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Megan Condon
I have taught ECSE for 10 years and have had Stokke chairs in my rooms. LOVE it! Well worth the money. I've worked in homes, home visits, who have them for all kids and it has greatly improved the independence of the kiddos. The new (#1) I just can't invest in but I have insisted to husband before we even got pregnant that we will have the trip trap chair when our babe comes. Pretty pumped to get one soon when our new little guy hits the 4 month mark or so! 😍
Comment from : Megan Condon

Mireya Davila
What is the right position for a baby to be sitted in a highchair my baby is 1 year old and 8 months
Comment from : Mireya Davila

Maheësha Guruge
The feeding milestone chart is not for free yeah
Comment from : Maheësha Guruge

Isabel Prosper
Thank you for this video!
Comment from : Isabel Prosper

Valerie Villegas
Hi I have a I watched your video and feel in love with the nomi for my son, I’m looking to purchase but do you know how it works when you’re trying to more from using the cushion to a seat? Would I have to buy a whole new chair?
Comment from : Valerie Villegas

What are your thoughts on the Svan Signet high chair?
Comment from : JessicaHalleLynn5

Yiskah Yvonne
I had the Stokke Xplory stroller and LOVED it. The high chair looks so nice :D
Comment from : Yiskah Yvonne

Yiskah Yvonne
Great advice! This baby will be 4 years from our current youngest so I was kind of lost as to what high chair to look into.
Comment from : Yiskah Yvonne

Erika Dwyer
any thoughts on 4moms. we got that way :(
Comment from : Erika Dwyer

Kolby Meyers
I feel like you picked 3 chairs that were all super similar...nothing in here is affordable. I'm not a fan of any of these.
Comment from : Kolby Meyers

Aaron hawk
So stupid I already own chairs, so why buy a chair that will last them till they are unbelievably over weight? Buy a chair for the year you truly need it. Father of one about to have a second. These chairs are just silly.
Comment from : Aaron hawk

Karina Jiménez
"I want this chair for myself!" 😂
Comment from : Karina Jiménez

S. Thomas
I'm a pediatric SLP and I just had my first child. I fell in love with the Nomi, but not so much the price. I came across the Cybex Lemo which is a better value ( In my opinion. All the parts come together opposed to separately like the Nomi). I think its a cross between the Nomi and Tripp Trapp high chair. My son seems to enjoy it so far and I really like it as well.
Comment from : S. Thomas

What kid is 300 lbs lmao
Comment from : Vigtoria

Jazmin B
In your opinion why do you find the stoke better than the first one you mentioned? They seemed to have the same features
Comment from : Jazmin B

Tasha-Leigh Williams
OT goals! Love your videos!
Comment from : Tasha-Leigh Williams

Georgia Stoeva
I will have one more baby only to have an excuse to buy that last chair :))))))))
Comment from : Georgia Stoeva

I love this, Im currentlly looking for one! I was about to post in my mommy support group asking for their favs, now I dont have to! Thanks!
Comment from : Courtney

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