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Hi! I’m from 2020. Good news from the future: they fixed the keyboard. Bad news: we still need usb A.
Comment from : fanofgleeandTHG

2020 and usb a is going nowhere
Comment from : Icon

spicy boy
Wow! I'm watching this video, and I can't believe how much you were gentle to apple a couple years ago hahahha.
Now it seems like you just want to slay apple lol.

Comment from : spicy boy

Andy Jame
I became an excellent replacement for the old version◇.◇>JustU.Faith/Mac-Book?催 Heats less (I use maxfancontrol), works faster. Touchbar does not confuse. I had to buy a couple of wires but it was not a problem.
Comment from : Andy Jame

The Huckleberry Show
2020 here.. still giving a fuck about usb 3.0
Comment from : The Huckleberry Show

Chris Chea
2020 still need ports lol
Comment from : Chris Chea

John K
Wrong - "In 2018 you won't miss all the IO ports". Well it's now 2020 and my 2016 MBP is sitting in a closet. I went and bought a used 2015 MBP so that I can get all the IO ports and the proper keyboard back. Dongles suck. No travel keyboard sucks. non upgradeable RAM and memory SUCK. The best MBP ever made is the 2015 version.
Comment from : John K

Aaron Barreto
Meanwhile in 2020 people still use USB and SD cards
Comment from : Aaron Barreto

Ares_ Cherry9
Anyone watching this in 2020
Comment from : Ares_ Cherry9

so if u buy this laptop for 1500$, this is a good deal ?
Comment from : Vints

2016-19 models AKA "MACBOOK PRO-BLEMS"
Comment from : Mango

A Mtg
Epic intro
Comment from : A Mtg

The Average Player
This transition to USB-C is taking wayyy to long.... almost 2020 and we’re still in that “transition” you talked about. And personally. Not a single person in my family even knows what is USB type C p/thunderbolt lol. My new XPS 15 will have a USB type C that I won’t use for a long time.
Comment from : The Average Player

In 2019 we still use USB-A
Comment from : Justin.

can someone give me this wall
Comment from : Azy

anyway, you buy apple for the OS and the design. so I think, we cannot compare apple with windows machine
Comment from : empaulstube

Vincent Danopoulos
Why does soldered sound like soughtard
Comment from : Vincent Danopoulos

Brito Worx
Just got a used fully loaded 2016 MB Pro for $1.6k, upgrading from 2012 MB Pro. Wish me luck 😩.
Comment from : Brito Worx

Emilio Williams
Did 🍏 paid you for this review???? In 2019 sounds like they did 🤔
Comment from : Emilio Williams

Ivan Bryan
It's not overpriced. You find me a pc with a 2k display made in aluminum that runs flawlessly out of the box then I'll consider your opinion. Last I checked pc laptops are plastic junks with subpar monitors and terrible audio quality.
Comment from : Ivan Bryan

Theara Vlogger
Comment from : Theara Vlogger

Yeah, who cares about usb now, only everything uses them, including macbooks
Comment from : Zakiry

Kyle Nguyen
I can listen to your voice the whole day Dave. Your video always shows me a clear value of the device. keep it going.
Comment from : Kyle Nguyen

Sagar Shekhawath
Comment from : Sagar Shekhawath

PinkTaco Tuttle
In 2019 Usb -c still not so well adopted among markets.
Comment from : PinkTaco Tuttle

Sven Bätz
"in a year from now, no one will be using USB type A anyway"

Meanwhile, in 2019...

Comment from : Sven Bätz

I Talk About Stuff
In 2019 we still use sd cards
Comment from : I Talk About Stuff

My MacBook got on fire and Apple refused to do the repair. My whole family was put in danger and they told me that it is not their fault as I should have home insurance in place just in case their laptop catch fire. Shame on you Apple! Please avoid to buy their MacBooks if you value your life and your family.
Comment from : JesusLovesYou

Joseph Nasser
It's still 2019, still need them ports
Comment from : Joseph Nasser

Kirubel Abebe
Its 2019 and i still fucking care!
Comment from : Kirubel Abebe

can U not shit on a laptop that i already bought and am trying to love?
Comment from : Zetsuke4

Chloe Mcholoe
"In 2018 two years from now people will not care about the old ports"
Haha. it's 2019 and we still care a lot. in fact there's barely anything that uses usb-c

all monitors are usually still display port or hdmi.
all mouses still connect with usb type-a
all keyboards still do
everything still uses type-a maybe other than a very few stuff.

Comment from : Chloe Mcholoe

Manan Dhruve
Can anyone put link of that ice wallpaper
Comment from : Manan Dhruve

Rafael Santana
2019 still care about usb port
Comment from : Rafael Santana

Navin Dharma
Guess the transitional period gonna take a while

Its 2019

Comment from : Navin Dharma

It's 2018 and we are still no where near the "USB-C Everything" era
Comment from : Steki

Jose Barona
It's almost 2019, everybody are still using dongles
Comment from : Jose Barona

Mac Vs Pc
Which is preferable for programmer


I'm watching. this in 2018
everyone cares about usb a
overall great video

Comment from : CUBE ATTACK

Can I get that iceberg wallpaper on the tv plz?
Comment from : Chevyツ

von jovi jover
Its 2018, i still need the legacy ports and sd card slot. :(
Comment from : von jovi jover

Rice Eating Asian
The new macbook pros 2016-right now are good. Not pro pro but i still would say pro but for the price its dog shit
Comment from : Rice Eating Asian

Adr ian
2018 I still see the ports a problem....
Comment from : Adr ian

Leo Liu
In 2018 lol
Comment from : Leo Liu

Aditya Sharma
They do still care about ports..!!!
Comment from : Aditya Sharma

Anggara Catra Prabaswara
Where can I get that wallpaper?
Comment from : Anggara Catra Prabaswara

2018 and usb c still isn't as close to being a big deal as you thought
Comment from : WhoImpala

Caio Ronnau
it's 2018, people still care about USB a
Comment from : Caio Ronnau

Hưng Lê Quang
Where can i get the link for the iceburg wallpaper ?? It is so good
Comment from : Hưng Lê Quang

1k Subs With No Content Challenge
Ahh the Apple Trash Talkers... it's become the ultimate cool to trash Apple while benefiting from its unbelievable standards that drive every other electronics brands to up their own game and give us better build quality, speeds aso...

Also, the computer is not good because of the price? The price is horribly and painful yes but that doesn't take away the product's value anyway.

And the Touchbar is worthless because you prefer keyboard shortcuts? So in this case Apple is to blame for giving you another option? Makes sense. Lol

I should've stopped the video the he said that foggy dell screen is better than the Macbook's. 🖒

Comment from : 1k Subs With No Content Challenge

In a year from now nobody will miss the old USB port. Yeah right.
Comment from : GreenStorm01

It's over halfway through 2018, and I'm still pissed about the ports. Just disappointed with this machine in general. So much so that I ordered a 2015 model from eBay and am going back to that model as my daily driver. Sadly, my fully spec'd 2016 model, which was north of $4k, will be going on Craigslist. The keyboard, poorer performance, battery life, and the absolutely nonsensical, oversized trackpad are all sticking points that I wished were going to get worked out for the 2018 model. And now that that's come and gone, and shown to have its own set of issues (the most egregious being the throttling of the i9) I'm just going back to my 2015 and calling it a day.
Comment from : Silverjerk

Joseph Farah
2018...we still use the ports. Love you Dave and your videos, and I think eventually USB C will phase everything out, but a year is simply not enough time.
Comment from : Joseph Farah

2018 here, just saying you are fucking *wrong*!
Comment from : MarcTBG

Brian Tan
Now in 2018, we still care old school usb port
Comment from : Brian Tan

Tony SoSa
I like the background on you computer .. can anyone give me this picture ?
Comment from : Tony SoSa

Hi I am from 2018, and we still use USB type a port!
Comment from : Jae

Leo B
"In 2018, people will not care about the old-school USB port"...Nope, still totally impractical to only have USB-C...If they released a laptop with only USB-C ports now, it would kind-of be tolerable, vs 2 years ago...Other points that this is in no way a "Pro" laptop still stand, more than ever, with Razer Blade 2018, Gigabyte Aero 15x etc - which have hugely better performance, excellent build quality, ALL the ports you could want, and still cost less than an entry-level MBP 15.
Comment from : Leo B

DJ Connor
It is junk. I made the mistake of buying the 2017 macbook pro piece of crap. The 1st one lasted 6 days before it started flashing the screen. Made Apple replace it even though they said there were no issues with this model.. The 2nd laptop lasted 3 weeks. Apple kept it at service for 30 days. OOOPPs, past the return date. 2nd. Sorry, we can't fix it at this time. We know there is an issue. It should be fixed with the scheduled update in the 1st quarter of 2019. Sorry about your luck. Maybe we can DJ with a song that goes to the beat of the flash. Oh, according to Apple, every video on youtube with flashing screens are lies. Including mine : www.youtube.com/watch?v=NbFnISwGQS4
Comment from : DJ Connor

USB C, it's more than a year from then. We're still not good. I think it was, and still is, a bad idea to drop the old ports as they did. The touch bar is a crazy idea and the keyboard is completely hideous. Apple are great, but infallible they most certainly are not.
Comment from : kellypaws

Salman Ahmed
Dude world has moved over to 3d and 4d .upgrade yourself from 2d
Comment from : Salman Ahmed

Sean Bartholomew
Everyone still uses dongles - mid 2018. got ihm.
Comment from : Sean Bartholomew

l Dan l
wallpaper link. pls!!
Comment from : l Dan l

A Swiss Printmedienverarbeiter
How do you find these Walppapers
Comment from : A Swiss Printmedienverarbeiter

Adrian MH
watching this in mid 2018. we still care about sd card slots.
Comment from : Adrian MH

The intro made me laugh like an idiot
Comment from : TheCommieBoy

Great review. I saw you're checking the thud rumble mixer. I wonder if you're turntblist?
Btw you have amazing channel!!! Thank You for the videos. Although I'm a mac user, I use only adobe and started thinking for some other options (besides apple). I learned a lot of things watching some of your videos.

Comment from : Peteonthebeat

Nate's Adventures
I appreciate your knowledge. Great video Dave!
Comment from : Nate's Adventures

Zuhair S
Forcing USB C is a bad idea too many flash drives and sticks are based on USB 2.0 and older.
Comment from : Zuhair S

pablo lopez
It's 2018. We still care about regular USB.
Comment from : pablo lopez

I have a 15" one with the radeon 560, and its really fast. I mostly play games on it, bit I also do some photo editing, and the graphics card takes it like a champ, and eats through all of the effects that I can throw at it. I just sometimes wish that there was a better way to have the Touch Bar permanently show the function keys, as it doesn't work with games that have a separate launcher (i.e. every steam game ever).
Comment from : Robbae

It's more than a year from "now". It's still not okay.
Comment from : Sad

CYber GeNik
Hell yeah its overpriced, everything is soldered on, they artificially make your devices obsolete, and they will brick your device if you try to get it repaired at a third party service center.
Comment from : CYber GeNik

sawyer bergeron
2018 would like a word with you about those so-called "legacy ports"...
Comment from : sawyer bergeron

Josh LeRose
So... still waiting for the end of that transitional period.
Comment from : Josh LeRose

Bragah Estrol
In 2018 noone will care bout usb 3.0 - yeah its 2018 and noone cares - bout usb type c
Comment from : Bragah Estrol

So, its 2018, and I think that USB-A is still important
Comment from : eliasRrivera

0:59 it's 2018

you're wrong

Comment from : solo.

2018....I still care about regular usb port
Comment from : nalditwisterron

Aarib Anwar
Lol we're still using usb a n SD card slots... I wish all laptops ditched the rest of the ports so that everything moves to thunderbolt 3
Comment from : Aarib Anwar

nithin bali
anyone know where to find the glacier wallpaper he uses?
Comment from : nithin bali

Murtaza Sadri
It's 2018 and we still care about that USB 3.0 port
Comment from : Murtaza Sadri

cesar barcenas
lol were in 2018 and I only own one device with USB C, i'm sure USB C is the future (sarcasm)
Comment from : cesar barcenas

It's 2018... and i still CARE
Comment from : andalooz

J Prado
Its 2018 and i still need my usual usb port
Comment from : J Prado

A year later... This laptop is still sucks.
Comment from : endlesskarma

April 2018 here. No, I still need my SD card reader
Comment from : V.I.N

Artemiy Nizovtsev
I'm here writing from 2018 just to say that people still care about SD cards and regular USB ports. And Apple's laptop situation is still a bummer :(
Comment from : Artemiy Nizovtsev

Kenny Ranglong
When will you ever learn to appreciate.
Comment from : Kenny Ranglong

I keep coming back to this video...now it's more than 1 year from it, have you noticed loosening of the type c ports? I heard they are not reinforced with metal edges like the one in 12' macbook. thanks.
Comment from : can94704

"In 2018, people will not care about the old-school USB port"


Comment from : zestyammar

Mr.Phenomenal Diaries
It’s been 2 years but u didn’t made video on gaming on MacBooks
Comment from : Mr.Phenomenal Diaries

4:45 You'd think from the extremely high precision machining on the outer unibody that they'd be able to be very efficient with the internal space. Look at all that extra space around every battery pack... I mean COME ON. If you fit all that empty space with battery, you'd get at least another quarter pack in there.
Comment from : LiNingAir

Leo Liu
We are here in 2018 and nothing changes lol
Comment from : Leo Liu

Shahed Kowshik
00:59 It's 2018 now & we are still pissed off by those adapter 😁
Comment from : Shahed Kowshik

Sammy Smith
"one year from now everybody will be using USB c". Apple Fanboys are so delusional sometimes. and that was 2016. I guessed Apple thought that everything that we bought before will automatically change.
Comment from : Sammy Smith

"A year from now we'll be good" Yeah so its now 2018, and there are still dongles everywhere. What a fail.
Comment from : lilrush151

Yeah while everyone adjusts to USB-c, I am pretty sure there will be some other kind of port better than USB-c and it's gonna go on and on until everything goes wireless.
Comment from : TravelLove

Moonraker Deep
lol 2018 and we still not anywhere near usbc everywhere :D usbc still sucks and SD card still needed
Comment from : Moonraker Deep

It is been more than a year nothing I use is USB-C. Not much has changed
Comment from : doramason

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