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Mymmo M
two rising i bay chevrolet traverse as paw when i need as as room when i need one rising i dont g. m. financial services is blood shocker
Comment from : Mymmo M

Stephen boldrey
It’s not a manual shift the L is still automatic you just put it in low then set the highest gear you want to shift to so if you shift to L and toggle the positive switch all the way up to ninth gear before you drive off it will shift just like in drive the only difference is it will not auto stop start . So yes you can bypass the auto stop start. But you have to do it every time you shift out of drive .
Comment from : Stephen boldrey

vinson Morgan
I just bought one same as in the video but with black interior with dvd monitors I love it upgrading from the first gen traverse.
Comment from : vinson Morgan

Kitanof Kit
Auto start/stop no disable in this vehicle, it's why I don't buying this vehicle.
Comment from : Kitanof Kit

Is Costco sponsoring you?
Comment from : DAT BOI

Norman McIntosh
I just got 2019 its amazeing
Comment from : Norman McIntosh

Curtiss Harris
The dogs love to chew those straps
Comment from : Curtiss Harris

Andy's Shop
In my opinion, this is way better than the explorer.
Comment from : Andy's Shop

6speed Sti
is the front seat all the way up or down, forward or rearward while you are demonstrating comfort in the drivers seat??? DUH
Comment from : 6speed Sti

6speed Sti
you idiots demonstrate so much but fail to realize that people vary in size. explain you size … row the drivers seat front and back. THE GUY TRYING TO FIT IN THE FRONT SEAT IS PAYING THE BILL... spend so much time explaining the seat room compared to WHAT... A small person?????????????????
who is paying the bill?

Comment from : 6speed Sti

6speed Sti
Comment from : 6speed Sti

Douglas Buck
It will disappoint when it is worth nothing after 3 years, and you have spent half of your life in the dealership waiting on repairs. Apple Carplay does not do a thing for you when you are stranded on the side of the road! Friends always buy Toyota!
Comment from : Douglas Buck

Edin Limowitz
Nice job reading from a script by GM.
Comment from : Edin Limowitz

Tommy Harris jr
This is just what I needed. All the space I need to haul musical equipment and long road trips. I'll be getting a Traverse soon.
Comment from : Tommy Harris jr

John Wallace
Does anyone know the ground clearance for the Traverse? I can't find it anywhere?
Comment from : John Wallace

This was my first time on this channel. You make a detailed and well edited video. You can't subscribe to too many car channels lol.
Comment from : menacer26

tonka truck
Tom Voelk the 2018 Chevrolet Traverse can rev up to 4000 RPM so rev it up to 4000 rpm ok
Comment from : tonka truck

Very nice suv
Comment from : Lawrence

He acts like it's bigger than a suburban
Comment from : wurly164

꼭 갖고 싶은 차예요 선물 받고 싶어요
Comment from : ankyungsang

ai van bui thi
Bao gio thi moi ve Việt Nam
Comment from : ai van bui thi

Tyrell Speed
They should make a diecast model of this in 1/18 scale with all the doors, hood, and trunk opening.
Comment from : Tyrell Speed

Keith Hamilton
Do not buy a Traverse. You have been warned.
Comment from : Keith Hamilton

why did GM ruin a good car with that stupid auto stop , this saves nothing just wears out the starter
Comment from : TheJanka51

if that is bigger than the tahoe , why it those not have a v8 to
Comment from : alphiejh1

Can you imagine 21 miles to the gallon , on some thing that big with 310 HP . 30 years ago that would have gotten 15 miles to the gallon
Comment from : fasignal

Levi McCourt
I love the areas Tom drives in
Comment from : Levi McCourt

Levi McCourt
I love this Traverse, we got a 1LT in Pepperdust Metallic. OnStar is a BIG help with navigation in this modern vehicle. I personally think Chevrolet is taking a big step into the future. Another great video by Tom.
Comment from : Levi McCourt

For a moment I thought I had revisited your Enclave 2018 review.
Comment from : AeroManiac

Kirk Kempen
Nice vehicle; too bad standard safety features on the $31k Toyota Highlander will cost you nearly $53k on the Chevrolet Traverse!!! WTF GM!!! SAFETY SHOULD NOT BE OPTIONAL!!!
Comment from : Kirk Kempen

Bill Peirce
Can't u guys come up with your own designs?
Always copying Ford. Looks exactly like the Ford explore. Just longer nose.
Wish Ford would sue the fuck out of chevey. Sick of all Chevys lies and played actors and actresses.

Comment from : Bill Peirce

Woke ‘Rican
Chevy has always been behind on interiors...
Comment from : Woke ‘Rican

Has anyone that owns a 2018 Traverse, had me any mechanical issues?

I keep hearing bad things about it, I'm about to get a new SUV, this one cought my eye, but now I'm not sure..

Comment from : GILBERT GARCIA

Chuck Badics
I test drove one. Two dealbreakers- 1. the apple CarPlay was very laggy. Changing songs would some times take a full minute to process. 2. The auto start stop was lurchy and can’t be turned off.
I really liked everything else.

Comment from : Chuck Badics

Jim Pittman
Needs v8
Comment from : Jim Pittman

D Jay T
Had to sub for your quick wit on comments
Comment from : D Jay T

Sean Chan
All the plastic cladding makes even a $40K+ trim look like a base model.
Comment from : Sean Chan

Chevy by far has the most annoying commericals
Comment from : sportsMike87

abominable design.
Comment from : Pedro

Rather boring design.
Comment from : wvusmc

Melvin Ray Spence III
chevy just killed this car...I like the old one...another SUV why?? So what happens with the chevy equinox???
Comment from : Melvin Ray Spence III

53K! You know what you can do with that Shivy!???😦😦
Comment from : glovedcop69

mark williams
Don't trust Chevy with a nine speed auto , they had problems with a six speed now a nine?
Comment from : mark williams

Overkill Motorsport Superchargers
The grey dash colour is just like the Malibu, looks cheap, demote the guy at GM that chose it. There's a black model in my neighborhood and the front end looks cheap, it looks better on this tester with the lighter colour. Didn't know that the Traverse and Acadia were different sizes now, interesting! Great review as always Tom
Comment from : Overkill Motorsport Superchargers

Figaro Figaritz
Good to know he doesnt re-use all that t.p.
Comment from : Figaro Figaritz

With every redesign, it appears most crossovers are evolving into slightly raised up minivans. Consumers seem to want the practicality of a minivan without the namesake. Does anyone see this?! Also, great video TV!
Comment from : Ryan

What do you do with the TP after?
Comment from : MaxPowersLTD

Good video, Han Solo.
Comment from : Stelvio

Shit Stain
not sure why all the hate. the outside looks par for the course but the inside is very modern and attractive with a tasteful use of faux stitched leather and soft touch materials.
Comment from : Shit Stain

Nobody buys AWD for additional $2K! FWD is all is needed unless you go off road driving.
Comment from : HW2800

William t Balkum
I enjoy your videos, but you don't use your turn signals while driving. It would be nice to see how they operate and what they look like, especially in the rear.
Comment from : William t Balkum

The High Country version of this rig is actually very nice. Gray interiors never show very well. And the competition for this vehicle is actually the Tahoe/Yukon/etc. They are looking for the families that tow (but not too much), go off-road (but not too rough), want the flexibility to move quite a few people and their stuff. It's only a second slower than the new RST version of the Tahoe with the 6.2 liter V-8, and gets much better mileage. And the decked out version of this vehicle is $25K less (sticker) than a loaded Tahoe or Yukon. I think it'll sell like hotcakes.
Comment from : ktpinnacle

Kevin MZY
GM wants you to put your hand through the strap loop on the end. That way, you have to ride the seat down instead of letting it fall down.
Comment from : Kevin MZY

Power Rider
Nice video as always👍
Comment from : Power Rider

Continue using that U-turn area, from this point on.... It looks cool.
Comment from : Looe213

Just noticed you've never done a 4Runner video
Comment from : s50201

Chevy Fan
I did try the vw Atlas and the third row is not so comfortable for three people the high country traverse is the way to go and will comfortably fit 8 people with a lot of cargo space
Comment from : Chevy Fan

Andrew Yavelow
Love the vids, Tom; I might even buy a car, some day. On a semi-related topic, any inside poop on if/when Costco is going to bring back recycled TP?
Comment from : Andrew Yavelow

In Cars We Trust
Why not purchase the big bulk of tp instead of going to Costco all the time to purchase and return?
Comment from : In Cars We Trust

Another gas-guzzler that will be used mostly for running errands. My Lexus ES300h gets 40mpg and seats 5 comfortably in serious luxury and it's a Top Safety Pick +. If you genuinely need something this big for your family, get the new Pacifica Hybrid. I understand the appeal of SUVs like this. It's an awesome car, and fun to own, with a commanding sense of the road. But we HAVE to get serious about our choices in life and how they affect the environment, and stop being so selfish.
Comment from : godfatherNYC

Ugly on the outside and so bland on the inside it will put people in a coma.
Comment from : bzdtemp

Diwa Alejandro Galvez
Man, the interior pales in comparison to the Explorer, Sorento and CX-9
Comment from : Diwa Alejandro Galvez

The Traverse would of totally made that u-turn, thats awesome. It looks great, but that gray interior is very 2007.
Comment from : simplyadiktive

Todd Soden
The TP TEST is my favourite segment to your videos Tom! Always enjoy Driven! Are you still with the NY Times?
Comment from : Todd Soden

That's probably as close as you can get to a large family car while not buying an offroad vehicle or a van. Though one could just buy a much more practical and comfortable car... oops, that'd be a van.
Comment from : Max

as soon as you said the stop start cannot be turned off, lost me for this car
Comment from : G

Great work Tom.
Comment from : H L

Daily Life
The car is pretty, but I do not like this color!
Comment from : Daily Life

Mario Dalla Riva
Thanks, Tom.
Costco purchases: Charmin beats the Kirkland I've recently discovered. Ahhhh, so soft...

Comment from : Mario Dalla Riva

I think GM knocked it out of the park again with these big crossovers.
Comment from : Tyler

Thanks to Costco for providing years of measurement !
Comment from : B HM

I like the new look. It doesn’t look too minivanish
Comment from : JM C

I don't know if it's the color or trim level but the interior looks cheap and that steering wheel looks. Wey bad
Comment from : utubeyaw

Billy Sou
Tom — I showed the TP trunk test at the Indianapolis Auto Show a few weeks ago to a representative who works for Hyundai, and she was impressed with your metric. (I used the review of the Ionic as the example.).
Comment from : Billy Sou

Verle Kersey
Love this channel...!!🖒🖒
Comment from : Verle Kersey

Looks nice . I can't wait for the 2019 ford explorer😀
Comment from : TheKillerace900

Great Review Tom. This is a huge step up in interior quality and exterior style.
Comment from : canonlybeme4life

Carson Redford
Anyone else think this car is pathetic?
Comment from : Carson Redford

troy smith
this car looks outdated
Comment from : troy smith

Ivan Vojt
No, Tom sells those rolls in the Costco parking lot. Yes Tom accepts Bitcoin.
Comment from : Ivan Vojt

Evil twin or the real Tom?!
Comment from : rrt08

Awesome SantaJoe
Where is the headrest for the third passenger in the middle of the third row seat (if 3 kids are on the back)?
Comment from : Awesome SantaJoe

Or he keeps all the absorbency so he can built massive TP forts...which just sounds better
Comment from : PunxsutawneyDave

Blake Swan
Wow is that interior just embarrassing. A 2001 Ford Taurus wants its leather back
Comment from : Blake Swan

Aurora_ 993_650
That gray interior coloring is awfull&cheep
Comment from : Aurora_ 993_650

Blake Swan
Build it big and cheap and Americans will buy indroves. Not the most educated buyers. Big plus for GM
Comment from : Blake Swan

Skooma Dealer
Too small for ya? Russians have a bigger SUV. It's called the Shaman.
Comment from : Skooma Dealer

I like this car, especially the Redline version when they released the photos, but why they make the interior so like a 10 year old car
Comment from : caoYB

Anibal Babilonia
Is chevy trying to copy Land Rover and ford!? They all look a like!
Comment from : Anibal Babilonia

Not a big fan of these large SUVs as the size of garages and parking spaces are not getting any bigger ...
Comment from : DAVID Y

Dima Sannikov
In russian language Volk is a wolf. Have a good day. Thanks for your job
Comment from : Dima Sannikov

Great video Tom. This car looks good, but man it's so cheap & nasty. Sure they can plaster chrome on the outside to suggest quality, but on the inside, the aesthetic appeal isn't the best, nor is the quality - when you pushed the starter button, the whole console around that area flexed! Such a shame since the car isn't exactly cheap...
Comment from : T H-L

Acadia makes no sense now lol
Comment from : DevPack

That has got to be the ugliest interior color I have ever seen. Why would they send out "rental gray" as a review car?
Comment from : jink

I wasn't expecting a positive review. Good to know it is worth considering (I was going to Buick by default when I cross shop later this spring).
Comment from : Tully3674

Ismael Gil
Great video.👍
Comment from : Ismael Gil

I really really don’t like Chevy.
Comment from : chocolatewheelchair

If you are looking at a FWD Traverse just get a mini-van, cheaper and more cargo room by a lot. I do give credit that Chevy made it able to hand 4'x8' like most mini-vans.
Comment from : SS S

Salvador Quincy
Looks cheap
Comment from : Salvador Quincy

What happens after you got a jump start due to a weak battery and two minutes later you stop at a light and engine shut off kicks in? Will the engine restart when you hit the gas pedal?
Comment from : sevimlinfant

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