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Insta Ded
Thanks, it's 2020 now! Amazing 😍
Comment from : Insta Ded

Junaid Bhat
How to get the videos
Comment from : Junaid Bhat

kowsik sudireddy
Is it live classes or saved online classes??
Comment from : kowsik sudireddy

have you tried Lecturio?
Comment from : M SHAZNUSH B AFSIN

Salman Saeed
hats off to you
Comment from : Salman Saeed

Dr. Abdul Hameed Khateer
Can Dr. lecture helps?
Comment from : Dr. Abdul Hameed Khateer

Shubham Saurav
U r awesome mother as well as student.....god bless u dear..nd fulfill all ur dreams
Comment from : Shubham Saurav

Sreeja Gopidasan
Comment from : Sreeja Gopidasan

Dr. Agustin Landivar
I would like to know if paying for the kaplan course was worth it...was it? Please let me know...please, please
Comment from : Dr. Agustin Landivar

saba kareem
i am really thankful to u
Comment from : saba kareem

eBook USMLE Step 1 Lecture Notes 2017 (USMLE Prep) (7 Book Set) Gooner cheap WhatsApp 00447949181749
Comment from : downs5750

I can share usmle videos (2012) g*b*u*s*i*n*e*s*s*1*2*5*@*g*m*a*i*l...
Comment from : E C

Sheema Dhawan
where to enroll for kaplan videos ?
Comment from : Sheema Dhawan

Tinka george william
Hey... do you have the links to the videos?
Comment from : Tinka george william

Dr Aarshiv Bathwar
Hello Laura. I am med student and I am planning to give usmle step 1 after my graduation so is it convenient? Should I start to study from now for step 1 ?
Comment from : Dr Aarshiv Bathwar

Javier Alvarez Rodriguez
are the step 1 high yield videos the videos that are you talking about, thank you for your help
Comment from : Javier Alvarez Rodriguez

Gian Alvarado
Hi Laura, I'm from Honduras, and recently I finished my medical education, just started to study the Step 1 and I want to ask you some questions about the Kaplan Courses available, did you took the online course (usmle step 1 on demand) or you got the videos from other sources, and if that was the case was it enough, I wish you the best thank you!
Comment from : Gian Alvarado

mahbub touhid
I am very glad to watch your video.I am also a medical student.This is my first semester.I am In China.But here eduction system is different.So could you please suggest me how can I prepare myself from the very beginning?
Comment from : mahbub touhid

The Italian Bookclub
hi Laura do i need the kaplan lectures notes book or is it enough the vidoes?

Comment from : The Italian Bookclub

Zinkal Bhutwala
I love watching ur videos; u r awesome.
btw, how did ur husband feel about goljan audios then? thank you.

Comment from : Zinkal Bhutwala

Mayra Da Silva Hurtado
Hello Laura! :) I'm a med student and I plan on beginning with the STEP 1 But do you think it's better to do it in the Kaplan live prep or will the videos work just fine? Thanks a lot for the help! Love your videos They are so helpful :D
Comment from : Mayra Da Silva Hurtado

Blesyn Amah
pls where can i find the kaplan videos?
Comment from : Blesyn Amah

dra maria alejandra mogollon sierra
hi Laura , thank for all the information, i'm begining studying por step1 and looking for all the lectures and i'm wondering were can i find de videos of kaplan lectures?
Comment from : dra maria alejandra mogollon sierra

I swear you are a hero to raise a kid and do USMLE just WOW :O knock knock on the wood
Comment from : ahmad1221

Jasmine Weiss
Hello one quick question, how long did it take for you to watch the biochemistry videos?
Comment from : Jasmine Weiss

Denis Rodriguez
Laura me encantan tus videos, muchas gracias por compartir tus experiencias que son muy valiosas. Me puedes decir como te puedo encontrar por facebook?
Comment from : Denis Rodriguez

Ngo Khong
Hello, thanks awesome tips. 1) Did materials during medical school really give you any help during your study for step 1? 2) Did you do Uworld while watching kaplan? I'm in a Caribbean medical school, and honestly the material that they present are not helping me in anyways. I am hoping that watching Kaplan will help me prepare for the exam Thanks
Comment from : Ngo Khong

thank you so much From where I can get the videos ??
Comment from : DR FATIMAH

Laura Miranda
5 meses
Comment from : Laura Miranda

Laura Miranda
No los veia al mismo tiempo que los videos... Y use el UW despues de ver los videos por primera vez
Comment from : Laura Miranda

Laura Miranda
Yes I did! check one of my newer videos for the link to my facebook page ;o)
Comment from : Laura Miranda

Kay Tonia
hi laura did u follow the schedule from cramfighter ? the subject specification they gave u too. and lastly whats plz ur page name on facebook . thanks
Comment from : Kay Tonia

Hi laura, What is your idea about DIT?
Comment from : mkstunner

Thank you for the video! I'm taking the kaplan live prep in July! This vid gives me a boost of confidence! And congrats! You are living the dream indeed!
Comment from : Amuraom

Raghu Aumnath
Hi Miranda can you tell me where I can purchase kaplan step 1 DVDs?
Comment from : Raghu Aumnath

Hi man, Download the Kaplan step 1 from torrent (thepiratebay) and also pathoma.. u can download also the Usmle World Qbank.. these should be enough (plus FA and MedEssentials)
Comment from : NoPlace99

Laura Miranda
thank you! First watch the videos and read the LN as you go and then just do UW and FA. ;o)
Comment from : Laura Miranda

Laura Miranda
I studied 5 months...
Comment from : Laura Miranda

Hi Laura, Can you tell me how long exactly did you prepare for step 1 ? like how many months of preparation before the actual exam. P.S- you are a real inspiration for me and i'm gonna start prepping from tomorrow. thanks.
Comment from : M K

Ami Sadiq
From Kaplan
Comment from : Ami Sadiq

Ami Sadiq
Hi...there are many Kaplan videos on YouTube. Can I use these or do I have to buy from Karl's
Comment from : Ami Sadiq

luisa matos
Hey Laura. Estoy en el termino de mi carrera de medicina en DR y una de mis opciones es tomar el USMLE en 2 anios, siempre he tenido la duda si para tomarlo toman en cuenta las notas de tu universidad o si eso es independiente al momento de ser elegido para una residencia aqui en Estados Unidos. Gracias de antemano.
Comment from : luisa matos

Would you say BRS Physiology and BRS Pathology is enough for the USMLE?
Comment from : afroz2k

Laura Miranda
Thanks!!!! ;o)
Comment from : Laura Miranda

Laura Miranda
No I did not... Kaplan is more than enough. I think you have to limit what you do because too many books and videos and stuff just overwhelms you. ;o)
Comment from : Laura Miranda

mody wattar
hi Laura question did u watch any lecture video of this indian doctor named dr.najeeb while preparing for the usmle????? and so ur saying kaplan is very good for the step 1 preparation???
Comment from : mody wattar

Laura Miranda
Yes you watch the kaplan videos first and then start doing questions. Once you finish Kaplan you start with FA and UW only. ;o) Good luck in med school...
Comment from : Laura Miranda

Ngo Khong
Hi Dr. Miranda, I'm a first semester med student in the one of the Caribbeans medical school. I know for being a first semester you don't have much knowledge about medicine yet. However, I want to start studying for USMLE as soon as possible. My questions to you, did you start watching the Kaplan videos first, do the U-world Q bank and then read over Firs Aid? In what specific order did you go by. Please get back to me. Thank you. Ken
Comment from : Ngo Khong

Laura Miranda
I bought them from kaplan... Kaplan online! ;o)
Comment from : Laura Miranda

Jandos Yerkhanat
Hi Laura, How did you get the kaplan videos. I couldn't fid them. Help please.
Comment from : Jandos Yerkhanat

grace george
how did u manage to read Kapln for just 1 month only before tackling the U-World Q bank? I am an IMG that have left this for a while n need some serious grounding.I read the anat. kapln for 2months plus! and I end up writing the whole book again just to make notes.Iv bn trying to take off readn for more than a year and I still cant.have 3 children n real challenges.pls help!
Comment from : grace george

Laura Miranda
Yeah why not! It'll def help you ;o)
Comment from : Laura Miranda

mahmoud taysir
helllo,, good video by the way !! i'm now a second year medical student and i have the kaplan videos so do u recommend that i watch the videos on each subject from now ??
Comment from : mahmoud taysir

Okil Fayzullayev
Good video, did you do Kaplan Q bank also?
Comment from : Okil Fayzullayev

Laura Miranda
Todavia estoy terminando la carrera. No me da chance de trabajar.
Comment from : Laura Miranda

Laura Miranda
No I'm rich.... LOL Just kidding. I used to have loans from the US but now our family is helping us ;o)
Comment from : Laura Miranda

hola, tengo una pregunta? trabajas? o como obtenias el dinero para todo el material, porque creo que es muy caro... mis respetos para ti
Comment from : manolongas

Laura Miranda
Micro should be closer to the end. It's a lot of memory... Everything else I didn't mention is just in between in any order ;o)
Comment from : Laura Miranda

Christopher borrero
and where I fit the micro, microbiology class that I got was not very good, the teacher was very old, he tried to explain but his health would not allow him.
Comment from : Christopher borrero

Laura Miranda
Yes you should take a few. I took a total of 5 to assess myself as I got closer to the exam. Check out my NBME video ;)
Comment from : Laura Miranda

Laura Miranda
Start with pathology, physiology and pharmacology to give you a base... Leave biochemistry for last because you will forget it. ;o)
Comment from : Laura Miranda

Cristina S.
hola laura, i studied in DR, do u have to take the NBME before u take the USMLE, and if yes how many times? gracias :) espero tu respuesta
Comment from : Cristina S.

Laura Miranda
Compre los de Kaplan
Comment from : Laura Miranda

Laura Miranda
I don't think Kaplan path is good... Use Goljan! ;o)
Comment from : Laura Miranda

regeniuf Shahjahan
Thank U very much... your video always inspires me a lot ... Thanks for sharing all these information.I am a IMG... I haven't started Patho studing yet... do U think kaplan patho video lectures is a must to do ?is that sufficient for the test ? Do i have to go through any other stuffs for patho or kaplan & Uworld would be sufficient ? i have heard about some other stuffs but dont know really which one is gonna be time worthy ! Thanks again... Good luck :)
Comment from : regeniuf Shahjahan

Christopher borrero
thanks for answering!!!
Comment from : Christopher borrero

Laura Miranda
I didn't do a lot of hours a day because I had a newborn baby but I think 8-10 hours is good ;o) I don't know how many total hours there are in the videos, sorry!
Comment from : Laura Miranda

Christopher borrero
hello,I'm from PR, and I study in DR. how many hours of video is kaplan, and how many hours a day you recommend.
Comment from : Christopher borrero

Thomask jat
God bless your heart. Thank you.
Comment from : Thomask jat

Jaime Maussan
hey gracias por los vídeos! .... oye yo estudie en México en Tijuana, igualmente quiero hacer el usmle, una pregunta... de donde bajaste los videos de behavioral science y los de kaplan? saludos :)
Comment from : Jaime Maussan

Kamran Mahfooz
An Amazing Helpful Video,,, I am a medical student from India in my 2nd year of medical school,,, Want to clear Step1 with high 99.... Still studying Patho from Robbins,,,,...How to go for it,,,,Do i need to go thru Kaplan Lectures now,,,I have it though,,,, Biochem is weak same here...Even i dont like Anat ,,,,, rest is guud ,,,, How to go thru it in Med schools .... MEans if i go for Anat and Biochem now,,, i will kill the time that is reqd for building concepts in Patho and Pharma......
Comment from : Kamran Mahfooz

Laura Miranda
Thanks for watching ;o)
Comment from : Laura Miranda

Laura Miranda
Thank you so much!!! Thanks for watching...
Comment from : Laura Miranda

Laura Miranda
On the kaplan website ;o)
Comment from : Laura Miranda

Laura Miranda
Gracias amigo!!! ;o)
Comment from : Laura Miranda

Laura Miranda
On the kaplan website! ;o)
Comment from : Laura Miranda

This is very helpful, please tell me how/ where I can get my copies of the Kaplan step 1 videos? Thanks.
Comment from : 1fitfox

thanks for the video!
Comment from : 247animallover

Eduardo Beltran
Soy Boliviano working in Brasil & just recently finished up my specialty in Derm.Now intend going back to the states. I kind of got derrailed initially, which was passing the USMLE but Im still young 33 y.o. and I would like to thank you for your motivating video. I have the Pass program videos and find them to be well explained by using basic physiology concepts applied to all medical subjects even Biochem. Would like to know your perpective on this matter. Atentamente Dr. Eduardo Beltran
Comment from : Eduardo Beltran

Laura Miranda
@TheIlze12 Thanks!!!! ;o)
Comment from : Laura Miranda

Laura Miranda
@vannero22 I answered you in the other comment. Don't forget to subscribe! ;o)
Comment from : Laura Miranda

How long did it take for u 2 prep for ur step 1?
Comment from : vannero22

jesus pereira
Hace unos meses empece a estudiar para el Step I , me acuesto a las 9.00 pm y me levanto a las 3.00 am. Ahora se ha sumado al plan para el Step I una recaida de mi espondilitis anquilosante , pero sigo luchando y tengo buen animo. Gracias por compartir tus experiencias.Muchos exitos en el step II, y en cuanto a tu esposo, comentale que tengo una amiga que fallo el step I una vez, y ahora lo tomo nuevamente y obtuvo 94. Saludos y mil gracias por el apoyo. Me mantendre en contacto. Jesus
Comment from : jesus pereira

jesus pereira
Gracias por responder tan rapido Laura, ahora mismo estoy viendo los videos de Fisiologia, con Conrad Fischer, what a piece of work !. En Cuba era gastroenterologo infantil , pero cuando llegue aca en 2007 tuve que trabajar duro para traer a mi familia inicialmente, y despues Cuba no queria darle mis credenciales academicas a ECFMG por abandonar la isla ilegalmente.
Comment from : jesus pereira

Laura Miranda
@cubanitodemtz Cómo que dinosaur??? Estamos jóvenes... I'm happy you're enjoying the videos. I'm going to make a video on the First Aid ASAP. He estado muy enferma, con catarro. Vas a ver que tú también va a cumplir tus sueños. Como dice la canción de Albita "que culpa tengo yo de que mi gente suba como la espuma" jajaja Ahí me vas contando como te va amigo! XOXO, Laura
Comment from : Laura Miranda

jesus pereira
Hello Dra. Laura. I am an IMG from Cuba, a 41 y old dinosaur studying for the step I. It's hard because have a full time job, a wife and a 5 years old little dude. My test will between July and September. I am watching kaplan videos and reviewing the first aid. I came across with your video and it is very uplifting. Thanks a lot for sharing with us. I wish you the best in the step II, and the same for your husband. You are going to make it ! Regards, Jesus Pereira. Austin, Texas.
Comment from : jesus pereira

Laura Miranda
@nisslscholle No problem!!! Thanks for watching... ;o)
Comment from : Laura Miranda

Awesome video! And I love that you mentioned me and answered my question :-D nisslscholle is German and you pronounced it pretty well! :) good luck to your husband!
Comment from : skiaddict7

Laura Miranda
@qurre002 Thanks for subscribing and stay tuned! I'm going to vlog weekly when I start preparing for step 2! ;o)
Comment from : Laura Miranda

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