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I bought this phone in 2013, it's 2020 and I am still using it, 10/10 this is the best phone ever, I only charge it once every 2-3 weeks.
Comment from : Caleb

Prashanth V l ಪ್ರಶಾಂತ್ ವಿ
Who buys these shittt
Comment from : Prashanth V l ಪ್ರಶಾಂತ್ ವಿ

Lil Broomstick
My dad used it as his work phone. Still have it. He uses a iPhone 6 now.
Comment from : Lil Broomstick

Mel Jenkins
I had a Samsung Rugby II that I used a lot three years ago. Then I bought the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 which I used for two years. I decided to go back to the Samsung Rugby and bought this Rugby III. Reason I went back is because you just flip it close to hang up the phone.
Comment from : Mel Jenkins

After two years on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, I've decided to go back to the Samsung Rugby III. Reason: It's easier to hang up the phone on the Rugby by just flipping it close and by using only one hand also much smaller where I could put it in my pocket instead of hanging on the side of my belt.
Comment from : beerborn

The call quality isn’t the best on these. A little disappointed that you can’t turn the outer screen on by pressing the volume rocker too.
Comment from : animatedarliss

Maidee Lee
how to fix the sms service center number?
Comment from : Maidee Lee

Who run Bartertown?
Comment from : SheepOfVengeance

Mine keeps turning itself off..does anyone know how I can fix this issue?
Comment from : Mel

zero zkill
Look at that, micro sd slot in 2014, in a flip phone. I wonder what year Apple is gonna give that option in the Iphone. Maybe 2019, 2020?
Comment from : zero zkill

Just ordered a brand new unlocked Rugby 3 on ebay. Currently have a Iphone but tired of the swipe screen and the rest of the nonsense. Just want a phone to make calls, txts and check emails. Maybe Im getting old, but Ive read alot of people are dumping their Iphones for flip phones!
Comment from : BigMoneyGrip

Saia Saia
With this phone, because it's not an Iphone, one could not use it to tether correct? I love the phone but I need to tether for my Ipad if needed. Anyone?
Comment from : Saia Saia

Smoke Alarm 2227
The phone is ugly
Comment from : Smoke Alarm 2227

but with this phone you can use whatsapp? i'm lookin for some similar clamshell phone with whatsapp, but I don't like the new samsung clamshell phone, so I want one with the design of this samsung rugby
Comment from : M4V35

Joseph McNamee
why would you do that to a brandnew phone what a waste of money
Comment from : Joseph McNamee

Forted Exe
good review. how about the battery life ?
Comment from : Forted Exe

Elise P
Looking for a flip phone for my dad, any suggestions please? I switched him to tmobile, so it has to be compatible. He refuses to use the smartphone i purchased for him.
Comment from : Elise P

i wanna buy this phone. miss this design
Comment from : LowLight

Random American
I just bought two of these on Ebay in near mint condition for $70. I was looking for a good GSM Flip phone to use with consumer cellular. I don't drop my phones much. And I certainly wouldn't leave it in water for longer than it would take to snatch it out, hehe.

This phone has nice big keys with very good touch response. The displayed numbers are large enough for me to read easily. The speaker is amazing. There's a lot of stuff I can't use because I'm not on AT&T. And it has no WIFI. But I don't go online with my phone anyway. GPS is AT&T as well. I've never gotten lost before, hehe.

They are nice phones. And that's all I was looking for! Grandma loves her's too!

Comment from : Random American

Wayland C
lol @ the end result
Comment from : Wayland C

good phone 
i like it

Comment from : ROYAL ENFIELD

wonderful life
does it have wifi and gps
Comment from : wonderful life

how many speed dials, they went back to nine??
Comment from : buffranchAB

I have to agree with a previous poster. I like the Rugby II better than the Rugby III also.   Except for only having a 2MP camera instead of a 3MP... the Rugby II is better.   Anyone having a problem with the PPT/Cam button on the Rugby II.....I popped it off carefully with a thin precision screwdriver, cut the protruding pin shorter, and applied a little bit of plastic super glue and popped it back in.  Can't even tell it was done...  and I didn't need that function anyway.  You can still take pics with the other buttons...  

Comment from : Catoni52

John J
Anyone know if you can get an 3.5mm headset adapter for this phone or the Rugby 2?  An actual adapter for 3.5mm headset with microphone and audio? Thanks  It was mentioned in the video you can get one but I can't find one.
Comment from : John J

These things are way too thick. There. Us no reason it needs be so. Who buys flip phones any way
Comment from : dynomax666

The mind of a Psychopath
like rugby 2 better
Comment from : The mind of a Psychopath

can this phone work for tmobile?
Comment from : selerim

Amirul Akmal
I love this phone.. I wanna to buy this phone.. :3
Comment from : Amirul Akmal

this phone is 30 dollars now without contract. thats cheaper than a mp3 player lol.
Comment from : yoshinosakura

SOME ONE needs to make a full featured, larger screen, flip smart phone. Flip is the best design for MEN who happen to WORK HARD on machinery, outside, etc... What real man wants to carry around an effeminate fragile gigantic girly phone you have to constantly be in fear of dropping, rubbing it against a wall or piece of machinery, etc? Obviously, cell phone designers and makers are a bunch of office dwellers who spend their entire lives sitting down in the A/C.
Comment from : BeulahLips

Blue Sky
In all reality though whose phone would be under water for that damn long?
Comment from : Blue Sky

Maybe because like me I don't really need all of that crap on a phone. I work on a computer network all day and don't need a phone for anything but making and receiving calls. And no I'm not an old person etc.
Comment from : themansayz

Woods KS
Wow, classic, getting the Rugby 2.
Comment from : Woods KS

I Have had an iPhone for 2 years now, and i hate it. i missed my first couple phones; simple and indestructible
Comment from : MrFoxtrot729

Samsung got lazy with this phone! Shame on them.
Comment from : tigerbalm

Valliant Antonio
Much better the nokia 3720 classic, better than this samsung rugby3.
Comment from : Valliant Antonio

oh shit, a person making reasonable statements. I'm chocked. Or to use as a backup phone.
Comment from : Nellblade

Racky P.
This is way better than iphone 5
Comment from : Racky P.

teh bes fone evar!1 <33
Comment from : TheBcoolGuy

Waldo Esposito
Millions of people use flip phones, it`s a format, like pickup trucks or SUVs. Adolescent minds think if u have a flip, u dont own a smartphone, a tablet or a Notebook. Bad news for them! The Phone Industry is the only that don`t get the concept of a complementary product, ever sice 2007 they ve built 1 smartphone and 50 derivatives every year, and made cheap phones of other kinds. By the way smartphones are all more of the same, boring repetitive black screen designs.Thanks for this PA.
Comment from : Waldo Esposito

funniest phonearena review till date. it ended with the device getting killed!
Comment from : alaneasable

Alright he killed that phone at the end ↖(^▽^)↗
Comment from : fargeeks

Firdaus Araragi
someone who is going on a hike or smth too
Comment from : Firdaus Araragi

Comment from : Complextro

dafuq is this it's meant to be a durable phone and it should withstand water but it doesnt
Comment from : SuperVegeta

this phone is better than the iphone 5
Comment from : AAKB

Jack Green
When I was Kid ,I always wanted a Flip phone.. But i didn't get .And Now I have Money for them But Time has gone.
Comment from : Jack Green

Perhaps in certain markets. I doubt shoppers in North America search for a review of this phone. These phones are the ones you walk into a store and just pick up without worrying about data plans. Probably pre-paid if anything. Considering the amount of views, i'm sure it was useful for someone. At least one person.
Comment from : MarcYanOfficial

Samsung still selling this type of phone?????
Comment from : MrMikeNetwork

this is a phone i would buy if it came to my country. it has gps, music player. good enough 4 me.
Comment from : lucplaysgames

I would recommend S3 if you want a smartphone and apps and stuff like that,but if you want a phone that can withstand anything or if you're an active person you should get this.
Comment from : nalditwisterron

Nikko Acebedo
@pumpandclog Samsung Galaxy SIII of course.
Comment from : Nikko Acebedo

Help me out, The samsung galaxy S III or this?
Comment from : pumpandclog

Esa Edvik
People who buy these for OTHER people do, like for their parents etc.
Comment from : Esa Edvik

This is a filler video to get more views. There is no way people search Google and YouTube for phone reviews of phones like this.
Comment from : MarcYanOfficial

Harut Hajin
HAH :)
Comment from : Harut Hajin

Next is making review of calculator :D
Comment from : Rapi98

Atahan Öksüz
Comment from : Atahan Öksüz

Ravi Poddar
I hardly believe Phonearena uploaded this video.... Is this a Joke..
Comment from : Ravi Poddar

Shahzad Jalil
the still make these phones coz there are still people who use a phone just to phone
Comment from : Shahzad Jalil

Death 10101
Maybe the battery just died
Comment from : Death 10101

david thomas
Trap phone....
Comment from : david thomas

maybe an older person or a person who wants a (REALLY) simple phone. Not everybody needs a smartphone...
Comment from : ProudiPhoneOwner

Katherine Kat
Comment from : Katherine Kat

Its a pretty impressive basic phone...
Comment from : TyTechReviews

Navneet Verma Murti
Wat ??? Flip phones still exist
Comment from : Navneet Verma Murti

Mihailo Majstorovic
They make rugged phones because someone wants a phone that can stand anything you throw at it. Not all people want S III, DNA or an iPhone. When you drop them, they are gonna scratch, if you drop them couple of times, they are gonna brake, so you have to spend X$ for a new phone.
Comment from : Mihailo Majstorovic

Captain Scapegoat
Comment from : Captain Scapegoat

that phone is hella ugly
Comment from : SpaceManJordan

Anthony Chris
Why do they still make phones like this?
Comment from : Anthony Chris

not everyone wants a smartphone..do not watch when its not cool "enough" for you
Comment from : elementsofvie

Knuckles the Echidna
Awesome! Only available in America?
Comment from : Knuckles the Echidna

Manny Paul Walker
Rugby II is smart, rugby III is not, makes sense
Comment from : Manny Paul Walker

Um first did I go back in time to the 1st century or is he just joking by showing us his first video?
Comment from : charlesWsamuel

Marçal Vieira
wow, i already had one of these, the Rugby I , its cool and small
Comment from : Marçal Vieira

My grandpa
Comment from : hokieman1

what is it ???
Comment from : jtdc86

Omg ive gone back in time
Comment from : ElementBlazeT

Hugo Cardoso
the guy who lives in portugal, have his fucking salary sucked by our prime minister and nearly dont have money to buy his own food... not everybody is rich...
Comment from : Hugo Cardoso

Why should we watch this?!?! Does it make sense?
Comment from : Soultaker93

Raymond Torres
Who the fuck would buy this phone?
Comment from : Raymond Torres

Shit just got real
Comment from : Hyun

Richard Stallman
Yep, it's 2003
Comment from : Richard Stallman

Dino Prašo
I don-t know any phone that would eventually not have survived that first drop on carpet... except the iPhone maybe :D
Comment from : Dino Prašo

They test phones like this for elderly and people who don't have smartphones dummies.
Comment from : DeathToHype

Imran Zikri
Look that samsung galaxy s3 lets go buy that phone :)
Comment from : Imran Zikri

not even a tuch disply lol u fail, iphone>Samssssssssssshit gtfo youtube liv lfe frely, dnt be a slve not cool man, think of the people who went to the saharan desert and learn sum manners and learn gramer, punctuation and speling ashol
Comment from : MrLolmaster101

Vitor Sandrini
Comment from : Vitor Sandrini

Tarvo Smith
Comment from : Tarvo Smith

I was waiting for the water test, disappointed. Rather just liquipel my smartphone ;D
Comment from : Silky_

Marco C.
R.I.P. Brave Rugby III.
Comment from : Marco C.

more underwater tests in the future pls !!
Comment from : QQuaeE

Kill it before it lays eggs
Comment from : SerkanDersim

Prasad Bankar
I am selling my galaxy s3 to get this amazing phone
Comment from : Prasad Bankar

Jehann Mostert
WTF is this bullshit ????
Comment from : Jehann Mostert

TiTi Valentino
are u f**kin kidding me?
Comment from : TiTi Valentino

Are you serious i thought this was a smartphone page
Comment from : E

review nokia 3310 pls ;d
Comment from : psydex

Comment from : psydex

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