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Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness GameCube Trailer - Pokemon XD

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Information Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness GameCube Trailer - Pokemon XD

Title :  Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness GameCube Trailer - Pokemon XD
Lasting :   2.15
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Frames Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness GameCube Trailer - Pokemon XD

Description Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness GameCube Trailer - Pokemon XD

Comments Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness GameCube Trailer - Pokemon XD

Melhor q o Sword e Shield
Comment from : Bensilver

Renaco Mahon
The switch needs this
Comment from : Renaco Mahon

Kirill Sasin
This was made in 2005, and it's better than Sword and Shield
Comment from : Kirill Sasin

Why graphics doesn't look better than Colosseum? I mean, it was launched one year later
Comment from : SabokGaming|343|

Krishna Das
This game is bad
Comment from : Krishna Das

Obi-Wan Kenobi
My favorite game of all time.
Comment from : Obi-Wan Kenobi

Gage Cameron
This is one of my favourite games ever. Something else beside the standard text and image stuff.
Comment from : Gage Cameron

Lol why is the description "None"?
Comment from : nightrale814

this game was sick
Comment from : arc925ozo

Paolo 06
Comment from : Paolo 06

AllFor You
Any game similar to it?
Comment from : AllFor You

pokemon haha
Comment from : TrashGalore

JC Denton
I got this game for $1.80 and I don't have a GameCube and never played it
Comment from : JC Denton

Comment from : LightningPalidan

Past 0:35, just love the build up. Always liked this intro's build up in the music. 
Comment from : AuraGuardianML

Jonathan Candanoza
They have to make a Wii U game with the same concept as Colosseum and XD, that would literally make me one of the happiest guys on earth
Comment from : Jonathan Candanoza

If they announced a sequel to this game, i will gladly go to my local to buy a wiiu in seconds
Comment from : Merser

BeyBlazmon AnimeFanshow
i have game too been for year i still of kid play this. I.m Love pokemon ever year :)
Comment from : BeyBlazmon AnimeFanshow

J.R Bechtel
Gale of darkness WAS the Sequal. What we want is a third installment, a Trequal.(it's actually a word in the urban dictionary.) Come on nintendo, make us a trilogy.
Comment from : J.R Bechtel

I rember playin this as a kid...i rented it from blockbuster......those were the days
Comment from : supertechnoman11

Cute Story... Nostalgia is a powerful thing It can take you to a exact place and time from a memory.
Comment from : alex

smells like zach
I hope the make a sequel to this or make a Colosseum remake. But they should at least add XD, Colosseum, and Emerald to the Wii U Virtual Console
Comment from : smells like zach

Anti Hero
I miss my childhood but I do not miss being a teenager. Man, fucking drama, and I'm still getting it here and there and constantly having to be selective about friends and I'm almost 21 =( Yep, I'm sticking with my childhood. We play games, we make friends, and enjoy life
Comment from : Anti Hero

Same here, man do I miss my childhood.
Comment from : Mazhoq

Anti Hero
I kinda didn't want to purify Lugia just because of the sick coloring
Comment from : Anti Hero

Nice video im ganna like the vid for sure <3
Comment from : PrinceXoXoPerfect

-Does it bring yu way back to? i really loved this pokemon more then all the others somehow and in truth i really wish they would make a newer version .
Comment from : PrinceXoXoPerfect

The Warrior's Soul
this game was very good
Comment from : The Warrior's Soul

Hollie Bray
I always call my gaming character Nazgul after the ringwraits from LOTR ahah
Comment from : Hollie Bray

Jackson Roberts
can I play this on wii if I don't have a memory card?
Comment from : Jackson Roberts

Koki Shwan
@BeforeGamingFailed Totally second that idea.
Comment from : Koki Shwan

Koki Shwan
i never knew anyone else who played this game
Comment from : Koki Shwan

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