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MVP Medical Review
Please check my FAQ page before posting comments, as many of your questions may have already been answered!

Comment from : MVP Medical Review

michael debeau
I am going to model this. About to wrap up sketchy and ESCALATE THE QBANKS !
Comment from : michael debeau

Steve Chang
Would appreciate a similar video for Step 2 once you guys are able to come across that!
Comment from : Steve Chang

272 step god
Comment from : John

Ahmad Tariq
How much should be my score in step 1 ti get residency in cardiac surgery?....any idea???
Comment from : Ahmad Tariq

Mansi Madhu
What resources did you use for anatomy , embryology , histology and biochem ?
Comment from : Mansi Madhu

I just want to thank you guys so much for creating this very comprehensive and useful guide for Step 1! I'm an incoming MS1 and I was wondering whether you'd recommend using a similar timeline and using similar resources since Step 1 is P/F now. Also, when is the best time to start preparing for Step 2 and should I start preparing earlier since Step 1 is now P/F?
Thank you!

Comment from : A.

Mysterious world
Thank you for the in depth explanation. I really appreciate the effort!
Is it possible to do questions on random in the beginning of pre-dedicated and use the explanations as a source of learning? Or should I first go over my resources and then proceed to doing questions?

Comment from : Mysterious world

How old are you guys?
Comment from : lafoxie

Aileen Arvelo
Apart of first aid, the books you mentioned was pathoma and Constanzo, but what about the other subjects like anatomy and biochemistry? From where should I study?
Comment from : Aileen Arvelo

Aileen Arvelo
Do you study taking notes by hand or digital???? I don't know but that's always like an important fact for me, making good notes and in the right way is really important.
Comment from : Aileen Arvelo

Aileen Arvelo
Thank you soooo much for this video, I'm from Dominican Republic, I'm a second year medicine student, and I got two questions: what do you think if I begin studying pathoma, first aid 2017 (because right now I don't have the money to get all the resources I'll need for step 1), and books of micro, pharm, biochemistry, anatomy, would that be ok? Or should I just study the first aid and look for more in the specifics books you just mentioned?
And another curiosity (sorry for writing all of this): how do you study? I mean making notes in a notebook or digital? I'm curious because I like to make hand notes but I don't what's best.

Comment from : Aileen Arvelo

Awesome vid. Quick question, can you guys clarify what you did during march-may of M1? I’m in the same position but I don’t know where to start
Comment from : Moh

Mahmood Salah
I'm gonna come back in the future to edit this comment because I'm going for that 270+! Thanks alot for posting this video, it's what I needed coming at the right time!
Comment from : Mahmood Salah

Just wondering - any particular reason why you guys took the NBMEs in this order: 19, 18, 17?
Comment from : ProfessorKhan

Naghmeh Malekzadeh
the video was great thank you
Comment from : Naghmeh Malekzadeh

Khaled Abdelghany
Did you do the USMLE Rx Q banks only or did you also watch all of the USMLE Rx videos?
Comment from : Khaled Abdelghany

sunita tewatia38
Sir do u both were studying 8-10hrs per day just starting from the beginning of med school

Please reply ur reply will be greatly appreciated😊

Comment from : sunita tewatia38

j c
all this is telling me is that you guys have amazing memory and good test taking skill which is what a lot of people don't have.
Comment from : j c

21:20 "Obviously we did not start off with stellar 270s, 260s..." guy on the left gets a 267 on his second test lmao
Comment from : ProfessorKhan

Thranduil Oropherion
Thank you so much!! This is really Helpful!
Comment from : Thranduil Oropherion

21:27 Damn, those scores (esp guy on the left) are inhuman. How is he getting a 228 before even starting second year? The guy on the right is crazy too but man the red haired guy's scores are insane.
Comment from : asdfasd

syed taqi hussain raheel
Thankyou so much guys . I am an old graduate (8years ago graduated). If I score >250 in steps 1 & 2 , will I have a chance of getting matched ?
Comment from : syed taqi hussain raheel

Anum Ahmed
Thanks for the informative video! Did you guys ever watch Boards & Beyond? If/if not, what do you think of it? It's been my #1 resources these past few weeks but I noticed you guys never talked about it so now I'm not sure! Thank you!
Comment from : Anum Ahmed

joshua ralston
Two virgins tell other virgins how to stay virgins
Comment from : joshua ralston

ank DI
Can you tell me if we dont get match in one yr than???
Comment from : ank DI

Gabriela Calderon
HI! I started with uworld thinking that I wouldn't have time to go through another question bank but I do have time. Would you recommend Amboss or USMLErx now that I finished uworld?
Comment from : Gabriela Calderon

Somu Sankhla
How to match for imgs in dermatology residency??
Comment from : Somu Sankhla

Kamilla Alieva
Hi! Thanks a lot for that video! Could you also give an advice for Step 2 ck preparations. What resources have you used?
Comment from : Kamilla Alieva

pass/fail step1. Get ready to start browning, boys!
Comment from : Bellefeu

Mahmood Salah
Is brs physio as good as constanzo?
Comment from : Mahmood Salah

Gokce Ciemes
where can i find costanzo phsiology lectures? is there a webside
Comment from : Gokce Ciemes

Ioan Lina
And.... Step 1 is now pass/fail!!! Ohboy
Comment from : Ioan Lina

Shahenda Khalifa
Ok...where can I get the resources you studied from...p.s I live outside the US
Comment from : Shahenda Khalifa

Very interesting and inspiring to watch! So, what was the time frame that you completed the 14,000 & 10,000 questions? I didn't hear it in the video.
Comment from : Naira

Elton Wong
Hi! Would you recommend the same QBanks for COMLEX-USA? Thanks!
Comment from : Elton Wong

Sara Bayoumi
Is costanzo physiology the same book as BRS because I've noticed it's the same author? I'm wondering because you said in the video that Costanzo helped you but you didn't use BRS
Comment from : Sara Bayoumi

Ayush Mahajan
What do you think about kaplan videos for studying?
Comment from : Ayush Mahajan

Uruba -
Thank you so much for this.
Comment from : Uruba -

Hassan Butt
Thanks for making such an informative video.
Can you please tell us what resource did you use for Ethics,Biostat and Behavioural Science preparation?

Comment from : Hassan Butt

How long did the total study period take?
Comment from : Fero

Stephen Utulor
Hi Guys, How do you recommend Pastest ?, compared to RX and Kaplan
Comment from : Stephen Utulor

Rayan Nabizadeh
I’ve never taken notes from a YouTube video. Until now. Thank you so much guys!
Comment from : Rayan Nabizadeh

Deborah Lin
Hi MVP Medical Review! Thanks for your video. In regards to your "tracking progress slide" I noticed some rows saying form 18 vs the other table saying NBME 18. Are these the same? How were you able to take so many NBME's? I see that for this year, there's only 6 available.
Comment from : Deborah Lin

Manali Mundada
Did you use Costanzo throughout M1 and finish it? Or did you start it later for step 1?
Comment from : Manali Mundada

Wow, awesome video. Y’all sound like a couple of sociopaths tho 🥶
Comment from : TodayIsWorseThanYesterday

Aidarous Elabe
Where can I find the ppt of this webinar? Thanks
Comment from : Aidarous Elabe

chicks with ideas
People worship the Smiths and the Kardashians, but these guys are my real heroes 😍
Comment from : chicks with ideas

Damn, I only got 99th percentile :(. That 272 makes my 265 look like a little bitch.
Comment from : Aangler

umair qureshi
This is by far the best usmle srep1 prep video on youtube! You guys have amazingly explained and discussed all possible scenarios a med student faces while preparing for USMLE step1 . The resources that you guys stated are actually gold. Honestly i watched this video 3 times before i started my prep.
Comment from : umair qureshi

Iam an IMG.I was diagnosed with an advanced cancer going into my 3rd year ...I took over an year off. Now, I am trying to study but I just feel so tired ..besides my godsister, everyone think that I should give-up. Thank you for the video, it was very helpful. 🙏
Comment from : lf

mike school
14k and 10k questions?! you guys are insane
Comment from : mike school

mike school
You guys barely studied for actual class(only day before exam? 4:50 )? Just usmle geared studying? wow. when did this begin? 2nd year?
Comment from : mike school

Tao Beninato
Do you two think it is ok to use USMLERx (all mixed) with Amboss (systems specific) instead of USMLERX and Kaplan? Often times Kaplan is more challenging and you guys also say Amboss is challenging too. Since I've already bought Amboss I was thinking of using that instead.
Comment from : Tao Beninato

How about lecture note (Kaplan Test Prep)?
Comment from : SA SATO

If your school starts systems as early as January of your 1st year, would you recommend doing the Kaplan Qbank and random questions at that point? Or still wait until March? I’m conflicted because I won’t see that system again and am not sure when I should do those system-specific questions.
Comment from : amilito

Rafey R
Hey guys, thank you so much for the amazing video! What were your percentages in the Qbanks? I want to know so I can gauge where I am at in my studies.
Comment from : Rafey R

272 = 100% ???
Comment from : Meshal

Hazazi Hazazi
they're only 6 forms of NBME on their website, do you recommend doing more than that?
Comment from : Hazazi Hazazi

Taha Mansoor
What respurces would you recommend for anatomy?
Comment from : Taha Mansoor

Glory Mgboji
Hello! Did you use the Board Review Series of the Costanzo Physiology textbook, or was there a different version you used?
Comment from : Glory Mgboji

Mariam Riaz
Hi thank you for the informative video I wanted to ask what resources would you recommend for Biochem and anatomy
Comment from : Mariam Riaz

Gibbs Diobe
Great ideas guys. Everybody says U world is the gold. However, I did all U world questions with passing in the 7o's but could get 60 in the NBME COMP. what do your recommend for one to usein other to pass the NBME comp. first?
Comment from : Gibbs Diobe

Huda Abdella
Thank you so much guys.I was wondering if you guys could please make a video directed more toward imgs ,what resources to use for each subject since the school system is totally different from the us,I have put the books and lecture notes I have been using to study for my school exams aside(not to mention a whole different language)and start from scratch for every subject and I don’t know which resources to use for a comprehensive reading of each subject.myself and I am sure many more would benefit from it.
Comment from : Huda Abdella

Allen Wellman
Thanks for your previous response to my question. Did you guys not use ANKI at all, or just not for boards studying? Did you just review notes occasionally as you answered questions on similar material? I know that understanding can lessen the need for memorization, but can you provide some insight on the material that does require rote memorization and how to best integrate that with your Q-bank strategy?
Comment from : Allen Wellman

Monisha Veerapaneni
This advice is seriously gold, thanks so much guys. I really appreciate how open and honest you were.
Comment from : Monisha Veerapaneni

Jean Rivera
Hi I have a question on what you guys said about using the USMLE rx on random while starting MS2, do you mean doing random of literally all the topics? Because how would I do for example the pathology of the systems if I have not covered that yet in the school curriculum, or do you mean doing random for the blocks that we have already covered?
Comment from : Jean Rivera

Deeptanshu Jain
Good talk! Thank you guys :)
Comment from : Deeptanshu Jain

Architha Kannan
As a US-IMG, I was wondering if you recommend the Kaplan textbooks and videos? I felt they were time consuming and I was wondering if I should sacrifice my time for it. Thank you for this video!
Comment from : Architha Kannan

Lukas Ritzer
Hello, I see that Costanzo physiology textbooks also say BRS on them, but you said you didn’t use BRS... can you help me figure out which Costanzo textbook I should get? Thanks!
Comment from : Lukas Ritzer

Murlidhar Pamarthi
Amazing video! Thank you so much for the video
Comment from : Murlidhar Pamarthi

Nagra-Rathore A.R
Stated very very well. Everything said in your video was clear, concise, understanding , and honest truth to good step 1 score and success .

Questions questions questions... no other way around to this exam .

Personally I think boards and beyond is great for anyone who is not clear on their basic foundations, and first aid rx n videos are also good for people that have a better understanding of basics .

One thing I do agree with is rx is great easy question bank to use in a mix mode instead of system wise . I also used Kaplan but did it system wise in tutor mode to learn and understand questions and did rx is a mix mode to get the feeling of questions being random as that how it is on steps .

Uworld is great , and thanks for sharing that it took you 7 hrs to read all 40 questions and to do them because it would take me anywhere between 5 to 6 hours as well and I thought it was not normal since people always stated it takes them only 1 hr. I did do uworld system wise 1 block and random 2nd block.

You guys have done a fantastic job with explaining step 1 score and approach to achieving that score and wish you 2 and all other medical students and others commenting on this video great success!

Comment from : Nagra-Rathore A.R

Man Mobely
Hey, Im an MS1 and my goal is 270+. We are currently in Biochemistry. I wanted to start doing practice questions. I was wondering if it would be useful to start now and which of the three (UWorld, Kaplan, Rx) would I use. Also, when did your "pre-dedicated" studying start?
Comment from : Man Mobely

Rishi Bothara
Is it fine to use Boards and Beyond for most of the systems instead of Pathoma?
Comment from : Rishi Bothara

Sara Smelt
Thank you so much for the excellent advice and honesty! 7 hours to review a 40 question block is sooo much more realistic than the 1 hour I’ve been hearing! You reassured, terrified, motivated and inspired me in equal measures 🤣 Thanks also for the resource list - Costanzo is a new one for me but sounds essential. congrats on the HUGE scores and THANKS again 🙏
Comment from : Sara Smelt

Mark my words I'll beat your record and get 280+✌You've inspired me.
Comment from : THE Z.O.N.E

Great video! I really want to implement the study strategies you have listed and was wondering if you could go into a little more depth of how you studied for step in place of lecture material during the end of M1 and all throughout M2. Did you not pre or post read at all for class/lab. Also what was your study schedule like during the year and into dedicated? Thank you for the helpful tips.
Comment from : Aashima

Hui Hui
Thank you so much.
Comment from : Hui Hui

Kvon Shakil
Hey, just wanted to know for the Kaplan q bank you did for systems, did you also do that on random q for the system you were on. Lets say you were doing cardiovascular. So for the 20q you did, was it on anatomy, pathology, physiology, (all mixed up)etc. or did you decide to do 20 questions on anatomy, until you finish all the anatomy questions, and then 20 question on physiology, etc. Hope that I was clear. Thank you for your videos.
Comment from : Kvon Shakil

Sir will you please give me your fb/instagram/email id
Comment from : BD FIFA FREAK

What is your take on the importance of class grade
Comment from : James

BigMoo m
Guys, I have to say this was a really, really good video from both of you! Thanks for the great advice...hope you all are finding success also!
Comment from : BigMoo m

Where may i have your mails please i have a couple of questions.
Comment from : florokinolon

Happy Singh
if you would please entertain one question : when you get a question correct, did you STILL read the entire explanations ?
Comment from : Happy Singh

Ashkan Ebrahimi
Thank u guys for this video u answered many of my Qs regarding Qbank & dealing with side stuff going on in life alongside Step studying. I've been trying to find someone as study partner. When do u recommend having study partner? is it better towards dedicated when doing 40Q blocks start, pushing each other & analyzing together as u guys mentioned?

Comment from : Ashkan Ebrahimi

Brent Hager
Hey Dan and AJ, thank you so much for sharing this wealth of knowledge with us! I had a question concerning how to properly use sources such as Costanzo physiology during 2nd year. Did you just look at the physiology lectures for that day and match it up with Costanzo, or did you just break up the topics for pulmonary, for example, to cover them in the allotted time before the exam? Also, I'm currently up to 20 Questions per day, and only averaging 50%, which is kind of discouraging lol. Anyways, I'm curious if you started doing up to a block and 2 blocks while you were still taking classes, or was that during dedicated? Again, thank you so much for all the insight!
Comment from : Brent Hager

Antiaging Temple
Dan and Aj congrats both of you. I have a question for which I am sure you will have the best answer. I am img who graduated in 2014. What are my chances of my getting into residency? Also i was working all this while and did a couple of observerships during this time. Also do you guys think I shud prepare for ten months ? in order to jog my memory as it feels like i have forgotten so much of my basic sciences. Thank you so much.
Comment from : Antiaging Temple

Christian Bonilla
Thanks so much guys! You guys seem like you really want to help other students. Did you use brs Constanzo or the big Physio costanzo?
Comment from : Christian Bonilla

Hi Guys, Just wondering did you just use the USMLERx qbank or did you get the 360 version? Thanks!
Comment from : S M

Akiff Premjee
Thanks for this video! Had a question for you guys. When you had the dual question banks going (Kaplan and Rx) and did system specific on Kaplan and random on Rx were you doing random for everything you already learned or even systems you hadn’t learned in school yet? I’m in cardio now and we’ve done pulm and renal so should I do cardio pulm and renal or should I do everything including systems we haven’t learned yet? Cause I’ll just get all of those wrong since I haven’t learned it yet right?
Comment from : Akiff Premjee

Malaz Elhassan
great video thank you for sharing your experience I'm an IMG planning to take step 1 in two month and I want to know how I can find research opportunities ? I'm coming to the states after my exam to do a 3 month observership
Comment from : Malaz Elhassan

Allen Wellman
Hey guys, congrats on your Step 1 success! I would like to hear your opinions on when it would be beneficial to start doing QBanks. I am an MS1, and at my school there are 2 foundational courses (biochem, anatomy, immune, pharm, etc) before shifting into system blocks. We are just finishing the first foundations course. It seems you waited until the beginning of a system blocks type period to begin regular use of Qbanks??

I used a "high volume Qbank --> review questions" strategy to great success with the MCAT and I would like to replicate that for Step 1. Any insight would be appreciated! Thanks

Comment from : Allen Wellman

Brilliant! Your video is amazing!! and your answers to the comments are also top notch! Thank you for all the help you are providing, and huge congrats on the amazing scores! So I’ve read that on pre dedicated, you allocated 6 to 8hours to do 60 Qs per day. Which means 6-8min/question. How did you use the 5min or so to review the question? Did you take any notes at all from your Qbanks during pre dedicated?

I'm just starting to do Qs and the thing is that I’m struggling to review 1 question in less that 10min, while taking some notes from the explanations (not all). With the note taking, I can’t complete the 40 to 50 questions per day as I have to go through other ressources like pathoma, brs and so one. Would it be still beneficial to hit the target N° of questions per day without writing almost any notes and just taking the time to read the explanations? I really want to complete 2 Qbanks before starting Uworld but I feel that the only way to do it is to just skim through the answers and move on to the next question, hoping that I will remember something from it and that the question wasn't underused/lost.
Thank you so much!!

Comment from : Salsabil

Bahadir Simsek
Hi guys, this is my 3rd comment on this video. I again congratulate you both, great job. I just got my Step 1 result, 264. I wonder what you guys think about Step 2CK materials (except UWorld), and how long it would get to ace that with 265+, like 270 (timewise compared to Step 1), I gotta plan. I wish you both great success for Step2CK
Comment from : Bahadir Simsek

Omotola Oredipe
What did you use to track your progress?
Comment from : Omotola Oredipe

Vasu Sharma
Why isn't Arjun saying anything
Comment from : Vasu Sharma

Aaron Pc
Congrats on the great scores! Im gonna start Uworld soon and its gonna be my first Qbank so definitely gonna be doing subject mode. How much of a disadvantage is that gonna be against a random mode? And is using UWORLD more like a learning tool than an assessment tool not okay? Sorry for asking too many stuff.
Comment from : Aaron Pc

OP Man
This was so helpful for me , I am glad you have uploaded this video ❤️
But i find it odd that you have not mentioned Kaplan LNs , is there any reason?

Comment from : OP Man

Maham Shaukat
Thank you, this was so helpful. You inspire me to do more Q banks. Can you also share what was your daily schedule for step 1 studying i.e study hours for QBanks vs lectures per day. And doing so how long did it take you to complete each question bank. Also do you recommend subscribing to amboss for step 1.
Comment from : Maham Shaukat

Evan Keil
How did you approach going to class/watching the lectures? Just started M2 and am seeing how even watching could not be worth it. Thanks for all the input - incredibly helpful!
Comment from : Evan Keil

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