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Spy Camera Tiny Motion Detection U8 In Depth Review And Instructions

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Information Spy Camera Tiny Motion Detection U8 In Depth Review And Instructions

Title :  Spy Camera Tiny Motion Detection U8 In Depth Review And Instructions
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Frames Spy Camera Tiny Motion Detection U8 In Depth Review And Instructions

Description Spy Camera Tiny Motion Detection U8 In Depth Review And Instructions

Comments Spy Camera Tiny Motion Detection U8 In Depth Review And Instructions

shristi bajgain
can anyone supply me the driver
Comment from : shristi bajgain

Sanir Chowdhury
But how will you see your photo and video you took do you plug it in your computer
Comment from : Sanir Chowdhury

Doug Holverson
I have two and can't get either to charge or work right. I can plug them into a computer or phone charger for up to a day and a half and the blue and red light never stops blinking.
Comment from : Doug Holverson

Nguyen N.
My battery just expanded so much when I was charging that it cracked open the unit
Comment from : Nguyen N.

It's PUBG Lover PUBG
Amazon link of this produkt :

Comment from : It's PUBG Lover PUBG

Celly Chip
If i use an otg cable to view the recorded stuff at my phone does it work
Comment from : Celly Chip

Anvil Stryker
Upside down? Looking at the lense, mic to the right or left?
Comment from : Anvil Stryker

jed dizon
Can i ask something. After 20 to 30mins recording. Its blinking 10time. After that the video was not save. Any idea?
Comment from : jed dizon

Ricky Rakim
the dates of the recording are wrong
Comment from : Ricky Rakim

Nero Astic
why when i click K1 its appear 10 blue red lights
Comment from : Nero Astic

Culver Antigo
how long the battery life?
Comment from : Culver Antigo

Good explanation and a well-illustrated guide to this camera. Well done!!
Comment from : supercat380

Srinvas Reddy Satti
how to charge this camera
Comment from : Srinvas Reddy Satti

hindustani 9191
Very zoom bad
Comment from : hindustani 9191

hi how long will it stay in motion detection mode as i am going on holiday for a week want to hide one near my fridge
Comment from : 1000000volts

Abonnee Bot
Now I can record the Kahoot game in the class when I'm "hacking" Kahoot😂 Thanks!
Comment from : Abonnee Bot

Anthony Smith
Not bad quality for a very cheap spy cam....wow
Comment from : Anthony Smith

Gopal Kesari
Can video not play
Comment from : Gopal Kesari

michael matos
I'm having issues. After I turned on. A purple light blink 3 times and then turn of bby it sef
Comment from : michael matos

Fritz Cypher
Thanks for the video. I got hard time understanding the english translations of the manual instructions.
Comment from : Fritz Cypher

Justine Laurence
is the recording take a long about 30mins ????????
Comment from : Justine Laurence

Wesley Hendry
When I press the K2 button quickly, it takes photos but when I press and hold the K2 button, nothing happens at all. Is the unit broken or am I doing something wrong?
Comment from : Wesley Hendry

Real Face
How to change resolution in this

Video resolution is just 640... i want to take in 1280.. how to change it

Comment from : Real Face

hung nguyen
Here is the link amzn.to/2NVv0De
Comment from : hung nguyen

How do you set date and time?
Comment from : PoisonHemlock

hung nguyen
Hey. I found one that has night vision. Here's the link amzn.to/2x2Kg62
Comment from : hung nguyen

Dezső Nagy
Comment from : Dezső Nagy

Wallace Summers
I agree with Travis on the instructions. These are the worst translations and were totally confusing. This video is what i hoped to find. I wrote my own instruction manual, consisting of about 11 lines of text...or about 10% of what was in those alleged instructions.
Comment from : Wallace Summers

Hoplite Warlord
The blue/silver strip is a dead giveaway that there is a lens hiding behind the hole. Pull that aluminium blue/silver strip off and it make the lens hole harder to see.
When was the last time you saw a USB stick with a lens hole in the end? Exactly!!
If I saw this stick on a table pointing at me with that obvious lens hole pointing my way, I would definitely pick it up and work out that there is a lens/camera in this thing. The blue or silver strip is a dead giveaway, first thing you do is peel it off!

Comment from : Hoplite Warlord

Don Schaaf
The CC is in Russian, believe it or not. I tried switching to English . . . no joy.
Comment from : Don Schaaf

Mama Moore
Is this going to work inside in the dark because I'm not worried about outside. Thanks for your video
Comment from : Mama Moore

This is by far the best review but I have 1 question. How reliable is the motion detection? Does it rely on the camera alone or does it detect audio also?
Comment from : Z

Rene Martinez
How long does it take to charge
Comment from : Rene Martinez

Pieter Bekkers
The time stamp on the video says 2009. Is that correct? When was the device manufactured? Comments here are all about 3 to 4 years old
Comment from : Pieter Bekkers

Very helpful thanks
Comment from : prettylady862

love you
Price kiya he
Comment from : love you

Mama Moore
I wanted to see how it looks in the dark room, and when someone cuts the lights on video
Comment from : Mama Moore

Vincent Jones
holy ads
Comment from : Vincent Jones

Gerald Cabinatan
Can this still record while attached to a powerbank?
Comment from : Gerald Cabinatan

Ed Martell Regala
how do you change the " time.txt "
Comment from : Ed Martell Regala

Pankaj Nayak
Spy camera rate & model nombor, please....
From where I get it..?

Comment from : Pankaj Nayak

Gk Guitar Covers
Can we charge it thru mobile charger
Comment from : Gk Guitar Covers

Anthony Fernando
While the motion detection is on and after the cam detects motion, does it vibrate when it starts recording or just records after the blue light flashes once?
Comment from : Anthony Fernando

Shahzad Saleem
To Purchase click on below link...


Comment from : Shahzad Saleem

Breaking News
looks like chicago 63rd cottage grove. Could be wrong anyhow thx for the vid
Comment from : Breaking News

Please reply how long does it need to be fully charged? Reply fast plz ASAP
Comment from : EnDeavor

I need to charge it first before I can use it? Cause when I press on the red light blink once then the blue light blinks 10 times what does it mean
Comment from : EnDeavor

G Philip C
How much time is on a charge? Does it use SD card?
Comment from : G Philip C

Sonic Nickolaus
Does anyone know how to extend the recording time because on my computer when I put it in it plays 3000 kB but that’s it is there a way to extend it thx you in advance
Comment from : Sonic Nickolaus

Pro X
How is the battary life and battary charging?
Comment from : Pro X

Not sharp enough i need to see these ugly bitches I'm fuking
Comment from : love4lust7301

You take your video demos as if you've got no idea what one could be using a device like this for...
Comment from : tomadafaka

j p
How you set the date ?
Comment from : j p

I was sent this product, but i don't think the software was loaded on it. I was refunded but i still have them. Is there firmware that i can flash on it???
Comment from : cctrax

The Artifact
I'm interested in the durabilty of this camera before I buy it, so could you tell me if is still working well after all these years ?
Comment from : The Artifact

Johnny Garcia
What is video quality indoors? different indoor lighting? i.e. office setting, residence/apartment, etc. Night time? Street lighting, on sidewalk? Not expecting full HD quality and of course will not be as clear as outdoors with full sunlight but would like examples so as to judge if its even wortth turning on depending on condition or if using with motion detection.
Comment from : Johnny Garcia

How long does the battery last in motion detection mode ?
Comment from : Nick

j p
Comment from : j p

Conny Komen
can you hide this camera for 8 hours (when i go working) in detection mode wihtouht it goes empty?

or is there away i can give it power without pluging it in my ocmputer?

Comment from : Conny Komen

vj haza
how to zoom out this cam? this is already zoom in camera
Comment from : vj haza

Aziza Ali
how can i fix the cam if it is recording only as green
Comment from : Aziza Ali

HilmanArsy 1010
how long the battery works ?
Comment from : HilmanArsy 1010

talibano 651
does this work on windows 10
Comment from : talibano 651

Kristine Byrne
Does this work on Windows 10? My computer is having a hell of a time recognizing this device.
Comment from : Kristine Byrne

The instructions that came with the camera are totally useless. This video helped a lot, thanks. Sadly, I was sent a broken camera.
Comment from : IsettasRock

how long does the battery last?
Comment from : CringeyWeeb

Tracey Salmo
How long does it take to charge?
Comment from : Tracey Salmo

Brilliant review and tutorial. Well done
Comment from : brianljnr

Ezekiel Midhun
Didn't even need to read the instruction booklet thanks! :D
Comment from : Ezekiel Midhun

how do you know if the battery high or low?
Comment from : xMouseTrapDJx

newer version records audio also and buttons are slightly differently programmed because of this, button 1 k2 reset device if it vibrates due to memory card being released whilst still on
Comment from : ouzomitsos

Can you please explain how you were holding the USB during recording? Was it in your hand? In that case it would not be very inconspicuous right?
Comment from : Yamai

Pete Jansen
Mine is not recording sound. have you run into that before?
Comment from : Pete Jansen

Stephen Shettler
Awesome video! Thanks so much for making it! I was confused when I got it, but now its crystal clear what to do. Great job, you've earned yourself a sub:)
Comment from : Stephen Shettler

Gadtron Technologies
Comment from : Gadtron Technologies

Eugene Fomin
How long time video record?
Comment from : Eugene Fomin

Abila Anto
Very useful...Protect your home and business areas.

Comment from : Abila Anto

hi, is possibol to reccord only sound?
Comment from : malin

Ketz _
Do you by chance know the range of the motion detection?
Comment from : Ketz _

John Farris
great review. thank you, it helped a great deal.
Comment from : John Farris

carl nephi Pascual
how long this Spy camera can video?
Comment from : carl nephi Pascual

Max Smith
Too big and rubbish
Comment from : Max Smith

steven lewis
OUT STANDING explain in sinple english! speaks good and easy instructions.Thanks
Comment from : steven lewis

John Whinnett
Thanks for making this tutorial and review. I have subscribed,
Comment from : John Whinnett

Wing Chun Bing Fa Kung Fu Academy
Great vid how long will it recond for if left runing in video mode?
Comment from : Wing Chun Bing Fa Kung Fu Academy

One more question. How long fully charged camera stay alive in motion detection mode ???
Comment from : A B

Thank You Very Much. Best item review ever. With all using manual and samples. Thnx again.
Comment from : A B

Abner Adano Jr.
where did i buy an any spy camera??
Comment from : Abner Adano Jr.

Zakaria Hasni
I just bought one. the video was great. but after a few times, (after charging) when pressing the ON button, after 2 sec it buzzed with the red light blinks for about 20 times the went dead. what should i do? please help.
Comment from : Zakaria Hasni

Wats Doug
Its made in china so this mean it works when it wants to very poor quality the very same unit goes for as low as $4.00 and high as $99.00 anything from china is crap
Comment from : Wats Doug

Заработок в Интернете
BEST camera, buy here - goo.gl/7US4nc
Comment from : Заработок в Интернете

Duane Brown
I have learned that not every usb port charges everything you plug into it. I tried to charge mine in my car but the blue light pulses. when I plug it into my pc the blue light is solid and the red light flashes behind it. So, I've learned it charges on the pc but not in my car.
Comment from : Duane Brown

joseph manasseh
guys its very urjunt need to nreset the usb device as the light dosnt turn off
Comment from : joseph manasseh

joseph manasseh
how do i reset it
Comment from : joseph manasseh

Albert Radmacher
I got one and used it! The video quality is great for a little toy that it is, it works better outside though. For some reason I noticed it makes 5 minute videos each when I left it recording, but I don't mind as long as it gets everything.
Comment from : Albert Radmacher

Duane Brown
when I plug mine in to charge, the blue led pulses is that right?
Comment from : Duane Brown

Duane Brown
what lights should I see when the device is charging & when it's fully charged?
Comment from : Duane Brown

thank u... that was helpful... how do u change the date???
and what does it mean when it vibrates 3x and the red light shuts off???

Comment from : chickensplace

albert johnson
can I use this to spy on myself
Comment from : albert johnson

Hi, will the DV DVR U8 USB Disk HD Camera stay power up with the USB plug in so it can run longer the battery capacity , i want to use it for all day out my front window , can the usb be plug in to act as power supply ?
Comment from : uhfnutbar1

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