from goodwill. These camcorders may not be hd. But the video quality is still great for what it is
Comment from : Vincent M

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